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Mysterious Bus

Book By: bullet90

The Bus is about a man named Johnson who has lived a very hard and raugh life but believes his luck is changing when he stumbles across a news letters sticky tapped to a power pole on his way to work stating there will be a town vehicle action held on the 08-07-1994 which is this coming Saturday to sell of all unclaimed, unpaid and old crime seen vehicles to rais money for the countFy.

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When John was joltered awake buy a terrifying dream which he thought were foot steps but awoke to his alarm clock. He felt awfully silly but was relieved that no one else was sleeping beside him near the camp fire that has goon out. As he sat up and saw a glimpse of the time he realized he must have slept throw the alarm the first few times as its 5to 8 and he will be late again which means he may yet be fired. Jumping up and hurrying over to his backpack where his shoes are sitting he undone the double knotted laces as fast as he could even thaw they do not want to come undone and then shoved his feet in with checking for any bugs before hand as he usually does. Luckily for him there are no hidden surprises in ether of the shoes. Shoving the shoe laces into the sides of his shoes he stood up from kneeling down, grabbed his bag and hurried off up the long rocky hill towards work. He felt as if he had not slept at all but was glade to see he did not sleep walk as he did when he was younger. As he reached the top of the long step hill a fire engine flow past him followed by an ambulance heading in the same direction in front of him as his workplace. Worried something might have happened at his workplace he started jogging even thaw his energy is deeply lacking. As he grow closer he could see smoke coming from that same direction. He wanted to run but his legs would not let him they felt as if they were about to give way. He tried to push on but he ended up fulling to his knees unable to stand. This terrified him for nothing like this has ever happened. Looking around him he saw not fare up the road from him a very old looking antique looking bus full of rust and pieces of some sort of vine still stuck everywhere on the bus which was still sitting on the back of the tow truck near the in pounding lot. For some unknown reassign he felt drawn to the bus. But then he remembered he is meant to be at work and turned his head back to looking in front of him and trying to get up with no success. Luckily for him a fellow resident who was coming out to check his mail saw him half paralysed laying on the footpath and called an ambulance. He remembered looking up and seeing a auction piece of paper for all county vehicles but after that everything went blank.


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