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Shadow of Dark. VOL 1

Short story By: Factxzrx

X Adult Subject Material HORROR

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Love and from in love as the loneliness of being from in love seemed to hold her in a wit. "Oh, Wilson" She slips his name from of her tong as its been ringing from in the back of her mind, repeated its self until she once again came to relies that she has been left alone. Thoughts of being a widow was no longer grasping its influence, she has now left it all behind. Leaving it to the days she has been in grief and in her thought of disparity from after seeing her one love fall into the grips from in the earth it's self.

She continues to drive on, getting in on the expressway from in town and leading her way in to the city. She has been held back too long, One too many days of darkened existence, along with growing old over the once had and once settled death that has put her relationship to an end. She has seen these guys before, from in her early years, before she engaged into her relationship with her Wilson. The girls would throw parties and invite them over for a late night show.

She also seen their adds in the paper and on the television. It wasn't until one of her friends from work introduced her to their one where about, the place where you can pick one up and drive him away for a couple of hours or how her friend from work said. "The big jump and dive." It took her awhile to begin to cope with the issue and she knew she needed a manly touch, a man that wasn't going to leave her or having to make any commitments with. Still she refused to go along with her friends from work, maintaining her status as the grieving women and the lady that has been standing by the side of a dead man from in his own grave.

It wasn't until this night, Friday, payday and she had decided to give her grief a means for relief. A satisfaction she has been holding from within from all this time and from in the time she and Wilson were only dating.

She drives on, getting her self in tune with her good old free being spirit, a spirit she hasn't been in contacted with since the days of her Wilson's death. With her purse in under her seat, a blanket ready for when she has set her encounter with her man on the back seats and her cigarette burner in activation, ready to be discharged for lighting the cigarette she has stuck on to her lips as she watches for her streets that are going to be leading her on in to the inner city.

She gets a pin point on to the street she needs to be taking a right on as she flick out the cigarette burning then begins to puff on to the cloud of burning smoke before she hits the signal to be making her right turn. She rolls on down, puffing on her cigarette, looking over all the clubs and knowing that it was a gay district, a block from in the inner city that has it self playing host to gays and lesbians as the bars line their way on down the street. She begins to see her spot, the strip club from on the end of the street, sitting on her left side, from there she new it was where she was told to make a right turn and then she couldn't miss them. She dose as she was told, following her girlfriends from work advice and direction.

When she got to the club, from after making the right turn, then from there she could see it. A strip of strip clubs and massage spa's then what she has come all this way for stood himself on the edge of the road, holding his thumb up as she passed him by. Thinking to her self and from seeing a hole new display of man meat as she kept on rolling then by; A real man is what she needed for tonight, then she seen it; A tall, dark, hansom fellow and standing there alone with his back up against the wall as the others walked them selves up to her car, asking her if she was looking or if she was there for any drugs. She waves them away, giving them signal to step back and to step away from her car as she locked her eyes onto the guy standing there up against the side wall of the club.

He seen her and she knows he's been eyeballing her but she continues to sit in her car and stare him over until she works up a nerve to call him in or until he steps over to her in her car. She lights her self a cigarette, takes a few puffs into the scenery then before the smoke could cleared from on her right side, he stepped in up to her car and stood there until she noticed him and when she did he was waved in. "Hi, are you busy, you a busy girl?" He says as he stepped in after she had unlocked her door, then sat him self in next to her. "I am now." She told him as she turned the car back in to drive then rolled them on down the street.

�Thinking of a safe place to take her new date, a hotel she had already thought about and again it left her feeling like one of those cheep sleazy tramps. A place no one can see them, a place she can have her one time alone and away from the city and she knew the exact place; the hills that line their ways from in-between town and from in the city. She looks over on to her new man, the hunk of manly meat that she has to accommodate her self with then says. "One hundred bucks? Is that your price?" "Yes" He tells her then lets out a breath of relief as she brings her self back onto the express way then reached down for her purse, slipped out the bill and placed it under the ashtray then hit in the cigarette burner before she slipped one into her mouth and began watching her date from in the corner of her eye as she got in to the express lanes traffic.

The hills begin to set in gloom from under the ends of the suns time in hour. She manage to park her self in under a row of tree's from in the top of the one hill that sits it's self in position where she could view and be able to over look her city. From not saying a word and knowing she had the money, he lets her finish off her cigarette before he would ask her how she wanted to be served or pleasured. She puffs on, looking out her window, staring over her city and knowing that her one dead man is lying in the ground only a few miles away. The feeling she once held as a grieving women had yet to be expressed. "Lets go out." She said then reached over and grabbed the blanket from off the back seat then opened the door. As he stepped out, she watched him from behind, looking on to his well shaped behind and back muscles then stepped out for her self. She walked out in to the front of the car then laid out the blanket. As he leaned forward from after taking off his shirt, she tells him. "I'm going to get some stuff." then stepped back into the car, grabbed her the bag she had in the back seat then stepped back out front for the amuse and entertainment she had come all this way for.

As she took out the oil bottle from in the bag, he began to pull down his pants then worked him self in to an erection. Spilling the oils on to her hands then kneeling down over him as she set the bag down in front of her car next to them. She begins rubbing the oils on to his arms, looking over his well toned body, his stomach muscles begin to tense as his stiffness begin to throb along his midsection, throbbing up off his belly and she looks on wetting her lips as he lets her rub him down in her oils. He try's to handle her, setting his hand onto her breast as she grabbed it and laid it on to his stomach then spilled more of the oil on to it and down along his stiffening erection, giving him a feel for his own and setting him in to work his stiffness from himself then turned away from him to grab the bag. She continued to kneel down by his side and watched as he aroused him self for her.

�The ringing from in the bag as she took out a pair of cuffs his eyes opened wide. She looked on in to them, winked then leaned over and grabbed his hand as he raised the other one for her to cuff. After she had them both cuffed, she reached for a second pair then cuffed them to the front of her car. He laid there, staring in to her eyes, his body wet, his arms as the began pulsing their veins as they� began to stick out from under his skin and with the smile he had on his face from after seeing her licking her lips to the tenses look she set in her eye as she looked on to his erection.

After slipping out of her shirt then setting it on to the hood of her car then unbuckling her pants, she went back in to the bag and held it up in front of him as she stood up over him. She stands there, making him believe she had some goodies for him, smiling, a wink from in her eye, smirking as if she had a treat for them to take pleasure in and she did. She gets down onto her knees, sets the bag in front of her, reached on to his erect throbbing slab of man meat and began to massage it. The hums and moans begin to expand in his gut as she gripped on to his erection. She stroked him, gripping it as if it was something to be handle and gasped for an alertness and for it, it was. She reached into the bag, grabbed out her knife and sliced into his penus as he laid back thinking she had sunk her teeth in around� it, then only to be opening his eyes to the blade as it rushed in to the remains of the slice that has his penis in a flood of blood then torn off� as if it were a twig from off a tree; the trees he was left staring into as he gasped for a breath of a screaming air before she stood up then he let out his howling terror as she stood there with his penis in her hand; dripping in his blood, then looked down on to his gut as the blood lead a fountain that has now covered it as it sprinkles up onto his face.

She steps in, stands next to his head, and then says. "Oh Wilson." letting his name ring out a few times from in the back of her mind, before looking down on the man spitting up blood, chocking in its spitting winds, and rocking the car back and forth from in the hold he has been set in. She looks on to him, sets the penus into her bag then before she reached down to stab him in to the chest for a quick and calm means for a death, she dangles the cuff keys from in her hand, up above his head as he tossed and turned from in the wet breaths of his own blood as it spit into his last of winds.

With a cigarette in her hand as it rests on her thigh and her other hand on the wheel, leading her way back into town and heading for the cemetery. She has one last thought of the man she had left back on the hills, thinking to her self; if she has ever in her lifetime been as greedy or as ingenerate as she was tonight. Her thoughts lead her to her one conclusion as she pulled into the cemetery, getting in under the row of lights that leads to the grave of her Wilson then stopped along side as she pulled in�along�his grave. She stepped out, held the bag in her hand, and said. "Wilson, years gone by, not an answer, no questions, and now you as you leave me here in a world of envy. The envy of life and as I stood here in it all of this time. Well Wilson its now over, for me as was and is for you." Then swung the bag from in�her hand up into the darkness as she led its swing on in to the garbage can then said. "I guess that's how it must have been like. Oh well, see ya around Wilson."


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