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A sight of breath. VOL 1

Short story By: Factxzrx

X- Adult subject marterial. HORROR. Sight's of breath are all intended for adult reader's. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, ,The storeis contain expilict content and are intended for adult readers.

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From in the tilt from his head, the shimmer that swept along the stale image that laid into his eye from off his blade as he slid it out slowly from in on his waist. She sat there motionless, in a trance; she has had her self in a lock from in the television. As he steps in, the door closed in behind him slowly then within its own silence along with his sudden stand still, it clicked and shut. From in his own shadow as he stood in along a silence from in a being she was how in. His motionless drops, leading his arm in down along his leg from how the blade has set its wait, with the television glaring from off the living room window, its screen in a display of wonder's as she sat there in a still. A bowl of pop corn by her side, a cup of soda pop set snug in-between her legs, as the cigarette burns away in her tensed hungry hand resting upon the pillows from on the side arm of her three-seated couch.
������� A handful of popcorn, a swig from her drink and from after she washed it all down, her senseless motion from her hand up to her mouth, and leaving her that cool soft breeze that she had been calmly waiting for; not knowing that her apartment has been playing its seeping host, not from in the background of noises that has not yet been disturbing her thoughts and along with her television flashing its glares from in its distractions from in the streets below.
������� After letting her come to her once strive from in the air he has now breathed, he steps into her living room slowly, watching as the street scene from outside of her window is wiped away from in the shattered flash of lights that her television has for show. She continues to breath on, watching as the mean less time sucks her in and as its passed her by then lets the means from in a trance calm her soul.
His one hesitation has lead him now to a stand still. She brings the cup up to her face and sip's back a mouth watering spill. Then letting the cup lean it self along her stomach as she crunched her hand into the popcorn bowl to be bringing her hand up half way as her head tilts in to the scene of a man like shadow as it lines in behind the television from off the wall.
������� From the wait of his blade, he lets it hang from a swing, twirling it up in to his palm as his other hand is placed under her chin and gasping her neck. From the twist of his wrist as the blade swung in from his pull, she sat there in limp, breathing only what he has offered as she's held and from the spill of her drink as the popcorn crunched and crimpled from out of her mouth. Her last sight from vision was set in front of her eyes as her tears began to let her know. She struggles from in her own stare, struggling, not knowing if who or where. Her last seek in breath as she looked on to the one only light that has always been there; her television has once let her know as did the knife from when she was struck into her own sight from in the one hand that has held it; holding her face there. From when she inhaled as he had intended for her to breath, his blade as it moved up into her chin and slid in thru her breath. Now leaving her last lung full of air as it set fog onto the blade along with the blood from in her nasal winds, leaving her last looking death from out of her eyes as they were popped from out of her now blood filling face.
������� The women he had been thrilled about a kill has now left him in his one unfilled place. He stands behind, letting the last of his grip let know before he tilted her head back then softly slid the blade out from in its hold. Letting her head lean forth into her once lived life as he stood there in a admiring confusion for how and what could it have been that has held her with in its interest from in that television program that has once and now has her in its show.
������� He steps out from her apartment, leaving the same way he had come in; sliding the blade back in along his waist from after wiping it clean from off her coat as it hung there next to the door from off the hooks. The click from the door was no longer his need as the slam he had left it in echoed all down the hall. Leaving the footsteps he had come in with to the now clicks from off his heals as they were swiped in to the echo that has now led him on out the buildings front door.
������� As he stands there in under the apartments entrance way, looking into the glass from in its door; pulling his collars from on his coat up then lining his hand down along its buttoned buttons and leaving him in order before he stepped out into the streets. His hand sets on to his hat, centering it as he tucks his chin down in to his coats flipped up collars then continues to walk on as he sets from his one exposed feature; his eye's and from how they stare.
������� Eleven o'clock and its from how he has come to know, from in this part of the city; the street lights are now set for the one only comfort, the comfort from in its whores and it's the one light that's been providing them with its glow.
A step as he stepped passing one from under the light that has provided its occupant its glow, as will the next one from when he steps in under it. He has decided to stop and stand there until she has come to notice him then once again he could have a next of a being from in grips from in her own soul. He stands there, watching her as she seen him and continues to put on her show; waving on to the cars as they pass her by, raising her thumb, smiling and from the honks of the cars she lets her emotional drives lead her to slightly lift her skirt up for the means of her show.
������� He stands there, his hat blocking out the light as his face hides from in its glow, using his eyes to attracted her as she has now seemed to acknowledge that the man standing there is now a man that has token his interests onto her and they now know. She walks up slowly, looking him over, trying to find the meaning for his interest, and wanting to know.
"Are you a cop?" She asked, looking in thru the shadows from over his eyes for they were the one only thing she has come to question and know.
"Well are ya?" She asked once again. He steps into her close from after watching her chest expand from under her green silk top down in to the black dress that has her legs shimmering into a softness of glow. Then from under the breath he took as it eased in thru his collars and off of his coat he said. "No. Are you looking for company?"
"Ya" she said and for him it has been displayed for a spoke.
She has herself one last look at the man who wants to take her home, looking into his eyes and yet not knowing who or he is, then looked down along his coat thinking to her self that only rich men or investigators take to the means for wearing this type of long coat. From after he turned him self to the street, waving down the one taxicab that he had seen, he told her. "I have money set for a full night's worth." Then as the cab pulled in, he stepped and opened its door.
������� From being young and as lady like as she was, not a word was spoke as the two sat in the back of the cab. She keeps her eye on the meter as it shined its numbers for display then as they became closer to his destination a twenty dollar bill was placed into the arm of the driver as he was told to let them off at the next corner. It left her in a midst for a stare as her new date slid his wallet back in to his pant pocket with out acknowledging that she was even there.
������� He tells her it is his basement from after the taxi had left them to a corner of a street. A Street she had known and knew from all the abounded houses that lined its street; leaving her in under a cloud that not even the lowest of street workers would have come to imagine being in or with one of their dates. The house too looked abounded and felt like it had nothing to despair. Only a man in the midst of a mysterious being as his cloths had only left his eyes for her to make a judgment whether or not she will go along with him in to this house and its basement for a duty she has gone along with and not really knowing if he was a madman or just another tired old lonesome one.
He steps in, down in to the stairway as he knows she was about to follow him and she did. She steps in, taking one slow step at a time as he's unlocking the door with his key. The door swings in to an open, he steps in, turns on the light, then as he turned around, she was already there.
������� She entered in to his basement, knowing she was going to be worth the stay as she looks onto the counter and seen all the money he had laying there next to his wallet from after he had set it down and left her to a wide empty room with only a bed, sink and toilet�and the one counter as she stood in under its light from in her own trance of stares.
������� "My bed" He says to her as she stood in his empty kitchen, knowing that his display from off the counter will have her in any way he has to desire. She walks in to the back of the basement as the wall plays a means for his bedroom then stood still before she came with in breaths of him standing in front of the bed. She looks at him, stares him well in the eye, then begins to take off her shirt. He sits him self down calmly, letting the bed set him on in as she continues to undress and letting her work her stuff before he decides to welcome her on to his bed.
������� A wink of her eye as she stands their in a lust from being nude then raised her brow, thinking he was now going to be getting too undressed. Then as she took in a breath that was meant to be left in a pout, he rubbed his hand along the side of his leg then patting it down on the bed. As she began to walk over, holding her breath, showing of her�sucked in mid section as her breasts expanded in to the perkiness of her popping nipples; she exhaled it there by his side then he swung her in on to his bed.
She laid there as he set his head on to her chest from after setting his hat on to the side table then begun slowly licking her nipples, using his lips to release the pleasures she has granted him with. As he slid his mouth down along her stomach, using his tong to set in a feel for a slither, she raised her right leg slowly, lifting it straight up as he brings his mouth in to her ready wetness for a slither from his tong. She lays her self there for a man she has now come to be the lust served working girl for.
������� He has now come to his arousal and being amused from being in its grip. She lays there, her hands clenching on to his hair as she moans, letting him know she is about ready to release her sex thriving love juice when ever he is willing to set his lips once again in to her pulse thriving need from his tong and how he has been setting her with his one manly of airs. She moans, pleading from the service he has left her from and lightly chanting that she was in her moment, asking him please not to leave her. As he moves his head down along her inner thigh, holding the lust filling juice in his hand. He rubs his thumb along her pulse throbbing clit as his two fingers had set a spread for a breath of fresh air. His head moving down and around her left thigh as her right leg set's in to a spread, letting her heat soak in the freshness of winds as his hand held her in a lust in despair.
������� He begins to move back up slowly, letting her know he was leading her in to her longed sought for his continuance as she exhaled it into the air. His tong licked along slowly as she shivered from in her breath. Holding his thumb on to her clit and beginning to work his fingers on to its lips. His mouth comes up slowly, letting her know it was almost their. Her juices begin to leak, her clit as it stiffens in to the pulse rushing blood along her lips as he slipped his tong into her anus then came up to set his mouth opened wide on to her breath aching release.
She is now left in a shine; continuing to plead for more from in a lust as the one shine she seen streaks up, above and in front of her very eye being met with the long lusting feeling from his mouth as it sucks back her juice she's letting slip away and into his slurping mouth as it shined in under the one light as it wisps her into a horror. The gleaming shimmer sets in to her stomach as she screamed along in her orgasm leaving her in a cry. His mouth closed in around her lusting juices as she screamed; seeing the blade shine in over her stomach right before it ripped thru, sending her meats soaked in a lusting sweat and its juices right in to the mouth of this man that has now left her with out the one object of love as its sets in her face, being chewed and sucked on right before her very eye.
She reached down between her legs after he stood up; feeling for what has been left of her, figuring out what has just happen as her fingers feel for what was and he stands there chewing, sucking on her last of juices as she brings her blood dripping hand up to her face.
������� From in her screams, the squeals as they shook his bed and the pool of blood that had set soak. He finished off his last of her feel from in its lust as she stared onto him then swung his arm around leaving his back turned to her as his blade struck in thru her chest. It ended the night's excitement and leaving him with another as it was well worth.��


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