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Beast Agony

Book By: Novamouy17

Oliver a 43 year old man, Nova's father is cruel and will do just about anything to gain favor or power in society. Even marry his daughter off to the richest man he can get. Which is the purpose of the birthday party. Being as old as she is now, 18 is actually kind of late for a woman to be betrothed. Whenever things don't go Oliver's way he takes it out on Nova and her 4 other siblings by, working, beating, and raping them venting on Nova the first born the most. Their mother died giving birth to the youngest of them the twins. Melany(girl) and Markus(boy), who are 7 years old. Aurron(boy) is the third born, 10 years old. Last the second born is Griffith who is 15 years old and almost a man himself.

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Book one
Chapter one
The Beginning of "Beast Agony"
"The nightmare is back. It's always the same one over, and over. I'I have been having it off and on since before I can remember." Nova thought as she writhed and tossed around in her sleep.
"Who are you? What do you want with me already?" She screamed in her mind as she desperately tried to wake from the hoarding evil surrounding her soul. They continued to cling onto her as if she had always belonged to them.
"Aaaaaaaaaah…… Again Nova screams piercing out loud, struggling to wake with everything she's got. For she knows that if she doesn't't wake in the next few seconds she may be trapped in that hell forever. The darkness has been constantly testing her. Even so, the torment never wanes.
As she tossed back and forth on to her back side on the brink of despair in the darkest hour of the night (3 am), she ripped her eyes open wide gasping for air arching her chest pulling her into an upright sitting position. Nova held her head up staring intently at the ceiling, waiting to see if she was really awake. Her bedroom was the attic of the manor owned by her father.
"what? W-What!? Nova whispered. "Am, I still dreaming?" As she stared at the ceiling a pair of eyes from her dream visualized on the ceiling above her. "W-wait!!" She said aloud hardly believing her eyes. "Do I know you?" Nova asked suddenly recognizing the monstrous demon clinging to the ceiling above her.
"By the end of the morrow the darkness shall consume" It's voice came alarmingly with a screech.
Nova shuddered her eyes widened as the monster skittered across the ceiling and out the broken boarded window like a phantom faster then anything she had ever seen.
She looked down at her covers draped over her legs, slumped and sighed. She thought to herself. "What could that passably mean? This time it was different. These nightmares must be getting to me." Then promptly fell back to sleep thoroughly exhausted.
Sun rays peered through the cracks in the window with boards nailed crookedly to it. She stirred and rolled kicking the blankets off then fell from the bed onto the floor with a loud thud! She woke suddenly jumping to her feet with her eyes darting around the room. finding nothing out of the ordinary Nova sat back down on the bed and sighed. But, fear and confusion haunted her. She quickly started dressing when she noticed how late it was getting, almost noon.
"I'm going to be late for my own birthday party. I'm now 17, there will be a lot of prospects here today. I wonder who will win this auction father has put in place?" She thought to herself as she put her dress over her corset. She briskly walked to the door to her room which had a large mirror hooked to it and made quick adjustments then brushed her hair. "I hope father does not punish me for being so late to the party today..." She stopped short remembering the words of the demon in her dreams. "Tomorrow?" She thought. A sickening feeling came over her for a few seconds. She shuddered then left her room and went down the stairs, pushed the shaft open into the hall of the second floor and proceeded on.
"Hey! Heeey Oliver!" yelled one of the guests. Oliver turned his head to see a young lord by the name of Ernest Shellings, the son of a very wealthy lord. He had shown to the party because of the promise of Oliver's daughter being very beautiful. When he came he was very captivated and became determined to win her over.
"Ah, Ernest my boy, no worries. She is probably finishing up now. It will be worth your wait." Oliver dejected.
"We will see." Said Ernest. "I cannot wait mu...." Before he could finish his sentence he and Oliver heard a loud whistle from one of the other men and looked up to see a radiant woman by the front door of the manor walking towards them in grace.
"Wow..." Said Ernest with his mouth hanging open. " Your comments of your daughter were understatements when you were with me back at my estate."
The group of men and women crowded Nova all getting their turn greeting her. The event turned into a lot of people just talking and eating with the main topic being Nova. After a short while most of the remaining guests were men. the bachelors who were participating in the silly games and bidding.
"Go figure . . ." Sighed Oliver. Ernest won half the games and made the best bids for a dowry. Oliver wasn't to fond of Ernest but he was willing to tolerate him for the higher place in society.
As the day drew dark most of the guests left obviously deterred by not getting the beautiful Nova.
Ernest stood in front of the main door waiting for his ride to pull up as one of the few servants Oliver had left was handing him his coat and brief cases. Nova stood up at the top of the stairs hoping she did not look obvious trying to hide being stair posts.
"I had a great time master Oliver" said Ernest. "I hope our young lady enjoyed her day as well getting to play around with so many prospects. For now I hope you will get some rest sir and i will be back in a weeks time for the wedding arrangements."
Oliver shrugged with a perturbed look on his face.
This made Nova frown. "How dare he have second thoughts after all he put me through." She thought. This was her chance to escape her father into a new life even though she sourly did not like the fact that she was being sold like cattle she wanted to use her upcoming new status to help save her siblings. "I'll make him regret this she vowed to herself."
"good night lord Ernest and Gods speed with you." chimed Oliver as Ernest climbed into his fancy chariot, then road off down the roadway.
The servant shut the door and Oliver turned around and looked strait up at Nova pathetically hiding behind the post like an ostrich. Alarm snapped down her spine and she stood up strait making eye contact then immediately ran down the hall towards the attic shaft that leads to her room. As she runs she hears the all too familiar sound of foot steps in pursuit. She knew she had upset him that day from making several attempt to cause awkward situations with him and the guests. she made it to the shaft and started pulling it down as she saw her father appear at the end of the hall. He started running, Panic shot throughout her , "not this night of all nights muttered to herself as she started up the shaft. He reached the bottom of it just as she tried to pull it back up, reached out and caught the end of her dress.
"Ugh..." Nova groaned as she slipped down the first step a little and tried to pull back up. Oliver suddenly smiled and reached with his other arm getting a stronger hold on her dress and yanked hard shooting Nova down to the floor hard. By now Nova was racked with fear knowing what was going to happen or so she thought. Oliver picks her up by her waist and starts of toward his chamber room......Griffith appeared at the top of the stairs holding a home made toy boat ad looked over just in time to see father carrying His sister Nova turning to the other hall kicking and squirming. The other siblings had been restricted to stay inside and out of sight during the party. Griffith on the other hand had been out by the river with some friends most of the day and had just returned. His eyes went wide as he instantly knew his fathers intentions.
"Father!" He cried as Oliver disappeared into the other hallway.
"Brother! Please!" Nova choked.
Oliver Grunted as he adjusted his grip on Nova. "Shut up you little wench. You deserve what your about to get, and besides you wont be here much longer, I better have you while I can." Her eyes widened as Nova squirmed harder to break free of his grip.
Griffith skidded at the end of the hall his father was heading down and called to him again. "Please, it's her birthday, let her have a peaceful evening. He begged boldly following behind him. All too often Nova had spared him from beatings. This time he wanted to do the same for her and try to convince his manic father into calming down in the least.
Oliver reached the front of his room as Griffith attempted to grab his shoulder. He spun around smacking his son in the face knocking him to the floor. "Stay out of my way boy or you will feel my fist tonight." He growled.
Sniveling, nose bleeding Griffith laid there on the floor for a moment. Oliver looked at him with a dejected look and proceeded into his room with the now terrified Nova looking at her brother. "stay strong she whispered to her brother as the door shut. For the rest of the night Griffith stayed in the hallway waiting listening to the screams , plea's and thud sounds coming from the room. Tears streaming down his cheeks as his nose throbbed, Griffith cursed his father under his breath.
The sun light came all too soon through the windows for Nova, as she woke up on the floor of her attic room. She looked up squinting and winced as she aced. There she saw their last remaining servant picking up the blankets and her ripped up clothes and giving her a look of pity. Nova scowled at the maid as she quickly left the attic.
Story Ideas for continuation:
Nova possesses a multi personality disorder containing three personalities as Kendra, Nova, and Tidus.
On the morning of Novas birthday she wakes up from a nightmare
Her father is going broke, drinks regularly and rapes nova sometimes and beats his children
Novas younger brother the second oldest witnesses is the night of her birthday
fights back against his father and gets beat up, then sits by the door all night cursing his father
When Nova becomes changed she takes her multi personalities with her in the transformation that fractions the other personalities into characters she literally shape shifts into when those personalities become present. the two fractions do not recall any of the actions or thoughts of the others but the main self remembers everything.
during the start of her changing the evening after her birthday a wizard shows up and casts a spell on her while she is still vulnerable.
the wizard tricks her into leaving the road home and into the woods
Nova struggles with the other two personalities fighting for dominion as well as her enslavement to the wizard in which none of her personalities like him.
the wizard uses her goddess state to gain power and constantly experiments on her to try to find a way to reach godhood himself.
much later in her life during a massacre Nova is forced to commit on behalf of the wizard to teach the people a lesson she cuts the leg of a boy hidden in the wall but does not notice it and leaves him. he survives but becomes marked because her own blood is on the blade at the time she cut him. throughout the trauma of being marked he loses all memory of who he is and becomes adopted and grows up different with nightmares of his childhood and his strange connection with nova.
Nova is know at this time as the dark beast by the common people.
She is the goddess of the darkness but not of it herself. his name is Aurron and he is the one destined to break the spell she is under and help her learn to live again through struggling with her permanent personalities that were solidified through her transformation as a side effect of becoming a goddess.
Because of the long time the wizard had control over her he gain much power and is difficult to defeat but in all he gained he was still not a god and eventually Nova and Aurron defeated him through out the book there will be mentions of other gods that exist but will be thoroughly introduced in the second book. The wizard delights in taunting and torment Nova.
through out the books Nova will have continued flash backs of her childhood before turning and there will be sections of her parents interaction before her birth explaining her unusual birth. this she finds out about in the second book.
there will also be a few flash backs for Aurron as well. During the reign of the wizard he keeps a detailed log of his studies of Nova, her special powers and personalities, This log will hold the keys to a couple of weaknesses the gods in general possess. another person/entity gets ahold of this log at the end of book one and this is addressed in book two.
The log will also possess information about Demi-gods as well.
Aurron finds out that he had become a Demi god when he was marked by nova in his childhood and eventually comes to remember it.
the two fraction personalities do not have any recollection of life before the her turning ever. but her base personality can recall every thought and action done by both of her fractions.
Nova comes to discover that the multi personality disorder is a common side effect of becoming a god or goddess. only a few were able to remain whole during their turning.
Wheat happens is tier soul branches off the less dominant personalities into real characters that the god can literally morph into for short periods of time. this ability can be controlled with practice and could work to benefit or loss. This is the unpredictable chaos that sometimes follows the actions of most gods.
usually what triggers a morphing is some kind of situation, physical change, or mental state. The less dominant personalities will never be able to gain full control and must always morph back to the main self because they are only a small part of the soul.
The demise of a god or goddess is possible but very difficult to achieve and thought to be impossible. there are ancient stories of some gods who were killed or destroyed but are myths told to children at night. there are some stories of gods being banished or imprisoned as well.
Aurron grows up as a man who has never had sex before and Nova is the one who becomes his first. What will happen is she will basically force him into it and her pretty much complies with her until her personality changes to Tidus and starts raping him, he cries out for her to stop and she suddenly comes back to normal and sees what she has done and runs off in disgust of herself.
In the second book Nova meets her real father who is a god.
Nova's turning:
After her father rapes her her drags her back to the attic. she wakes up in the morning and goes to look into the mirror to see the damage and convince herself she is ok. She finds a chore list on the outside end of her door. Nova goes to town and bumps into Ernest and he decides to help her with her shopping and bill paying chores and other duties. He offers to take her back home and when they are almost there nova insists that she can walk the rest of the way back. this makes Ernest suspicious because of her weekend state from the day before but complies after as little bit of talk and when her house is within sight something from the side of the woods distracts her to leave the road and into the woods. she starts to feel all kinds of weird and huffing and puffing and sweating and her skin starts to ripple and morph causing her to drop to the ground in writhing pain. a strange man comes out of the bushes and casts a spell onto her then quickly runs off. Ernest changes his mind on the way back and turns around to go back to help Nova but cannot find her by the time he makes it back to the house he instead meets her father and siblings and chats with them a bit about her missing. by this time the sun has set to almost night and they hear strange and horrid sounds coming from the woods. her father commands Ernest to take the children inside and he starts toward the woods when a demonic woman emerges from the trees at the edge of the yard heaving and changing. Ernest did see a suspicious male figure running away in the woods as he approached the house.
nova at this point has blacked out and become instinctive and instantly rushes to attack her father and tears him into shreds and then rushes towards the house as Ernest manages to hide Griffith the oldest boy and Melany(one of the twins) by the time Nova breaks the door open and sees Markus the other twin(7 yrs old) and Aurron the ten year old and immediately is upon them and devours them leaving jagged remains. Ernest manages to hide under the stairs while Griffith hides with Melany in a closet. Nova bashes around the house oblivious of them as she continues to change through out the night. they stay in their hiding spots hearing the screams and crashing noises. every finally falls asleep by morning and into the after noon when Nova wakes up in the back yard to Ernest nudging her with her two remaining sibling standing a ways behind him by the house. she sits up and he jerks back and trips to land on his ass. Nova inquires to ask what has happened and he just stairs and points at her and she looks at herself to find she is naked and covered in blood. after her screaming and freaking out Ernest calms her down believing she is back to herself. they gather what is left of the family remains and burn them in a small funeral and talk about the situation and what would happen to them. Ernest thanking god his chariot was not destroyed takes Nova and her brother and sister to his place to hide them. he locates them in the attic to Novas suggestion.


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