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A sight of breath. VOL 2

Short story By: Factxzrx

X Adult Subject Material HORROR

Submitted:Jul 12, 2007    Reads: 143    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

� A steam of sizzle, her eye's gone blur, the hand mitt she had on the burner next to her sizzling pan of the vegetable stir-fry begins to ignite in to a low simmering flame. The kitchen sat its self from in the back of the three-story apartment building from on its first floor. He has been watching her from in the park that lines the buildings parking lot from its backside. He's been watching her all week. In the morning, her routine starts with a walk in the park after she has finished her halve hour of aerobic exercises from in her living room. Under the suns risen shine as it seeps in thru her window. He seen her once before and she has once seen him from in his mornings in the park from after observing her from in her living room window.

������� As the hand mitt rose in its one lonely flame, she grabbed it quickly, knowing if it were to set for a smoke it would had admittedly be setting of the buildings fire alarm. Letting the tap run its water on to the mitt as it sits in her sink, she continues to tend to her yet prepared lunch, letting it sizzle from in the oils she has in place from in its pan on the top burner of her stove. He has been watching her all morning, walk her walk in the park, a walk to the local market and now as he had been observing her form in the park as she stood in her kitchen, standing over her stove.

The building sits along side two other's and in the shade of the one tower that lines their sky above. He had been in her building once before, giving it a good look over, a sense for her being, before he has now accommodated him self in thru her door.

������� As he stands him self in along her door from after shutting it calmly and slowly behind him; the smell of her stir-fry cooking rushed in to his face, letting him know it has now leaked from out of the door and down into the hall. A hall that has once been a mean from in its own silence from in a darkness. He steps him self in, taking a quick peak into her living, giving his eye a feel for where she had performed her daily exercises before she took the morning strolls.

������� As her stir-fry comes to its simmer, she turns of its burner then stood her self in front of the cool calming airs that filled her face from in the kitchen's window. She stands there feeling its breeze, as she becomes to set for a free spirit from in her erotica. Feeling a need for its exposure, a need to relief as it has now held her in its grip and begins to lean her in onto her bed. With out clue or �knowing that there was now a man, a stranger in her apartment as he has left her with no signs of disturbance from when he had entered on in; She walk's him on by, taking off her shirt and undoing her pants as she stepped in to the hall, leading her self in under the erotica of influences as it exposed her on in to her room.

������� He stood there from in behind her coat rack as she walked him on by topless and began to take off her pants as she walked in to her bedroom. The one place he has not been able to observe or take pleasure in. For her bedroom, curtains have always been closed. The music she has turned on has now set in to the air. Leaving him with only the shadows she would posses if she was to move or step back in to the hall from where he has now token his stance in and begins stepping in towards her room.

������� From in the squeaks from the floor and with the moving of shadows from on her bedroom door, he then knows it could only be from her aerobic exercises, thinking she has her self in a position from on her bed as her legs spread them selves in the wind and their shadows dance along on�the wall.

Sliding his head along the frame of her door, he gets in a glimpse of how she has been entertaining her self from on her bed as it sits itself in the center of her room, her dresser sitting on its left side as its mirror has now giving him his perfect resemblance of the now in a lust of her own and the�women that he has been in watch. She has positioned her self� on to the center of her bed, sitting her self on a saddle of pleasure as she rides it up and down, swinging her arms in the air, using them to keep a breeze flowing in to the moans and slurs of breath that she has for a air.

������� As the music plays, providing its rhythm for her hump, pump, and slides from on the saddle she has set her self in on for its ride. He begins to undo his pants, stepping in slowly, holding his blade out from in his left hand as he begins to arouse himself with his right as he now stands him self at the foot of her bed. As the beads of sweat begin dripping from off her back, her long blond hair as it begins to soak, and the muscles from her backside tense in to the one only thing he has set his morning out for.

With her arms flapping in the wind as her moans become one with her softness in squeal. He holds his blade up in front of his face as he sensed her sweat dripping onto his tong. His right arm being rocked along as he slides it in under her but then moved in sliding�the blade in under with his hand and slid in along the rubbery shaft that stuck into her sweet loving juice-spilling hole of freshen flesh as it soaked its self onto the blade spilling her blood. Her scream was a scream�from arousal she has bean lead into along with its un expecting spill of arouse.

Only to be leaving her into its stare from what she had�felt was now how it captured her breath from in its blood thats in spill. Leaving her backside up in the air, spilling in blood down on to her love ridding saddle and as she looked on to�the blood as it splattered�in to the face of a man. The man that's now standing there as she rolled over trying to catch a wind for her breaths as her eyes held in its shock and not being able to let her be in tear.

������� After he stood there in front of her as she laid in her motionless needs for breath, from watching him lick his tong along the blood on his blade. He lifts his knee on to her bed, spreads her leg, kneed him self up over her from in-between her legs as they spilled her blood. Being in her last wind was a means for a gift; from him to her. From before he stuck his blade in under her left breast, ripped it up in to his hand then soaked its blood fleshing juices on into his mouth then Leaned over her face. Letting the blood spilling on to it as she spit it back up from off of her lips back in to his face before he struck the blade back in to her chest and ending her being of life from in the last of her breaths as it spilled into her face.


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