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A scene from in its scene of investigation.

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A motive had no question on the appearance on this women's face. She sat there in the corner of her livingroom froze. Her eye's still dilated and the cup of coffee that one of the police officers set on the table next her seems to be the only thing breathing from in under the glare of the sun as it shines on in thru. Providing her with light and she sits there on the floor staring in to something and from the looks of it she's been sitting there in the corner of this living the whole time. My guess is, she fell into a shock wile who ever, or by the looks of it what ever left this place in its blood massacre. The rest of the guys were told to let her sit things thru until the crime scene investigators got what they needed. They figure that if anyone touched her or snapped her out of hit then she could go in to hysteria and from the looks of it, within the slightest touch, her breaths that we assume she is taking could end up into a crazed rampage.

�As I walked in to her front door way then stepped in thru the hall, I noticed the spills of blood leading a way on up to the top floor in along the stair well. I stepped on in to the living room and seen her husband, what I thought was her husband until one of the officers flashed a family portrait up into my face then I noticed her sitting there in the corner. The pitcher indemnified who I thought was her husband;is her son. A young man sitting there on the couch, his neck slit and the intestines that were once in his stomach are now out of it as they drip down along from off of his crutch and piled on the floor, hanging from in-between his legs and laid out on the floor in around his feet. The only thing that has me in a pickle is the slice that has been curved in to his skull. A straight slice from one side of his skull along his forehead and in thru to the other side, leaving his facial features in under the spilling thick coat of blood.

�From in the family pitcher; it showed four people. We got the women in the corner of her living room, her son in on the coach from in the backside of the living room and now that leaves us with two more; a father and a daughter. The blood I seen from when I entered in is what I am guessing all of the commotion is about. They don't leave this kind of scene for the police and the crime scene can't go in until I give it a my good to go and I've just been given mine as the chief of police told me its been clear as I follow this bloody leak on up the stair way. I'm guessing by the looks of things; this blood could be the blood of the son, from when or if he had been bleeding from up here and led its path on down in to the living room before, well, his last meal.

�I tell the one officer to go in to the front yard and to see if the car in the drive way is still hot or if there's any fresh prints coming in from on the yard. That can give us a good Idea if the women has entered in on this or if she has been here all along because from the looks of this pretty pink door, I have a feeling the girl in behind it isn't looking as pretty and this could lead to from how I seen her a death defying act from in that breathless women.

�Three rooms, a bathroom and this one here seem to be the one and only that has been disturbed. I step in and if I could have token the day off today then I should have. Its not the blood that's giving me the chills, it's the guts and organs along with her flesh being turned in side out from after being torn from in the first place. Seeing a body split open from a potato peeler could have more of an explanation to go along with an understanding. She must be no more than twenty years old. By the looks of things and I knew from after hearing one of the officers cuffing up his lunch from in the washroom that this wasn't going to be pretty and not at all. If I would have to document this in under a murdering evaluation with in the philosophy of a killer or from the looks of it a vigilantly art of one then my only view on this as the innocents of man lays it self on its bed and from in the feminine of beings that's lighting this room up with its exotic colors and smell, only leaves me with one professional opinion towards this freak investigation; A corps displayed in to two as if it lays in a womb and developing in to its art of twin.

�It must of took its time because these cuts were set in perfection. Even a butcher couldn't of performed such an act. Her gut has been split from in her virginal to her chest and leaving her rib cage in scene that we see from in the corners office. An x ; from one shoulder to the other as it slices dug in to her under arm and leaving a clear opening for how her heart and lungs have been so perfectly placed along side of her. She lays here empty, only with the flesh that has been left around her blood wet bones as for the rest of her body sits its self next to her as if it would if she were to roll over on to it.

Her head is the one thing that is going to land this murder straight in to the gas chamber. Some have been know to plea insane or be set up in a cell along with the other loons as they wait for their day to come when their placed into its justified death. Scalped; is how it is. It must have been done with the slightest of touch because I don't see any loose hairs around her once head of hair. It had to be a fist full of her hair gripped in to a had, pulling it back as the knife led a slice in behind the pull, leaving her head in its flesh dripping blood along with the eyes that have been so rudely ripped out. It could be humor or a way to be showing off its sick art. Her face like the one down stairs; her brother. Is covered in a thick pasting blood as its eyes lay in next to her as her hair has been set on to the pillow in a display of from what I can see; a hoaxing double homicide.

I hear all the guys down stairs yelling and calling out for their team nurse as I'm about to go over the skin less legs of this girl to see were exactly her skin has been pierced for the skinning as it lays there spread out so perfectly along her side.

"The car no sings of...." The officer says to me as I step in to my way down the stairwell and wave him my hand before I stepped on in to the living room then seen what all of the commotion was about. The women had been coughing up blood,chuncks of it and now she chokes in it as the nurse stands over her patting her on the back and out it comes; a slab of flesh. I turned my back on the scene,told the officer's and the C. S. I.'s to check the fridge, dishes, dishwasher and stove because this women's a man eater and this is how she was planning to cover it up. I turned back into the women as she sat there in the corner, staring in to the bloody flesh she had just coughed up and said. "And there's her husband." Then stepped from out of that living room and walked on out the front door, grabbed a coffee from off of the trey that the officer was walking in with then stepped on out to my car; calling it a day.


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