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Fantasy Erotica

Novel By: Factxzrx

A seek for erotica,help,its being an erotic encounter that lead a fantasy now leaves him in one and a horror of one at that. View table of contents...


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She said it would only take a second. I go along; I let her work her ways. I told her before stepping in to this medieval dungeon looking room that the only reason I'm here is because I can't get it up. She looks at me, stares me slowly up and down from in behind that desk, her glasses; black, hair black trimmed just above her green eyes, her tight little button noise and those red luscious lips.
I walked in and I knew this place was all about erotica, from the outside you'd think it was just another body rub joint or a place to get a quick fix if you needed a sprain iced down or a good temple poke. So I do my do and�step in. A quarter to twelve, Thursday night, I was in need and it seemed to be the right time, not too busy, streets were dieing, a days end, dark, no ones going to see me and if they did all they seen was some regular Joe stepping in to a local rub parlor.
She had on a white silky lacey gown, robe type lingerie with the windows in behind in white silky curtains to match. She sits there in behind the desk, her elbows up on the table; hands clenched together, her red nails flaring from from out sleeves. She looks at me with out a interest, I look on, I would have smiled, I stood in front of the door, it was all the room there was. I entered, the door closed behind me and there I was, my feet sinking down in to the door mat, my waist just inches away from the edge of her desk, just enough room for me to exhale my breaths. To the left of me a door, a wall a size of the door left to it, the door I walked in, the window dressed in lace and her sitting in behind her desk looking on to me as if I wasn't there or she's mistaking me with the shadows from on the street�that�flow in thru the window.
I break for a grin, wait, I figure she'd bring down those glasses, let them hang just below her lips while she sucked on one of their ear tips or at least stand up, show her self or greet for my meet. She looks down on to her reflection from off the black in gloss of her desk. I would have turned around and walked out, forget I was ever there, it would have took a lot of energy out of me, turning, stepping back just enough, a half a step so I don't bang my hip in to her desk then grab the door, step back and walk on out.
I stood my stand, grin still in place, twitching and ready to set growl, cuss or just drop from off my face then she looked up, gives me a good stare, grabs the collars of her blousy robe with both hands hand lifts as she sets back her head.
"You can't get it up." She said looking down from in her head tilting back then comes down slowly and says, "you're here now." With out a smile or a break for excitement and that's exactly what I would have expected, its why I came and now its out, spread widely over her desk, swept in to her blouse and seeped up in to those green eyes of hers.
I hum nodding my head as if I'm going along with her suggesting, the diagnosis's she's seemed to find an attraction unlike my doctor. My doctor thought I was in a midlife crisis or something. She performed on me, tests, exams until she just broke down, laid me out on the examine table for her self after going over the reports. She sets her right hand on my chest, "Stay still." She told me lifting up my t-shirt. I lay out, look on to her, her lips begin to soak, I didn't know if it was in frustration or if I was becoming one of the fortunate ones who like me attend her physicals once a month, read her columns in the so called health and fitness magazine; bikinis, models, babes in tight shirts. When her left hand slid on to my crotch then I knew indeed; I'm one of the fortunate ones.
"I don't know," She said, rubbing me down, gripping my sack in to her hand and setting a pinch in on my tests. "Alright don't move." She said once again, her teeth in shine, lips settling from in the blood that flushed up in to them, her blond hair as it begins leaning over her right shoulder and blocking my view from on those meant to be set in to a mans hand breast. I take in a deep breath and before I could release it, my jeans are undone, zipper begins to come down then the nails dug in to my waist, my but lifts from off the table and down they came.
"You've been taking all the pills," She asked leaning back, grabs a hold of her hair and ties it back behind her head, chin tucking down in to her chest and staring down on my bare crotch as if she's getting ready to be seated at an all you can contest, locking out any and all disturbances, letting her blood rush in to her head or where ever it is she might be needing it then that tong comes out, licks those lips as her elbows come down followed by her arms, hands placed directly on to my crotch as if her eyes set them in mode from in behind her head.
After a couple of jerks her nails begin to dig in then their tips pressed in to my excess skin before she revealed my throbber for her self. I lay back, die to touch her ass, rub a hand up her skirt, set one in on her breast after all she knew her role, she knows how she sits from in that world of erotica. I remained calm, she rubbed, jerked, lifts her head back; stares, brings it back down, works and works her fingers in to me, strokes me, grips on to my cock and holds on for pulse, checks her own then brings both hands up in front of her chest, rubs them together looks on to me and say, "I don't know what to say, I mean you're a healthy guy, hell you cock is a good six inches with out erection. Five minutes of twirling, pinching, strokes, and a good old jerk. I prescribed the best of enhancements. I know you have never done any steroids or any other dangerous drugs." She steps back, waves her left hand up over my waist, signaling me to buckle up then walks over to the sink beside her desk saying. "I don't know what to do for ya, tell ya the truth I thought this kind of thing could never happen to a guy." And that was the last I had seen of her.
Now I stand my guard (that's yet to be stood) as this green eyed mistress stares on after telling me about my where about, looking me over then she stands from in behind that black desk, the white lacey blouse falling as she stands her ground, "In thru those doors." She said turning her back to me then stepping out in thru the white lacey curtains from in behind her, setting her hand up over her shoulder, pointing a finger out then I hear the door from behind me being locked as the door in front of me swings open, the lights from in the office go out leaving only a dim light in candle from in behind the door she told me to walk in thru.
I step in, look around at all the statues of naked men and women, paintings on the wall of dark places or waters from on this red dark wall, candle stands in each corner, a mountain of them in drips from on the right dripping down and spreading out along the floor, in to the bed as it sits in the center; a stoned bed, a big slab of grey stone, black lacey sheets and fluffed pillow. I feel my self-get pulled in to another step in, the door from behind me closes, then she stepped in, how, I don't know. She steps in from in her stand, I watch as her blouse went from white to a flooding of darkening red colors, dripping from off her skin then out came her hand flaring those nails of hers, ripping in to my skin, cloths tearing, ripping then shred from off my body.
"Shshsh." She shushed as I look down on to the cuts in my skin, naked and watching as my clothes melt, sucked in as the wax mountain swallowed them whole from in its leaking spill. Her hand sets on to my chest, my heart thumping as I watch the flames shimmering from off those nails then her right comes out from behind her, she waves it over the stone bed, I look down and my cuts, the tears there gone only the waving shades and glimmering light shown from off the candle. She smiles as I look up in to her face, her greens eyes, that button noise and those luscious lips. I scroll along her arm, walk in towards the bed, look back up, and watch as the spilling blouse leads a spill in red up on to her shoulder, wetting on to her skin, making like veins as the spill leads my eyes on to her breasts, her naked wet body, "It'll take a second." She ignited snapped as I caught her eye then followed in on the lead leading me on to the black laced bed of stone.
She walked in slowly, the light from off the candles waved from in her winds, her shadow spilling on to the walls. I feel her hand, her nail slipping in to my shin then nothing, only the sounds of the waving shades as they dance all around the room. My breath seeped, my winds were nothing, none for breathing and her image as she stepped in was is as if she reaching out to me from inn the walls, the flaring flames, the spill in reds, the shades as the flames dance along the walls. She began on my stomach, reached in from on my right side, setting her nails in to my gut, running up slowly along, teasing my chest, the tickles from in my ribs as she moves along leaning over me, her eye shading in over mine, lips coming up over my chin, her breaths swept on to my lips and noise like a firing flame from in a blazing wind. My eyes fall back then pulled out in to hers as she leaned in over my face, lips match with mine, noise, our brows and she licks her lips, her tong slipping in around, pointing down on to mine, her lips perk, cheeks tensed; spraying a sex seducing flare from in the flaring spill shading out from in the walls.
The blood streamed down along the side of my stomached, my ribs, down along my legs. She dug her nails in to my stomach, slipped them in under my skin up in to my chest and I stand here in this wood land naked, dripping in blood and not laying out on the stoned bed, those eyes looking down on to mine.
"Hey, you, you too?" I hear then look out in to the shrubs and in behind the big tree stepped out some dude.
"Me too?' I said, look on to him as he begins stepping in.
"The green eyes." He said then stops from in his step. His hair; black, shirtless and no blood dripping from out and those dark brown leather looking pants he's wearing, leather shoes and with a blade at his side while debating whether or not I know what, who he's talking about before he breaks or comes at me for by the looks of things; food.
"Ya." I said growling, nodding my head and if I could or when I do get my hands on her, man. "The green eyes, the rub down."
"This way," he said bringing up his right arm as that blade shakes from off his hip. "Man, your fresh." He said as I stepped up beside him. "Your or you wouldn't have lasted more then a second breath out there."
"Where? Where in the hell are we." I asked, follow his steps as he takes me out in to the wild bush land, no houses, wires for electricity, nothing that I can get a feel for.
"Ya" He said, looks on to me then back down on to his steps.
"So how do you know?" I ask him, step on, in, behind and then up on his left as the path he lead us on begins to showing.
"Ha, ha, you wouldn't believe me." He said, laughs, then says, "She's been expecting you?"
"Who else? Her then she'll throw to the scavenging whore's, the breeds of whore their breeds, in to the likes of whore misbreds then grab you for her self once again just for their taste from off her skin as it peals."
"Are you serious?" I asked thinking he's nuts, I'm dreaming, this is too unreal. I look up in to the sky and its red, a flaming red blending in to a clearness unclouded breeze, a windless motion of dried air.
"That blood." He said. "Look give it a lick then tell me if it's serious and my friend your not dreaming. If I would have left you behind by know you would be wishing you were. Any time now they'll be there, there to welcome you, lick you clean with those slithering tongs, wrapping you in to a hold, lusting juice as what blood you have or had before you came here is soaked in to their souls then laid out for their king and all his demons."
"What's your deal?" I asked him then see the mountain of skulls, bones picked in around, a gate then a walk way and from the looks of thins its paved in crushed bone.
"This is my deal," He said waving out his hand then asks. "You feel that." I step in behind him then feel a lift, a pull from out of the air we were once in, my blood as if its been flushed from out of me and left behind from in my step in. "The others," He said, shaking his head side to side, "They where well meant for the being. You, I guess you, you're an item."
"Let's just say these." He looks on to the house of skulls and other bone then sets his hand on to the gate saying, "Lets just say these blood lusting whores wont be of threat." The n smiled as I shook from in his voice as he soothed it on over the bone picket fence and on to this house of sculls.
"Nokhur." He said and I he wasn't asking me to knock or asking question. That's his name and by the sounds of thing, if I want to live?
"Kelsey." I said, he nods, looks me over once again then pushes up the boned gate and steps in knowing I would and am right behind him in on this bone crushed walk way.


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