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A sight of breath VOL 4

Short story By: Factxzrx

X Adult subject material HORROR

Submitted:Jul 13, 2007    Reads: 118    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

He steppes on in to thru the door, wiping his hands off on his pants, clenching the blood from under his nails on to his shirt as he pulled it up from under his belt. With the dog, as it was placed out side the door in the back yard for a means of protection; being the strong, big build for a beast that it was. Now laying there lifeless, its eyes draining in the blood that's leaking from out of their holes, his front legs; set along side of his gutted corps in a spill of organs and guts that he had ripped out and set the two front legs along side after he dug his blade in to its gut as it attempted to confront the stranger as he now makes his way intoit's master's kitchen while she gets her self settled infor another night's sleep.

Sensing her foot steps as she walks in around her bed, then getting her self in for a nights comfort from after pulling back its covers and setting her pillows in place. With only the squeaks from her in on her bed, he begins to step in down the hall way slowly then came in to her doorway as her rooms light turned out. He stand there in a still, leaning along the inner wall from in behind her door, watching her from in the street lights that are shinning in from above her window in on her as she begins to fiddle with her seducement tool. As he begins to feel the rubbing and purrs rubbing up against his leg, he held his breath then sled out his blade, kneeled over, grabbed the cat, pinning it down on to the ground as he sliced is blade on in to its neck and slicing in to its gut as it seeped for a whips from in its last of winds wile he held it in place on to the floor next to his foot.

"Oh Elle" she moaned out from in her bed as she heard her cat whimper in its last of winds. The buzzing began to clitter and clatter as she pulled her covers aside then as she maneuvered her self into position, he stepped in along the side of her bedroom wall, moving along in the darkness of shadow as she laid there with in her own light as it shimmered in from out of her window; leaving her in its tint of shades as she worked in her tool inbetween legs.

From in the hums and lick licking moans from in the wetness that has been absorbing the winds along her lips, he moved in towards her slowly then stood there along side of her night table as she began to shiver her legs along to the vibrating clatters that have been sending her in to a oozing of moans from in-between her legs. From in the seeping breaths she has been using asits penetration began to tilt her head back in to wards the head board of her bed, leaving her in a last of a sucking breath as she let it out slowly, along with the drizzles as it leaked up in a sense for erotica then spilled out along her legs and on setting in a soak from inbetween her legs.

As she laid back, fluffed her head into her pillow as she let her lungs for fill their needs for a wind. A itch in drips begin to set on to her forehead, feeling as if it was her Elle from when she had woken up to her sniffing and licking on to her head, she set her hand up on to her head and itched the sensation for her self. She then begins to feel the itch sensation beginning to slither up along her legs as she laid there with them spread as she soaked in a coolness for winds from after having her nightly sweat. Feeling the itching sliver working its way up into the love juices she still had in a soak from in her arousing flesh. She decides to spread her legs out, thinking she has yet to be releasing what has not yet been for filled from in her lust as she begins to feel it slither on in to her slit.; licking and penetrating her clit from in the winds then felt the breaths wising in along her gut along with her sensed juices from in lust blowing up into her face.

From feeling what to her felt like teeth chewing in on her labia then working their way in on her clit. The mystery from in her newfound lust from in its mysterious arousals, she reached out her hand then flicked on the lamp from on her night table. A body; a body that to her resembled her dog Titan as the sheets had him in under their cover. Thinking it was her Titan, as she grabbed a hold of the sheet as it laid there next to her, her hand soaks in to a grip of blood. She looks into it, then rubbed her head, bringing her hand back down in front of her covered in blood. She seeks in a breath then tilted her head back, looked up as the blood spilled down along the wall then seen her Cat pinned above the spilling blood as its head dangled from off its exposed neck bone as its gut spilled in guts leaking blood down along her wall from above her head.

Before she could catch her breath for screams, the biting ripped sensation that she expressed from in her releasing scream from after feeling her once aroused flesh being torn off then seeing it in the mouth of a man from after the sheets blew off from him as he stood up. He looked at her, watched her scream as the blood from off the hanging cat spilled in spit from off of her lips then swung out his blade from off his hip, smiled in behind it as it shimmered a shine from in his eye then stuck in to her chest as he moved in then laid his lips onto hers as she released her one last of breaths in to the man that had chewed, slurped and swallowed the last from in her lusts.


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