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Novel By: Factxzrx

Tags: Death, Mature

The girls from east block discover a new light as they become one in shadow. View table of contents...


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She was standing there admiring the street hookers, trying to figure out how amusing it must be to get laid and getting to pocket a few bucks. She puffs on sucking back for a last of drags from in her cigarette then her boss calls her in from the shop telling her she needs her to close up the shop for tonight. The boss in a hurry hands her the keys and before she walks out the door she reminds her about the after noon shift she booked her in for tomorrow. Karolin then took the keys from her boss telling her to have her self a good night.
She sits in her booth flipping thru the pages from in her book, getting her self back in to where she had last left off then a disturbing sound of cheer and chants stopped her from getting to continue. The bimbos out side have sprung a moment of excitement; laughing and cheering aloud. She goes over to the window to see for herself, to see what was all the commotions about. The hookers are laughing and cheering on; telling jokes to one another wile standing on the corner enjoying the dims from in the city's streetlight. Jokes about an old man who wanted them to go back to his place with him to have a good time. They told him that it would cost him a hundred dollars. The old man then took out his penus and jerked him self-there in front of the girls; bragging about how rich he was. Karolin found it humorous, admiring the old man for his sense of exposures.
It's a good thing I am not out there rotting my flesh and exposing my self like meat that they hang from a butchers window.
She locks the shops door, smiling over to the girls as she turns over the closing sing from on the entrances welcome window.
����������� She begins to get things ready for a closing; turning out the lights and getting ready to begin heading thru out the back; leaving from out the back's exit doors.
Then the front door gets a knock on as she was getting ready to activate the alarms to secure the shop up for the night. She walks out in to the front to see what it was and what was going on?
"Hey sexy why don't you come out and play with us tonight, we see you watching us every night why don't you come on out and give it a go." Said the hooker in the tight red silk dress.
Oh, my god that is all I needed now was for these bimbos calling me out from the shop. "I was just taking my breaks, I like to come out front during my break time, and I have a job." Karolin said. The bimbos finding her comment to be funny; they laugh asking her if she had a boy friend.
These sick bitches want to get all-personal. I am going to tell them that I am a lesbian and that my girlfriends a cop.
Karolin gives the girls from outside of her shops window one last interesting look before she said. "No thanks, I tried that before and I ended up with a rash all over my butt, it still itches." That is what I thought, now shut up, and leave me alone. Karolin walked away from the unexpected excitement that rolled in around the entrance then she turned out the lights. She locks everything up, activates the shops security, and heads out exiting thru the back.
She lights up a cigarette having herself a laugh, thinking back on what the hookers were saying out front about that old man.
That's what I should do sell my self, make a few extra bucks, get my tits rubbed wile spread em for a couple of seconds. If I were to sell my body, it sure would not be on the street corner. She Puffs her cigarette as she walks on down the ally way, seeing some of her midnight friends as they run around the alleys dumpsters. Walking passed them giving them her hey ok that it is her, the chick who comes out this way every night. She gets to the end of the alleyway then takes her last puffing drag from off her cigarette. Usually she would go by the pastry shop Cafe and grab her self a sweet and coffee to take home. Now her boss has her working weekends so she knows she is going to need the sleep. So tonight there was no time for the signs of sugar.
Working weekends now, the boss has me on for the weekend. When I get home, Jennifer is going to be calling on me to come out or coming over to get me hyped up about going out.
Stepping in on to the corner of her street she stops and lights her self up another cigarette, she puffs back on a few drags before getting in to the entrance of her apartment building. She kicks the cigarette in to the street then heads on up in to the buildings entranceway.
And In a five, a four, a three, two and a one. "Hey Karolin, did you here the news?"
"What news what are you talking abut Jennifer, what's going on?"
"Cynthia from room 8 is dead. She killed her self. The cops were here, they were asking us if we knew her and if she was acting strange. It was a horror."
"Cynthia seemed to be alright, she smoked some crack here and there but she was alright, I guess the bachelor life can really do it to yaw, or what ever got her ticking." She told Jennifer as she walked down in to the hall and as she stepped in to her door she says. "Jennifer I have a busy day tomorrow the boss has me on a shift." "I'm afraid to be alone"
"Well come on, I was just getting ready to hit the bed"
"I think she was possessed Karolin, No one would off themselves for nothing"
This is going to be a long night, if I was smart I would not have opened the door.
����������� "Ok Jen don't get all in to it, ever body has problems, don't make them yours."
"You remember those crosses in her place and those pitchers. She has done something Karolin and I want to find out. I heard those Spanish ladies upstairs talking about demons and the work of the devil."
"Come on Jen, do we have to talk about it now, tomorrow night we'll deal with this, now lets just go to sleep." Karolin tells her as she gets her self ready for bed.
"When are you going to get a real job?" Jennifer asked, smiling and beginning to smirk in regards of Karolin's hospitality.
Hear we go, talking about my work and how I should get a real job. Then it's the career stuff.
"Hey Jennifer, I need my sleep, if you have better things do, or lets sleep. Sleep Jennifer."
In the morning, she felt it. The feelings of being used and abused over having to work this weekend shift then realized that one of her girlfriends was dead. She looks over at Jennifer then realizes that one of her girl friends is dead and that her apartment building was in a stink of death. While staring at Jennifer lying there, the smell turned from a death to a murder.
Oh come on wake up, its Saturday, you cook up a big juicy brunch on Saturdays. If I get her up on the wrong side of the bed then she's going to get in to the death and get all worked up over it then I'll never hear the end of it.
"Jennifer, wake up, the guy said you were a great lover, you must be starving, he looked at least two hundred pounds. I am going to run to the market, what do you want me to get? I'm going to grab some eggs and sausages, a few potatoes, milk and some orange juice. My buzzer is going to go off in twenty minutes." She said lightly above Jennifer's ear then walks out in to the kitchen and lights up a cigarette. She looks around, and then heads in to her fridge, grabs the stuff they will be needing and began setting it all on to the table.
Now I can enjoy my shower then have some lunch before I go. She puffs on her smoke sucking it all back, getting in her morning nicotine fix then blowing it on out as she goes on in to the bedroom to check up on Jennifer.
"Wake up, lunch is ready" She said as she stepped in to her room then
leaves Jennifer to her laziness in bed, holding the pillow she had sprung onto her face and heads out in to the washroom to get ready for the long day ahead of her.
�Standing in under the fresh warm splashing water's from the shower, she looks down at her self and remembers the story that she gave the hookers. She then works in extra splashing soapsuds in around her butt and feeling how grouse and disgusting her story sounded. As she went for her towel letting the soapy dew run down off her feet, she begins thinking about the hooker's and �the look on their faces after she told them.
Oh, how come I do not smell any eggs frying up or those unions sizzling, she better not be in her funeral mood or expecting me to baby her all day. She walks in to her bedroom stretching her legs out, working them in to her pants and fluffing her shirt wile Jennifer was still ling there in bed, covered in blankets and hugging the pillows. She stands over her then shakes her up. "Come Jen, I have breakfast ready for you to stir up"
"Karolin, come on its only ten o'clock"
"Ya, and I have to go to work, come on I got out the food for you, Saturday, remember, lunch time, Come on I need to get dressed and ready." Jennifer rolls her self out and up shaking her hair out as she steps then walks on out of the room.
I can all ready tell it is going to be a long week, she is going to start crying, then it's the funeral and then she is going to get all religious on me. Karolin's all dressed up and ready for her big day, she stands over her bed and looks out her window as the sun glazes in thru.
On her way out in to the kitchen to join her guest she starts to wonder about what Jennifer was telling her of the Spanish ladies; Jennifer jumping around in the kitchen getting things ready and going over the stove. She feels that good old feeling that she was in for requesting this morning; the smell of that good old Saturday brunch, the one they have together every weekend. She lights up a cigarette and weights until Jennifer notices her then gets in a few puffs before Jennifer turned around.
"Now it's the smoke, well puff away. If that job doesn't kill ya, I'm sure those stinking smokes will" Jennifer said, showing frustration and letting out from how Karolin seen it; stress.
"Chill out Jen, god. What's with the attitude"
"Every thing is fucked up, Cynthia kills herself, I'm starting to wonder about demons and evil spirits, and you're puffing a cigarette ready to take on another day like nothing happened"
"Hey I feel it too, I know and that's life Jenny. You need to forget about it, come on lets just go slow on this alright"
God she is ready to bite my head off over this.
She sits her self down to the table, keeping a close eye on Jennifer as Jennifer sets the plates then brings the plates of omelets with hash browns to the table. She gets up, grabs the ketchup from out of the fridge, and set it on the table along with the juice jug wile Jennifer set the cups to begin there weekend brunch together.
�I should have gone to the market and got some fresh stuff, this breakfast is feeling kind of stale, dead.
"So do you think she was in to some evil shit or what Jen"
"That's what it seems like, she's Christian and her apartment was furnished with that religious stuff. The Spanish ladies were saying that it was the work of demons. I think the devil is in her apartment, some things evil."
"That should keep those Spanish ladies away for a wile."
"I don't like all of this Karolin; it's too weird for me. I'm starting t think the devil is here."
"Jen that's…, when did you ever get religious, if you plan on starting now than you better plan it out and try not to get all stressed about it , you start going nuts and I'm going to have to turn you in. Or I'll send you over to the Spanish ladies."
"Ya well laugh all you want; I know there's something going on and were going to figure it out."
From looking at Jen and feeling the tones of their voices, she then realized it, that her friend's death was now in a mix with religion. She finishes of her plate then sparks up a cigarette, puffing on the fumes and giving her self a deeper feeling from in Jens views.
I guess she has a point, whether or not it was demons or over her religions. I do not really care. I have to get to work and waist four hours from my Saturday. "Jenny, I have to go to work, lock my door for me when you leave please."
"What time are you coming back?"
"I'll be back around four-thirty, Jenny don't go and mess with those Spanish women and don't be getting all paranoid. When I get off well go out or order some food and grab a movie or something, I'm going, bye." She said as she steppes out in to the hallway pushing her keys down in to her pocket and securing her purse. She could hear the Spanish ladies from the top of the step's chanting and hissing down towards her. She was unsure of the words that she heard. She recognized the saying of demons. She does not know weather they were referring to her or if they too were all fire up over the death.
Now I'm being stocked from the holly saintanica. This is going to suck, next its going to be the cops and then the funeral and probably the landlord, he's probably going to come and check me out, god ! �She lights up a cigarette and heads out of the building puffing the smoke into the fresh sunlight. She then hears it gain
"Santanica, d�mod�"
She looked up thru the buildings front side row of windows as the old lady she saw was closing her window and shutting the curtains. She caries on down the walk way, puffs back on her smoke, being aware and now has her awareness of the Spanish women in her building.
I hope this is the only Saturday that she wants me to work, I need my weekends, I don't care about the over time or the time and a half. I don't want to work on my Saturdays.
As she walks on down the shops street she has her self a look around for some Saturday afternoon commotions and excitement then she notices a couple of the hookers on the corner side of the shop.
I hope these bimbos don't start with me again, they seem cool, they know I don't have any problems with them, they were just teasing.
She walks on in to the shop not paying any attention to the girls working the corner. Her boss greets her and tells her the shop is all hers today and that it was her responsibility to close up the shop again for the day.
"I'm working this shift on my own" Karolin asked as she stepped into her booth.
"You can manage its only four hours, I tell you what, you can close up at three thirty and set the alarm at twenty to four, leave a few minutes early." Her boss said. Karolin holding a big wide smile on her face wile her boss then walked on out the door.
Well that is that, I'm her own personal bookie. She is out shopping and slurping cocktails wile I am here covering for her Ah. Mmm I wonder if those Spanish women have freaked out Jennifer yet.
Walking around the shop as she usually does, checking out all of the merchandise then walks over to the window to observe the scene that the street displayed on its Saturday afternoons. She takes a moment away, away out from the city's energy and light.
So you decide to leave now, hu Cynthia, well I cant answer for ya, what ever made you go and off you self, well what ever.
She shakes her self off and gets back in to the scene of the city's light, sitting her self in at her booth and begins to flip thru her book getting to the part were she had last left off.
So this is when you are laid, I have been waiting all week for him to turn on you. As shereads on she becomes more and more aroused over her characters romance, beginning to zone out in tuning in, becoming one with her angle of seduction, feeling her self falling in with the erotica exposure and enjoying the moment as she's seducing her self within the pleasures of a romanced character.
She reads on getting thru and in to the next chapter then decides to put the book down and get back into the living lights of her Saturday afternoon's scenery.
Ooh a phone call; I wonder who this could be.
"Hello, yes. Jennifer wants going on."
"Karolin, it's the Spanish ladies, there getting all religious, they got a few friends over and there doing some kind witch craft in the hallway. They were around my door and in around yours. They got candles going in front of Cynthia's room, I think there calling on some kind of evil spirit or something."
"Jenny relax, there probably just getting all ceremonial over the death, you know how those old fashion folk can be. I'll be there soon, then well get some movies and chill. It's already two, I get off in like an hour, and I'll see you then." �
Oh were in for it now. If those Spanish women start chanting at us and think that we took part in this then they have another thing coming.
A death signals in her eye as she begins to looks around the shop wondering and thinking of something that could give her an answer over the commotion that's closing her in over Cynthia's death. She over looks the prostitutes, She thinks of all the families out there under the city's shine, in the malls and out on there way to go shopping. Then a dark cloud shins in thru as a look over all the city's nightspots seeing every body drinking and having them selves a good time. A concluding thought shines on to her in resembling her self as the mid aged women with out a clue as she could not seem to find a hint anywhere.
Her boss walks in with a greeting surprise saying that she could now go home.
"There isn't going to be any business for us today Karolin, You're going to get your four hours in, I think I'm going to close it down now on the weekends." Karolin grabs her purse from out of her booth, smiles on to her and heads for the door telling her boss to have her self a nice weekend.
Along the walk way sparking up a cigarette and haling back on a few drags getting it all in to her blood flowing as she walks on; a discomforting breath of puffing smoke surrounds her in a voice as it calls for her from within the cities mist.
She walks on with, another confusing puff and not knowing if it was a sing of paranoia or if she was thinking of something.
She has a look around trying not to look strange. She doesn't see anything or any one that is looking her way. She carries on puffing her cigarette and kicking her heels on down the street then stop's and takes on her last puff; starring in to the burning of smoke.
("Karolin its you") she hears.
It is me ya I know that is my name. I hear it a few times a day and I am probably going to hear it for the rest of my life. Thank you for reminding me.
She shrugs of the voice, continues on her way crossing the streets, thinking if she was going to be greeted by any old ladies or be walking in thru any burning candles. She stops in front of her building and lights up the last of her afternoon cigarette before going on in.�
And here we go in to the dark and on with its lights. She speeds up her pace; sucking back on the smoke then kicks the cigarette to the curb. As she heads up the steps and in to the building she looks around. She gets to her apartment door looking to see if any of the other tenants were around then shouts out at Jen thru her door from in the hall and tells her to get ready as she turns her key and walks in thru her door and in to her apartment.
God, what a waist of a Saturday, breakfast sucked, Jenny's all freaked out, and I'm going down with her. Oh well I'm home, get a few movies, some thing to eat, maybe a few drinks�then get her to cook up some fresh food tomorrow.
As she walks out from in her bedroom she releases all the tension from in her day, feeling lighter on her feet on her way to the living rooms couch then sits back and lights her self up a cigarette as Jen walks on in thru the door.
"Hey what's up, where were you, I called you from the hall, what happen?"
"Nothing happen, I was in the washroom doing my hair, you now I'm really starting to hate Cynthia," Jennifer said.
"Ahhaaa, that's the funniest thing I've heard all day. Jen you're getting too involved. You need to learn how to shake things off and go with it. Cynthia only knew us from the halls or the one or two times she hit the club with us. I'm sure if you checked the paper in the dead section you're going to read about a lot more people who have died this week, not just Cynthia."
"Karolin, you need to lighten up man, that's a bit nasty, she was our girl friend, and we were girls."
"Ya, and if she was down, we would have been together and wouldn't of had one of us girls gone and leaving us in the cold."
She looked away from Jen and enjoys herself a long oozing puff from the cigarette then blew out the smoke with a look around.
If you were here now Cynthia, I would grab you by your little hair dew and throw ya thru my window. She stands up and stretches her arms out in front of her chest giving Jen a ugly look; rolling her eyes before asking her.�
"You ready, or are we going to stay here all day and ease drop on the Spanish women."
"You know what I was thinking about all day; I want to get a devil movie or some movie about witchcraft."
"Ya ok, then well pass by the city's mental hospital and check you in before the ladies up stairs get a hold of you and perform an exorcist of there own. Then you'll be victim number two, Oh no and I don't have any black outfits. Hey then I can go shopping for some new threads. You better tell me what you want to ware so I can doll you up for your funeral."
"Karolin, that's sick. Eeuuyyyuck! Your getting bad, I'm getting those movies thou,"
"Then well see if they have any in porn, then well turn it up real loud, well get all the superstitious people in the building all hot and wild."
Karolin grabs her purse off her coat rack then follows Jen on out and down thru the hall.


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