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Demon Dreamer

Novel By: Factxzrx

A dreamer finds himself from in its lust with horror, leaving him in a horror its self upon awakining. The death in stench, his life becomes a useless being and left with only the lively of re-experiencing his nightly encounters from in the blur's of day light.
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His evening went on and he wished he had been in the one before the night before. He barricades him self in his room, ceiled the door using duck tape, set his dresser in front. The window he used his armoire, it leaves just enough space from in the top for air to sooth on thru. Lights on, his night table lamp unshaded and for extra support he lit candles from in each corner of his room.
������� He doesn't know and didn't but what ever it is his plans for tonight are for confronting it. He lays back on his bed, sheets off to the side, comforter, and blanket. He knows from in the slightest touch of comfort he could be out like a light.
������� The awaking from in his deepest of dreams that had him unwilling, held in and gripped with out question left him to the coldest of thoughts from in his morning. He laid in bed all alone, the morning's humidity, a sense that once had no means to him began to seep in to his soul, and the only thing he could relate to from in its feeling was death. Then as the sun began to shine, it wasn't shining for light, heat or from in the shine it once held. It was brining death, a birth of it and in on to him.
������� He knew from in the taste of sweat that bled from out of his head that he was no longer him, a citizen of the life that has been lead, the guy who went along with it all, with no question or means from in its regret.
������� He laid for hours, watched as the world turned from around him. He listened in on all his massages from after the rings on his phone of girlfriends and others from in his past. He could feel the calls from in around him, the pleads for mercy, forgiveness's, a sorrow and yet his was un kept.
������� Now as he, lies awakened from in the hold that has yet to be gripped. His means for compliance are waist. The room, his barricade, the motionless breath that passed him on is now becoming a welcoming from in the night that too will be barricading him.
������� He hesitates; the breaths that held from in a wind are now wind, nothing to him. His soul has been passed on, left from in his being that too has dispensed from in. If shuts them, those eyes, the worthless meaning from in a worthless breath then how it was he had been held will and now it; as he's done; is gripped.
������� She calls knowing he's hesitating, his pulse yet to set from in the clenching grip she sends forth. He heard, hears the call, begins seeing the steaming flock of wings come his way. His motions from in his thoughts of setting his head in to a comfort from in a pillow are banished. Nowhere to run, hide and any nerve he'd use to move, he already knows will be swept from in the endless steaming mist that now has him in its hold. He prepares, setting breath, expecting the encounter. The senseless thought of being from in his room, barricaded, sealed, and turned in to a life in order to protect his own soul is now once a never did.
������� He shakes out his legs, stomps his feet in to a plashing steam of nothingness then takes in that wind he had been hiding from, seeping deep in to his chest, filling his nasal and absorbing its silencing trap before encouraging himself from in that once fear to open his eye's.
������� "You." She said.
He looks in to her eye's, on to her, stares his demons sets for compare from in his one encounter yet he couldn't. The darken flesh like skin, the fangs, firing eyes which flame seems to be set from in smiles, the long ness of her hair seeming as if it had being grown in to a robe, a gown and used to dress her naked body.
������� "What had taken you so long?" She asked looking him up and down, running the salvias from in her mouth along with her eyes all over his naked body.
������� He stares from in his stand knowing he is going to be tending to another sinful act. His mind snaps in to trance, nerves rushed from in tendons, stands him in as they sizzled on up in to his head. His thought leads him in, his attempted for grabbing his blankets, pillow and covering in his head are left from in the slightness of thinned airs. He is now left from where he had been; the stench of blood stroke in to him before its sight. The hotel room, a hotel just blocks away from his. Blood begins to lift from in its spill, lapsing his thoughts, the images of him and her, the couple from in the room, their screams, and the blood as it's taunted in to spills then his first sight in to it. His saliva's from after wiping his lips on to his wrist and staring as the blood mixed in. He stands over the bed from in the center of the hotel room, she's smiling as she always is from in that firing flame of her eye, he looks on to the bed, the two bodies soaked in their own blood; guy and girl who were once doing what they do from in a hotel room. And now as they lay tended to the sinful acts that he had been accompanying and dripped of their own blood as he too had not resorted from adding to its pleasure as did his knew means for a nightly friend who is sent for him from in a dimmable demon that's now about to be lit.
������� "Shshs" She shushed him, her hand breaking in thru the steaming wind; setting a finger on to his lips before he could enter in to a means of questioning. From in that restless state, an escape, a lapse from in time as her pleasure from in the night before; where she held him in. Begins to send its need for again another blood striving - yet for him a dream.
������� She steps a step in to him, her finger running from off his lips, along his neck, brakes for a wide smile from in that firing gleam of her eye,
������� "Shall we," she asked lining her fingers in under his ear, her claws stringing around it then clenches in to the back of his wile setting her lips in to his and sending what nerve she has welcomed him with into its sifting current.
������� The room has been set from in a calm cooling breeze that seeps in thru its window above the bed. Incenses burning from in the beds footboard, smoke dancing in to the ceiling, steaming in along the dim setting from of each of the two lamps from in each side of the empty bed.
������� His eyes sprung open from in her grip, her lips lifted from off his, hand sliding from off his neck and pushes him in to a lean as she springs a flame in to those firing eyes of hers.
������� She turns from in her stance, looks over the empty bed
Back on to him as he stares her on then follows them in on the door from in the left side of the bed. Steam, a hot steam flows out from in under as the crack of light spays it in to clarity from in the dim of the incenses burns from in the room.
������� A smile; wide and set with courage's ness from in those pin sharp teeth as she steps in towards the door, swings out her hand, turns her head; running her the flame from in her eye along, off its finger tips and on to him as he stood still. He looks in to her hand, the tips of its claw, begins to feel a lust from in the terror and fear from in his weakest of thoughts for who or what was waiting for them from in behind that door. Her stare, hand as it waved a fanning of claws in the wind, sends what lusting grip her lips had on to his a taste for what she's now leading him in to.
������� Oils slick, splash from off the two bodies as they stand them selves in front of the mirror, Amy and Samantha; two young women, models from in the burnet, dark skin of class, lesbians in celebration, pre lusting them selves, taking to the admiration from one another's �naked oiling flesh.
������� �Claws lightly rattle on to the door knob, the other claw set hand pinning in to his chest, synthesizing the thrusting lust pounding from off his chest. A split from in the door, the fresh moist air from in the washroom turned to a solid dryness of death. The claws dazzled, cutting in under the shine from in Samantha's eyes as they gripped in to Amy chest, the oil sizzling from off her shoulder as those firing eyes set in over, blood rip's into a wind and poor Samantha falls to her knees screaming as her hands push in to her face; hiding her self from in the sight of its pain.
������� Samantha's left with out a wind, her hearing tuning her in from the merciful pleads she had plead for her own death. She lifts slowly to her feet, gripping on to the toilet, pulling from off the sink then stares in thru blood as it spills down the mirror, dripping from off the light. She steps back, knees quenched in horror, feet bared in its blood and leaves her to be as her back slaps on to the wall sending her a chilling swept breath as she stares on to the door as closed and left alone.
������� His eyes fire back on to him from off hers as he stares in to the blood soaking flesh of the women they tending their being to from on the bed. She pushes him back, gripping her claws in to his chest, lifting Amy's heart of with the other then bites in to it as she springs her self up off the bed.
������� "Mmm" She hummed slipping a finger dripping the blood in thru his lips as he stood up in behind her. They walk on, staring in to the light shining out from under the washroom door. His lips lead a pricking path from in his stance in front of the door, tong seeping the livelily from in behind it then wiped dry from in the fiery eye as he�scrapped a blooding thriving lust on to her cheek. Together they look down on to the light as it shimmers from of their feet, sending its light running up along the legs as the door slowly sprees open.
������� Samantha pleaded, begged, and swallowed for mercy from in its depths as the blood soaked terror denied her every breath. She shook, her flesh slapping in to the wall, nails pricked, her feet stiffed in to a pasting blood leaving her last sight of a life in to the rip of fangs from off that half-chewed heart, pierced in claws from in that one hand that held it up for her to see.
������� A kiss could have awaken him, those firing eyes that lit from in his irresistible soul, yet his soul falls from out of a hold and under a stench as the suns shines bright around it. His eyes; a lift, the soul he's possessing has now come in means from in the air of a that death, its stench and the sight of him from in it passed out as it leaves him to a life once again, a grip he can't claim, only warnings from in the stench as it shines on to his bed. ������


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