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A sight of breath VOL 3

Short story By: Factxzrx

X Adult Subject Material. HORROR

Submitted:Jul 13, 2007    Reads: 118    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

The night has come to its cool calmness with in its sky. The inner city traffic has come to its time for a resting wind. The streets have been swept clear from all and as its calm cool breeze blows in his light for fulfillments stands him on the corner of the little all night coffee shop. With his back leaned up against its wall. He observes the two female officers who have decided to accommodate them selves� to a coffee during their one late night break for their well earned rest.

������� As they sit inside slurping and sipping on their hot cup of coffee. He holds his stand outside of the shop. Standing up against its corner wall, knowing the two female police officer's are the same two that he has seen from in the other caf�'s from in the city during his walks in under the cooling calmness of its dark air. He stands to him self, sipping his coffee and taking pleasure in the cool calmness with in the nights dark. From in his left he can see the two officer's as they sit at their booth. From around his right side he can see the waitress as she sits to her stool reading thru her book.

The coffee shop sits its self on the corner of the street, giving it a full view of the two streets it is set on, leaving its customers a two-way entrance and exit. The front from he stands gives him a full view of its parking lot as where the back of the shop is its one side walk from off the corner from in the two streets, leading on in thru the back of the shop where it sits its rest rooms from before the isle that leads on in to the front of its lounge.

������� As the two young police officers sit to them selves inside, enjoying their drinks along the time they have token out for their break for a rest. One officer; a large set women, brown short hair, in a dark blue uniform with her side arms placed onto the table next to her. Her partner, a petit young woman with long red hair as it's tied back from in under her hat as she stood up, brushed it back down along her back then stepped up and out from in their booth then walked on in to the back, heading towards the women's rest room as her partner remained in their booth having her coffee for entertainment as her partner has token to the washroom to freshen her self up.

������� The women's restroom sits its self on to the left side of the wall, the left of hers as she stepped in. Two sinks, two toilet stalls and two dry air compressors from on the wall on both side of the sinks as they rumbled on the wall as she walked in. Thinking to her self that she and her partner have been the only two customers that have been in the shop for the last five minutes and the waitress was in a sit still on her stool reading thru her book. She stands her self over the sink as it runs its water onto her hands. She looks in to the mirrors reflection thinking of which toilet stall�she is going to be occupying. As she has soaked her hands with the soap that she has dispensed from out of its holder from off the wall. She begins to let the hardened of the sinks coldness arouse her from rubbing her self up against the coldness from off of�its counter's�edge.

She watches her self-moan from under her breaths in erotica from in the mirror as she begins to feel for a release. She lets the coldness fill her lungs from in the breaths she has held along in her tong licking moans before she stepped back, leaving the sink running its water as she stepped her self back in to the stall, closing its door behind her then pulled down her pants and began to work her fingers in to her flesh of arousal.

������� With the door shut and locked in, she continues to fulfill her erotic desires as the washroom hums in its tones of the tap water's splashing in to its sink. She has her self in a stand as her left leg sets from up�off her foot as its placed onto the toilet seat. Her right hand placed up against the side wall as she continues to fill her hand with the pulse throbbing thrives from in her aroused flesh as her moans soak in to the backgrounds of spilling splashes from in the water's as they spill into the sink.

������� Sensing she was going to become one with her well earned erotic pleasure from in her lust for the aerosols that he has been observing from in the booth next to her. The high hopes he once had possessed for this moment to be in place with the other officer; the large set women. His change for plans had now taken its toll. Wanting to fulfill his desire with her partner, he continues to for fill his pleasure with her, knowing she�was the�petit women that she is. He takes his time as he slides down, slithering his arm out with blade in hand and reached her leg from on the toilet seat�then sliced in to the back of her ankle. Her hold from breath as her foot slid from off the seat�then splashed�into the toilet.

Leaving her face in to a breath for the water as it splashed�the spilling�blood up into her face, soaking her shirt. The shock left her silent, seeping for a breath, knowing some one has and is there, she goes for her side arm and before she could unbuckle�the gun or look up to the man that has landed on her, her shoulder; being split thru the center, ripping her shirt and falls to the floor as it holds her gun. His hand gripped around her neck as he holds her up against the wall. With her left leg up on the toilet�as her foot's spilling in blood, he sets his hand in to her pants and continues to arouse her as she seeps for any wind for a breath that she can get.

������ With her eyes locked into his, he senses her time for the erotic relief that his arousing hand has been providing her with then takes one-step back as he holds her head up along the wall. He begins to tense his fingers in to her lusting juices, and then lets her head tilt down towards the arm that was once hers as its now laying there on the floor and still holding the gun she was tempting to gasp for.

Her legs begin to shiver as her hips start swinging to the arousals she has been forced into. He feels her every soak as he begins to leak her juices, letting her dance to the rhythms he has her releasing them in.

������ After she has shook and let the last of her shivering juices spill from in-between her legs and into his hand. He leans her up against the wall, lifts his hand soaked in her wet lust up to his face then licked it. Before she could push her self back off the wall, he swung his blade up slicing her right breast as it sliced up�in thru her throat. She fell to her but from after chocking on the blood that has been spilled from her throut, landing on her arm as her foot stuck in a�soak from in the toilet of it's�blood. Her last stare was one in to the under crotch of him as he steps on over her then out thru the door.



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