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The Red Lake

Script By: Volunder

The Red Lake is a script that I have written that will be filmed after we have finished with Track (check out the script on my Booksie account!)

Contains religious themes.
Contains mild sex.
Contains strong sex references.
Contains intense gore.
Contains frequent use of both mild and strong language.

This slowly turns into a drama as I am not too great with horror. I hope you enjoy!

(Not put into scenes)

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The Red Lake

Intro credits play while voice overs are heard. Video consists of pan shots of locations that are going to be used in the film.

William: So, are you okay to come?

Clyde: Yeah! It'll be awesome! Apparently, the lake there is nicknamed "The Red Lake" because-

William: Yeah, great.

Camera Cut

Are you still gonna come along?

May: And spend time with you in a tent? (Laughs) Sounds good.

Chloe winks at William.

More shots of locations.

Hannah and Danni are stood talking and William approaches them.

Danni: Hey William!

Hannah shyly waves.

William: So are you oka-

Danni: Yeah I am, I was talking to Clyde about it before. He doesn't half go off on one about some random shit sometimes.

William: Oh, kay…

William: (to Max) Right, everyone knows about it.

Max: Awesome. We should get the stuff ready.

William: Tents?

Max: Check.

William: Matches?

Max: Torches. Check.

William: Food?

Max: Check.

William: Clothes?

Max: We're not supplying those.

William: Awesome!

Max looks at William with a "seriously?" look on his face.

William resumes looking at the checklist.

Clyde is reading a book.

Clyde: It can possess stuff? Woah…

Several shots of girls doing their make-up to look like sluts.

Single shot of Hannah brushing her hair.

Zack is kneeling down like he is looking for something.

He throws a bunch of random stuff towards the general direction of the camera until he finds a torch.

Then he finds out that the torch has no battery in it.

Zack: God dammit!

Luke is on the phone to Chloe.

Luke: So, what are you doing at the moment?

Chloe: Oh just…

Chloe looks round at May and Danni.

Chloe then mouths "it's Luke".

Chloe puts her phone back up to her ear and the other two girls get up and try to listen in on the phone.

Camera then cuts back to Hannah who is staring at her phone. Her phone has an opened chat with William.

Camera shows a picture of William with a girl.

Hannah sniffs a bit as if she's about to cry.

Camera cuts back to William and Max.

William: Tin opener?

Max: They're all ring pulls.

William sniggers.

Max tuts.

Camera cuts to outside William's house with Felix standing there.

The door is opened and Felix is greeted by Max and William.

Camera cuts to the group walking through a forest.

May: Oh, my god, I did NOT sign up for this!

Chloe: I'm going to wreck these heels. I got them for this trip too!

Max: This is a camping trip guys, you kinda should have expected this.

Danni: Sooooo… Where are we setting stuff up?

Max: Umm…

William: Wherever there's free space for tents.

Katy: We're staying in tents!?

Max: Camping. Do you actually know what that is?

Danni: I have the feeling you're only bringing us along to shag us.

Max turns around and stares at Danni.

William is nodding in the background.

Clyde puts his thumb up in the background also.

Hannah looks down at the ground, trailing behind the others.

Max: Here will do.

They all look at a massive opening by a lake.

Clyde: This is exactly what it looked like in the pictures! And at night, a demon is gonna come out of there, and it's gonna-

Hannah: Shut up!

Most of the group looks around at Hannah.

Hannah: …What!?

Everyone who looked round, look back over the lake.

William: Shall we set up?

Max: Sounds good.

Katy: Ugh, we don't have to do anything do we?

Max: Hey, we're all in this together guys.

Chloe: How am I supposed to take my heels off and walk on…

Camera looks down at Lara's feet in high heels on the dirt.

Chloe: This!?

Hannah: I have spare trainers if you want them?

Chloe chuckles.

Chloe: Erm, no thanks.

Katy gets up close to William.

Katy: So, whose tent am I sharing?

William: Not mine.

Katy: We're sharing mine then?

Katy grins dirtily at William.

William: …No.

Hannah sees Katy talking to William and starts to get even more depressed because of it.

Katy: Oh you're no fun.

Max: You're pretty blunt with her.

William: I'm over her. Don't get any ideas.

Max: I saw the way you were eyeing her.

William: Evilly? Yeah.

Max: That's what you call an evil stare? I call that an "I want you back" stare.

William: Oh, shut up.

Max continues with what he's doing and laughs to himself.

May: Is anything going to be making noise in the middle of the night? Ya know, outside of the tent.

Cuts to night time. All of the tents are set up and the moon is out.

Camera cuts to the inside of all of the tents. A single torch is on in every tent while everyone is asleep.

A cracking of a branch is heard. Max hears it and starts to stir from his sleep.

Footsteps are heard, getting louder and louder.

Max wakes up and listens out. The footsteps keep getting louder and louder.

He gets out of his sleeping bag and starts to quietly undo the zip for the tent to make sure he doesn't wake the others up.

He wanders around near the tents where the equipment is kept and Max notices that a fishing rod is missing.

Max: (To himself) Where's that rod gone?

A shadow is cast behind Max.

Cuts to William asleep in a tent.

The scream of Max is heard, and then a thump followed after it.

William opens his eyes.

He looks over at the other sleeping bags and notices Max is missing.

William: Max?

William repeats the same process Max did, except before he gets to the equipment, he stops dead.

Camera pans down from William at a fair distance away, to the dead body of Max, who has a fishing rod through his head.

William: (Shouting quietly) (If that is at all possible?) Max!

He then runs over to Max's body.

He sheds a tear.

William: Oh God, oh God, no…

He goes back to his tent and opens the zip quickly, waking the others up.

William: (Whispering) Clyde! Max is dead outside!!!

Clyde: Holy crap, it's the demon of Red Lake! Warn the others, tell them to get ready!

William opens all of the tents and brings the same message to all of them. Ad lib from sleeping campers. William ignores them.

When he gets to the final tent with the girls in, as soon as he opens the "doors" to the tent, the demon is crouched down staring at William.

???: (Overly exaggerated whispering) SSSSHHHHH! DON'T WAKE THE BITCHES!

The demon closes the tent back up quickly.

William starts to back off away from the tent.

He turns around and the demon is there right in front of him.

William lets out a miniature scream.

???: Don't be like that, I don't bite… Much… rarely… On occasion… Fairly regularly… Actually you might want to keep your distance.

William is backing up as the demon says that.

The demon then teleports right in William's face which makes William trip and start crawling backwards.

William then starts to let out little panicking cries of terror.

???: Oh, grow a pair!

Camera then cuts to a zoom of William. He starts to freak out a bit and have a miniature fit. After a few seconds he stops moving.

William opens his eyes, which have changed to a red.

He opens the tent that the girls are in.

William: (With a distortion in his voice) Ladies, I'm afraid that there is a demon on a murderous rampage going about killing everybody. Don't be alarmed however, I have sent Max to a better place. He won't be joining us for the rest of his life. Would you like to see his carcass? I've decorated it myself.

He grins evilly at all of them.

The girls are creeped out.

The corpse of Max appears in front of the camera, complete with a fishing rod in his cranium.

All of the girls scream.

Camera cuts to the others waiting patiently in their tents.

Danni: Get this thing out of our tent!

???: What do you mean? It's beautiful, don't you think? I worked very hard on it.

The demon starts to sob.

It then outstretches his arm, pointing with is index finger at Danni.

Both the demon and Danni disappear from the tent.

Danni: Don't hurt me! Please don't hurt me!!!

???: Now why would I do a thing like that? You know, you seem like the cheaty type. How many boyfriends do you have currently?

The demon laughs hysterically.

Danni: Stop fucking with me!

???: What do you mean, WITH you? I am fucking YOU!!! Bend over slut, or I'll do it for you!

Danni: NO! NO, NO!

???: You're no fun.

The demon makes a hand gesture, which snaps Danni's neck.

The demon gets hit in the back of the head by Clyde. It has little to no effect on him.

???: Well that wasn't very nice.

Clyde: Shut up! You're no match for me!

The demon sighs.

???: Go back to your dungeons and dragons little boy.

Clyde goes to hit the demon again.

The demon dodges with ease.

???: You fight like a bitch.

Clyde gets smacked upside the head.

He holds his head and tries not to cry.

Camera pans around and the demon is no longer there, but (Mikey) still stays in the same position,

Close up of Clyde's face.

Camera slightly pans a bit more and the demon (No longer looking like William) appears, grinning at Clyde.

Clyde screams.

The demon starts to beat Clyde to a bloody pulp.

???: Does the little bitch need a hug?

The demon picks up Clyde and bear hugs him. After a while it deprives (Mikey) of all oxygen and kills him.

Camera cuts to William getting back into his own tent, scared for his life.

William: Felix, why are you such a heavy sleeper?

The demon (as Danni's body) opens the tent where the girls are.

They all look relieved to see her.

Katy: Did you kill it Danni!?

???: Meh, more or less. Hey, Katy can you come out here for a minute?

Katy: Umm, okay?...

They both leave the tent.

Katy: Hey, your eyes are really red; are you alright?

???: Am I alright! (Singing) Ask me how do I feel, ask me now that we're cosy and clinging!

On "clinging" Danni's body flies backwards and the demon is now there.

He continues to sing "If I Were a Bell" while beating Katy up.

???: Aww, I never got to finish.

Camera cuts back to William. He is trying to wake Felix up. He's only moving a bit and making grumpy noises.

William looks out of the tent and sees the demon getting closer.

William: Come on Felix, wake up for Christ sake!

The demon is getting closer and closer.

William: Wake up dude!

Felix: (Tiredly) Stop shouting!

William: It's…

He looks outside. The demon is right by the tent. They can only see his legs.

William: (Whispers) Right…

The demon stamps his foot.

William: (Extremely quietly) Outside!!!

There is a moment of silence. No sound at all; Just William and Felix staring at the demon's legs, hoping he comes no closer to the tent.

???: (Outside) Which tent were those girls in again?

The demon walks away.

William has a ginormous sigh of relief and flops backwards onto a sleeping bag.

Felix: What exactly is going on?

William: An angry, horny demon has come out of the lake and it's trying to kill us!

Felix: Trying? Didn't I hear Max scream before?

William is stuck for words for a moment.

William: Max might not be the only one.

Zack Comes out of the tent he's in.

Where the hell is this bloody demon thing?

Zack looks around and there is no one outside.

He then hears a noise.

He turns around slowly and sees red eyes slightly glowing just above the ground.

The eyes get closer and closer, and looks like some form of rodent now.

Zack: It's…

The possessed racoon hisses at Zack.

Zack: It's a racoon!

The racoon jumps on Zack face and starts biting it. Blood squirts everywhere and Zack is screaming in agony. Eventually he falls on the floor, dead.

Hannah Is curled up in a ball, slightly rocking backwards and forwards.

Hannah: Please, please don't come near me, no. Don't kill me! I've done nothing! William! Save me!

She starts crying.

Hannah: Stop killing us all! We only came to celebrate breaking up from school! Willia-hm-hm…

The demon who is outside and no longer a racoon, hears Hannah crying. He stops to think what she is saying. He seems like he recognises her voice.

Hannah: It's alright; it's gonna be alright- No it isn't! Stop it!!!

The demon opens his mouth as if he's about to say something.

???: (Quietly) it's alright. It'll be alright Hannah.

Flashback: The demon, now looking like a normal teen, is talking to Hannah.

???: Go on, say my name.

He smiles at Hannah.

Hannah laughs.

Hannah: Why? Have you forgotten?

???: Just say my name Hannah.

Hannah: I love you Alex.

Back to present day.

Alex sniffles a bit.

He continues to the slutty girl's tent; now only containing May and Chloe.

The girls see that Alex is stood outside. Chloe Gets up and moves slowly to the tent (doors?). She runs outside at Alex while yelling, and kicks him. She immediately starts to run off in a completely different direction.

The kick has no effect on Alex.

He outstretches his arm and readies his hand in a grabbing position.

Chloe gets teleported back to Alex, but with her foot now bare and in his hand.

Because she was still running, she has the momentum to fling her forward and she trips over and lands lying down on the ground.

Alex: You need to learn manners young lady. Unfortunately I'm not the one to teach you manners.

Chloe is constantly screaming.

Alex licks her foot.

Chloe screams in both pain and disgust.

Alex: Shall we go again!?

Chloe: NO!

Alex let's go of her foot and starts laughing.

Chloe is still screaming in agony.

Alex: I'm pretty sure my tongue has a kind of demonic curse of some form or another on there. Sorry about that.

After a bit longer, Chloe dies from the demonic curse spreading throughout her body.

Hannah is trembling in her tent.

Luke: Hey Hannah, calm down, alright?

Hannah: How am I supposed to calm down when that thing is out there killing all of us!?

Luke: Just, stay quiet, it won't find us.

Hannah continues crying and she falls sideways onto her sleeping bag.

Felix: Well shit Will, what are we doing about this then?

William: We need to try and get out of this forest, quietly.

Felix: What if he uses some messed up demon-power shit and knows where we are?

William: Then we'd already be dead. We need to (takes a breath) look on the bright side.

Felix: Bright side? What bright side? Everyone's dying, we're probably next. It's been great to know you Will, but it hasn't been so great to go on this spectacular trip of yours!

William: Hey! Are you seriously blaming this on me!? How the hell was I supposed to know that there was gonna be a devil craving sex and death out there waiting for us come night!?

Felix: Just, get us out of this Will!

William: Felix just, shut up and let me think this through!

May is sitting in her tent, alone and scared. She is looking around for something, but we don't know what. She then looks the other way and sees Alex sitting next to her with an evil grin on his smug face.

May screams, but is cut off by Alex grabbing the back of her head and snogging her.

She starts screaming in pain.

May then becomes like a ragdoll and Alex let's go.

Alex: Cherry.

Another flashback of Alex and Hannah. They pull away from each other as if they've just kissed.

Alex: Cherry.

Hannah giggles.

Hannah: You like that?

Alex: Hmph.

Back to present day.

Alex: Where is she…?

Alex puts his fingers on his temples and closes his eyes. He starts to look through Hannah eyes.

Luke is looking at Hannah and she is looking up at him.

Luke: Hey, watch your head. Does it hurt?

Hannah: (Drearily) William.

Alex: (Voice) Who the fuck's William?

Yet another flashback. Alex is on facebook at his computer. He scrolls through a bunch of pictures, a lot of which have both William and Hannah in them together.

Alex's jaw is open and his eyes are widened.

Back to present day again.

Alex: I thought I'd seen that tosser before.

Alex puts his hands down and opens his eyes.

Alex: You won't take my Hannah away from me.

Felix: I'm telling you man, we're gonners. Call your folks and tell them the story. If they don't believe you then that's their-

Felix stops talking abruptly and starts feeling his stomach which has started rumbling.

William: Not eaten much today huh?

Felix shakes his head.

William: Dude are you alri-

He is interrupted by Felix puking up blood on him.

William: WHAT THE FU-

A lightning flash reveals for a few frames that Alex is strangling Felix.

William screams as Felix's limp body flings forward onto him.

Alex: Leave her alone you frail, thieving bastard!

William: Leave WHO alone!?

Alex is gone.

William is tense about Alex disappearing.

Luke: Breathe Hannah, breathe.

Hannah: William.

Luke: William is okay, don't worry about him. In…

Hannah breathes in.

Luke: Out…

Hannah breathes out.

William comes into the tent, eyes reddened.

William: I'll take it from here Luke.

Luke gets out of the way.

Hannah: Oh thank god!...

Hannah starts shedding tears.

William smiles.

Hannah: I've liked you for the longest time, it's so strange.

William: Say my name Hannah.

Hannah smiles.

Hannah: Is that something boys do? (Sniffs).

William: What?

Hannah: Hey, you're eyes are really red.

William: Yours too. Have you been crying?

Hannah: No I mean your eyes…

William: What?...

Hannah starts panicking.

William: Shhh, it's okay Hannah, don't worry.

Hannah: William…

Alex realises that he's in William's body.

William drags Hannah out of the tent.

Luke: What're you doing William!?

William: You stay there!

William and Hannah are now outside.

William gets flung backwards and onto the ground.

Alex is now where William was stood.

Hannah: Alex!?

Alex: What happened Hannah? What happened!? I gave you everything, and you ruined it all!

Hannah: No, YOU messed it up. You're the one who was trying to force everything on me!

Alex: Oh, like what!?

Hannah: You were going way too quickly. You wanted to do everything and I just wasn't ready!

Alex: How did you feel when I died hm? I bet you wish that truck was going faster!

Hannah: Don't get that in to my head! You were always…

Hannah starts to get teary and upset.

Hannah: You were always messing with my mind.

Alex: "You'll be liked for who you are Alexander" is what my mother always said to me. Well you know what!? She fucking lied! You never liked me for being a manipulative twat did you!?

Hannah: Shut up!

Alex grabs Hannah's cheeks and clenches them together.

Alex: I'm going to make sure that you wish you'd never heard of William, me OR Red Lake!

He backhands Hannah and she falls on the ground. Alex then disappears.

William gets up drearily.

He runs over to Hannah and kneels down next to her, concerned about what just happened.

Hannah cries and hugs William.

Luke is worrying about what happened to both William and Alex, but not as worried as the others were as he was asleep through most of it.

He is staring blankly at something in the tent, with a slightly worried expression on his face. He decides to get out of the tent and look around. He finds dead bodies everywhere and starts getting extremely scared. He sprints out into the forest area and gets out of breath. He stops dead and starts to breathe heavily. As he is doing this Alex is seen in a tree in the background. After two camera cuts, the second one (going back to the original) reveals that Alex is no longer in the tree. He jumps down behind Luke, but Luke is unaware. We see Alex walking up behind Luke and he is still oblivious. Alex gets right behind Luke.

Alex: Running away are you?

Alex makes Luke jump from saying that line and he lets out a miniature scream. Alex then push-kicks Luke onto the floor. Then Alex stands on Luke's body and starts pulling on his arm. After some time, some screaming, and some strain, Luke's arm becomes detached from the rest of him. Luke is screaming, and starts crawling on the floor.

Alex takes a bite out of Luke's arm.

After chewing for a bit, he spits it out onto Luke.

Alex repeatedly hits Luke with his detached arm. After quite a few hits, Luke dies.

Alex throws Luke's arm on the floor.

Camera cuts all the way back to William and Hannah who are still embracing.

Hannah: Did you see anything of what you were doing?

William: Yeah. It's horrible. Hey, did you mean that about liking me?

Hannah: Yeah, but I saw that you were with Katy and-

William: Katy? Hannah, me and Katy broke up 3 months ago.

Hannah: But I saw you two talking before, and she was-

William: She wanted me back. Besides, she's one of the sluts. Don't worry about it.

Hannah laughs at William's slut comment.

William: You've been quiet this past year; did anything happen to you? We always used to talk but now… You've seemed more distant.

Hannah: My ex-boyfriend Alex, you don't know him; he got hit by a van. He was being careless. He was angry at me and was yelling. He didn't even get to say goodbye to me.

There is a long pause.

William: What were his last words?

Hannah looks at William and pauses.

Hannah: "See you in hell, slut".

Alex: Well remembered.

William and Hannah look around sharply to see Alex standing there with his arms folded.

William: What do you want?

Alex: You've bigged up.

Hannah: Don't you dare touch him, Alex.

Alex: Don't tell an Underlord what to do.

Hannah: What?

Alex: Underlord, devil, demon; I was a bad boy and went to hell. But because I had erm… "Unsettled business", I was allowed to come back up to the surface, and settle it.

William: What was this "business" of yours?

Alex: If I can't have Hannah, no one can.

Alex glares at Hannah.

Alex and Hannah disappear.

They both reappear in a dark room. Nothing is visible except a wooden table and wooden chairs on opposite side of it, which the two appear in.

Hannah has her body possessed but not her mind throughout this next scene.

Hannah puts her hands on the table.

Camera is zoomed in on Hannah's hand. She opens her fingers so that there are gaps between them.

Hannah: Oh god, you know I hate this Alex!

Alex: Exactly.

Alex lifts his hand up so that the camera can see that he is holding a knife.

Hannah's jaw drops.

Alex: An art tis five-finger fillet.

Camera shows Alex playing five-finger fillet around Hannah's fingers, starting off extremely slowly.

As Alex gets quicker the camera will only be looking at either Hannah's or Alex's face.

Ad libs from Hannah along the lines of "stop it" and general screaming.

Alex grins more than he already is.

Camera looks at Hannah's face close up.

Blood sprays up onto her face and she screams in pain.

Alex: We have another hand yet!

Hannah: (Screaming) STOP IT!

Alex: You're no fun.

He cuts off the fingers on Hannah other hand.

Hannah becomes un-possessed.

She collapses on the floor putting her hands against her chest.

Alex slowly walks up to her while she is on the floor.

Alex: I love you.

Alex throws the knife at her head.

Camera cuts back to William who is walking in the middle of the forest.

Alex: (Off camera) I have sixty seconds left.

William turns around to see Alex.

William: What?

Alex: I was told that after I settle what is unsettled, I will have sixty seconds before I return to eternal punishment in hell.

William looks shocked.

William: What did you do to her!?

Alex: Five-finger fillet isn't my strong point it seems.

William: You… You sick bastard.

Alex: I'm gonna make real good use of my last moments.

William: Kill me then. Just do it, send me with her.

William lifts his arms up.

Alex walks up to William slowly.

William: Are you possessing me?

Alex: No… You're killing me.

William: How?

Alex: Do you people not carry guns?

William: I'm 16!

Alex: I would be too.

William: Don't turn this into a sob story about yourself.

Alex: I'd hug you, but you'd probably die.

William: Why are you being nice to me?

Alex: I don't want to live with eternal punishment and torture. (Starts crying) I'm scared, William.

William: Don't expect my sympathy.

Alex: I know. I'm sorry for being such a bastard. Not that it matters anymore.

William: I used to talk to (Jess) a lot you know. I'm surprised I've never heard about you before...

Alex: I wish we'd met earlier, and under different circumstances. About a year earlier would be nice?

William: Same here Alex.

A gunshot is heard and Alex gets shot through the mouth. Blood comes out of Alex's mouth and sprays onto William.

William looks scared, shocked and relieved.

Voice: How're you feeling?

William: Who are you?

Voice: I'll tell you everything when I gather your fellow heroes.


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