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Second Part to the Witch Hunter

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Later that night, Geoffrey was asleep in the room he had been given. Clayton was in the cot and still snoring. It was late when Geoffrey was awoke from his slumber when he realized that someone was on top of him and he felt something warm and moist in his mouth. He realized that Adeline, dressed in her nightgown, was straddling his waste and kissing him.

He pushed her away and said, "what are you doing Adeline?"

She cooed, "my name is not Adeline witch hunter, it is Decarabia."

Then she began to kiss Geoffrey again but he resisted and said, "no, you should not be doing this."

Adeline stopped and seductively smiled. "I know you want this, I know you lust for Adeline. Just sit back and let me give you what you want."

Adeline then pulled open the top of her nightgown revealing her breasts and she laughed softly. "Am I not beautiful, don't try to resist, I promise I will give you pleasure that you have never dreamed of."

Geoffrey then grabbed Adeline and began to shake her. He said loudly "Adeline, wake up!"

Adeline's eyes began to flutter then she went limp and almost passed out. She then opened her eyes and looked down at Geoffrey. She covered her mouth and said, "oh God, what am I doing?"

Geoffrey then helped her close the top of her gown and she climbed out of the bed. Clayton then awoke and looked at the two of them, he asked, "what are the two of you doing?"

Geoffrey firmly said, "Clayton, go back to bed."

Clayton shrugged then went back to sleep and Geoffrey got out of the bed and stood next to Adeline who was crying. Adeline sniffled as she muttered, "Oh God, what is happening to me Geoffrey?"

Geoffrey put his arms around her to console her and said, "Adeline, it is not your fault. Go back to your room."

She held him tighter and pleaded, "please come with me, I do not want to be alone tonight."

"Sure," Geoffrey replied.

They went to her room and spent the night together. Adeline slept in her bed as Geoffrey sat in a chair nearby and watched her sleep. She would occasionally mumble in her sleep and seemed to be having a nightmare. He remained there till dawn.

Geoffrey left Adeline's room at dawn before she awoke and left the walls of the convent at dawn. He found Clayton waiting for him on the front steps, smoking a pipe and looking smug.

Geoffrey said, "Clayton, out with it."

Clayton smiled and told him, "hope you and the nun had a good time last night."

Geoffrey scowled at Clayton and threatened, "I have never given you a lashing Clayton, but speak about Adeline in such a way again and I will surely give you forty lashings for your insolence."

Clayton nodded. "OK master, I will hold my words."

Then they both heard the sounds of the clomping of many horses and Geoffrey realized that six men on horseback where riding quickly towards the convent. It was captain Thomas and five of his men. They stopped at the stairs to the convent and captain Thomas looked at Geoffrey.

Geoffrey asked, "what is your business here captain."

Captain Thomas, looking arrogant, said, "by orders of nobleman Edger Carter, I am to put you under arrest."

Clayton seemed more shocked and upset then his master, Geoffrey was cool and unemotional.

Clayton excitedly asked, "for what reason?"

Captain Thomas explained, "Geoffrey Hall is to be arrested for the crime of sorcery and making a pact with the devil. We will take him to Dovercourt to be imprisoned and interrogated so we can get the truth."

Clayton, looking afraid for his master, said, "no, there must be some mistake."

Captain Thomas seemed unmoved. "I know that your master, though he may hunt witches, has also been soft on the guilty. Only one of the devils minions would be compassionate to his followers, also we know you desecrated the grave of Marvin Taylor. Now Geoffrey Hall, you will either come with us quietly or we will kill you, do you understand?"

Geoffrey nodded. "I will go with you without a fight."

Clayton shook his head. "No, I won't let them take you."

Geoffrey put his hand on his servant's shoulder and said, "Clayton, wait here until I tell you to do otherwise. Watch over Adeline for me."

Geoffrey then approached the men on their horses as captain Thomas dismounted and stepped up to him. The captain said, "now you will find out what happens to those who serve the devil."

Captain Thomas put iron shackles on Geoffrey's hands, gloating quietly as he did so. He then rode off with his men; taking Geoffrey with them.

Geoffrey was taken to the quarters of the town watch and spent the day alone in the prison cell they had put him in after they stripped off his black coat. He stood leaning against a wall he was tied to with chains and was looking out through the bars of a window. He knew that when they came, they would subject him to torture to get a confession. Though he should have been afraid, strangely he felt nothing but arrived at the icy resolve not to tell them anything. He just waited for captain Thomas as

the day dragged on.

It was about dusk when captain Thomas arrived and stood outside the bars of his cell, Thomas had a grin on his face and seemed ecstatic. Geoffrey looked at him and said nothing.

Captain Thomas had a whip tied to his belt and behind him was a table with some tools of the torturer on it such as thumb screws and other devices for causing pain. The captain opened the cell door and walked in, he pulled his whip from his belt.

Captain Thomas said, "no doubt you have seen many tortured, how does it feel to know that now you will get to experience it yourself."

Geoffrey, with a blank expression on his face, said, "let us just get this over with please."

Captain Thomas then whipped Geoffrey's which left a long red wound running down his chest which bled slightly. Geoffrey neither yelled or even flinched when it happened. The captain seemed disappointed that Geoffrey did not react and began to viciously whip him, soon Geoffrey's chest was covered with wounds yet he did not make a sound.

Captain Thomas yelled, "why don't you scream!"

Geoffrey replied, "I won't give you the pleasure."

Then two of the captain's men came into a cell carrying a wooden chair, then put Geoffrey into it and tied him up with a rope. The captain and one of his men carried the table into the prison cell and put it in front of Geoffrey. They forced one of his hands into the thumbscrews. The thumbscrew was a small metal device which would slowly crush the victim's fingers.

Captain Thomas loudly said, "confess!"

Geoffrey then said, "I will tell you nothing."

"Fine," the captain said, "have it your way."

Captain Thomas began to turn the screw on the device and slowly two of Geoffrey's fingers where crushed. Geoffrey grimaced and recoiled in pain yet still made no sound. When this proved futile, the captain removed Geoffrey's hand from the device and took it away.

The captain looked at him and said, "you are a tough bastard aren't you."

Captain Thomas's men then removed Geoffrey's boots and socks revealing his bare feet. The captain took two small wooden wedges off the table and place the end of them under two of Geoffrey's toenails.

The captain said, "just tell us what we want to hear and you will be spared."

Geoffrey coolly replied, "I will not tell you a thing."

Captain Thomas used a small hammer and began to use it to force the wedges deeper under Geoffrey's toe nails. Geoffrey struggled and grunted yet did not scream, the captain continued.

"Talk," captain Thomas yelled, "tell us what we want to hear!"

Geoffrey told them nothing. After the captain had forced four toe nails off Geoffrey's right foot off, he stopped and looked at his prisoner. Captain Thomas seemed impressed.

The captain said, "it almost sad that you are going to be put to death. Never met someone who could take so much pain." He looked at his men and told them, "OK, that is enough for tonight. We will continue tomorrow."

Geoffrey's torturers left the cell and he was alone. Since he seemed unable to move they left him untied. Geoffrey put his black coat and boots back on and sat on the small cot. Captain Thomas left one of his men to watch Geoffrey for the night, the man sat in a chair outside the prison cell. So Geoffrey waited for his inevitable death.

It was around four in the morning, the guard outside the cell was asleep. Geoffrey sat on the cot and was almost was going to drift off to sleep when a voice spoke from beyond the bars of his window.

"Master, are you alright?"

Geoffrey turned to the window and saw Clayton looking in. Geoffrey weakly said, "I've been better. What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to rescue you," Clayton told him, "wait here."

Geoffrey remained still as he waited when Clayton appeared in the room outside the cell, a wooden mallet in his hand. The servant then quickly hit the sleeping guard in the head with the mallet and the guard fell to the ground unconscious. Clayton took the keyring from the guards belt and opened the prison cell door and Geoffrey walked out.

Clayton asked, "what did they do to you?"

Geoffrey smiled and looked at his servant. "Clayton, you may be my servant, but you are also my best friend. This is not the first time when I have been in your debt."

Clayton said, "OK, let's get the hell out of here and go home."

Geoffrey shook his head. "No, we will wait for tonight."

"For the love of God why?"

"The murderers will surely kill their next victim during the full moon in the woods to the south. We will confront them, once caught, my innocence will be proved. Also I do not want to leave Adeline till I am sure she is safe."

Clayton asked, "so where do we go until tomorrow night?"

Geoffrey replied, "we will hide in the cemetery until dusk, they will surely look for us at the convent. Now let's go."

Night fell over Dovercourt as Geoffrey and Clayton rode towards the forest to the south. It was a clear night and a bright full moon hung in the sky casting a surreal light over everything, though thunderclouds loomed to the west. A cold wind swept across the land and the tree's swayed slowly.

Geoffrey and Clayton had been careful to avoid Dovercourt for surely they would be arrested if found. Now they where at the edge of the darkened wood, as they sat atop their mounts they readied themselves for what ever it was they where about to find.

Clayton, concerned, said, "master, you are not well enough to do what must be done."

Geoffrey firmly replied, "I have suffered worst things and still went on. Now come on, let's finish this."

They then rode through the wood. The forest as thick and deep, full of willows and massive oak tree's and their steeds had a hard time traversing through the forest. The forest was full of the noise of crickets and unseen birds chirping.

Clayton asked, "what do you think we will find?"

"I don't know," Geoffrey said, "but we are about to find out."

They rode deeper into the wood for awhile but there was silence but for the ambient noise of the forest. Geoffrey feared that he may be chasing a dead end when he then heard it. The faint sound of women chanting in the distance, and as they went on it got louder.

Clayton, afraid, said, "master, you may be brave enough to face the devil himself, but I am not. Would you mind if I remained here?"

Geoffrey nodded. "Clayton, you may remain here."

"Thank you," Clayton replied, "may you prevail."

Geoffrey dismounted Shadow and said, "Clayton, watch over my steed."

He then began to walk by foot towards the chanting. After a few dozen yards he could see the light of a fire in the distance shining through the trees. He stealthily moved forward and came to the edge of a clearing, a large circular grassy field in the center of which was a large, flat rock. About twenty people, who's identity was obscured by the black robes and hoods they whore, where dancing around the massive fire near the rock. They all chanted in some arcane language as they danced about in a frenzy.

This continued for about twenty minutes when they all stopped and look towards the fire. They then began to shed their robes and reveal their naked bodies. It was two men and about twenty women who all stood as their naked skin was covered with sweat. Then they began to come closer together and began to kiss and caress each other. Men with women, women with women and they began to fall to the ground and make love in a pile of heaving flesh.

Geoffrey looked closer when he recognized the people partaking in this orgy.

The two men where nobleman Edger Carter and captain Thomas who where having sex with the many women. Though Geoffrey did not know who most of the women where, he did see sister Miriam among this lustful congregation as well as a few other nuns from the convent.

They all moaned as they where in ecstasy, a chorus of groans and screams of pleasure. But then they stopped and stood up and looked towards the far end of the clearing and all became silent. Then a man appeared from the wood, a tall man who was completely naked but for a thick coat of fur which covered his legs and crotch. A large phallus fashioned from waxed was strapped to him. He had the head of a goat, a black goat with two large horns arising from his head. Then the nude women crawled towards the man with the goat's head and caressed the wax phallus as they chanted. Then they all stopped and resumed to dance.

The man with the goat's head, in a deep voice, said, "tonight, we will sacrifice another soul to our master. Another offering to appease Lucifer, the angel of light and pleasure."

Then two more women still in their robes appeared in the clearing and had a prisoner with them, Geoffrey nearly gasped when he saw it was Adeline who seemed to be in some sort of trance.

Geoffrey muttered, "Adeline."

The goat man went to Adeline and put his hand on her face. He said, "shame to rid the world of such beauty, but there is no more fitting offer to our master."

Then the robed women led Adeline to the stone and laid her upon it. They stripped off her nuns habit and the goat man stood over her and held a curved ceremonial dagger in his hand. He raised it and was about to plunge it into Adeline.

"No," yelled Geoffrey.

He ran into the clearing and approached the rock and Adeline when captain Thomas charged him. Geoffrey, as the naked attacker was close, simply kicked him in the crotch and the captain fell to the ground moaning in pain. The goat man then forced Adeline to her feet and held the dagger to her neck.

The goat man said, "make a move witch hunter and she dies. Now down to your knees."

Geoffrey reluctantly did as he was told. The naked nobleman Carter and captain Thomas put their robes back on and went to Geoffrey and forced him to the ground. Then the goat man approached, leaving Adeline at the stone, and stood over Geoffrey.

The goat man said, "you care for her, and that makes you weak."

Geoffrey asked, "who are you?"

The goat man removed his mask, and now Father Vincent was looking down on him. The priest laughed maniacally and then pressed the dagger into Geoffrey's neck. He said, "I will not kill you, not yet, but you will suffer I assure you."

Geoffrey asked, "and what of Adeline?"

Vincent looked at Edger Carter and captain Thomas. "We need not sacrifice dear Adeline, let's have the people of Dovercourt do it for us. Take her into town and burn her as a witch. Have the towns people burn her alive."

Geoffrey yelled, "no!"

Vincent bellowed then kicked Geoffrey in the head knocking him out.

Clayton had waited for an hour and Geoffrey did not return. He dismounted his mule and started to approach the clearing, but when he arrived it was empty. He turned to leave when he heard Geoffrey's agonized screams coming from the far side of the clearing.

He yelled, "master."

He ran towards the screaming and was horrified to find Geoffrey crucified to two tree's near the clearing. Each of his hands where nailed to a tree and he yelled in pain.

Clayton went to help him and said, "I will get you down."

Then with a mighty effort Geoffrey pulled his hands free and fell to the ground, blood gushing from his palms. He knelt on the ground in pain and muttered, "Adeline."

Clayton ripped two strips of cloth from his garments and bandaged Geoffrey's hands. Clayton asked, "are you OK?"

Geoffrey got to his feet and said, "we must go to Dovercourt, Adeline is in danger." He then yelled, "Shadow!"

A few moments later Shadow galloped onto the scene followed by the old mule. Geoffrey got on his mount and was about to ride off when Clayton said, "you will need this."

Clayton pulled out the sword from the saddle of his mule and said, "go save her master."

Geoffrey took the sword and said nothing then swiftly rode off.

In Dovercourt the people had gathered in front of the home of nobleman Carter and where ready to see Adeline put to death. The towns people stood around a wooden pole with a pile of lumber at its base. Adeline was tied to the pole and was crying. Captain Thomas stood beside the pole and held a blazing torch in his hand.

Nobleman Carter, standing at the front of the mob, said, "we have discovered the witch responsible for our torment and now she will be punished. God's will is going to be done."

The crowd cheered and yelled and captain Thomas went to light the pile of wood. Then Geoffrey rode onto the scene and dismounted his horse behind the throngs of towns people. He pushed his way through the crowd, holding his sword, and yelled, "make a move captain and I will kill you."

Edger Carter yelled, "he is a servant of the devil. Captain, do it."

Then with a mighty swing Geoffrey threw his sword, it spiraled through the air then hit captain Thomas in the chest and he fell back dead. The crowd gasped and Geoffrey went to the dead captain and pulled his sword free from the body. He turned to face Carter and slowly walked up to him.

Edger Carter pleaded, "I am a noble, killing me is a death warrant."

Geoffrey said nothing and with one swing cut the nobleman's head from his body. Geoffrey turned to the crowd and yelled, "try to stop me or hurt Adeline and you will meet the same fate!"

The crowd said nothing and began to disperse. Geoffrey then went to Adeline and used his sword to cut her free. She fell into his arms and sobbed. Adeline said, "I knew you would protect me."

Geoffrey told her, "you are safe."

Clayton arrived on the scene atop his mule and got off. Geoffrey, Adeline still in his arms, walked to his servant. Geoffrey said, "Clayton, take Shadow. You and Adeline will ride to my home in London. Don't stop till you are there."

"And what of you master," Clayton asked.

Geoffrey, still holding his sword, mounted Clayton's mule and said, "I have one last thing to do."

Geoffrey and Clayton rode off in different directions.

Geoffrey rode the old mule to the convent and dismounted in front of the looming building. He then went through the doors and heard chanting coming from the chapel. He slowly walked towards sound, his bloodied sword in his left hand. He entered the chapel and yelled, "Vincent, I'm going to personally send you to your master."

The nuns of the convent filled the chapel, nude and fornicating with each other on the floor in the isle between the pews. Father Vincent, in his black robe, stood in front of the alter and ceased chanting. As Geoffrey approached, Vincent said, "so what of poor Adeline?"

Geoffrey replied, "she is safe. You will not harm her."

Vincent smugly laughed. "We tried to get her to join us, to take part in the black sabbath. But she, so weak and fragile, went mad when she witnessed it. She really thought she was possessed. Stupid tart."

Geoffrey said, "you seem unafraid for a man who is about to die."

Vincent laughed again. "Every soul I enslaved by their death now gives me power. My master, Lucifer, has given me magic that you cannot defeat. What you see is not a man, but a God. You can do me no harm."

Geoffrey said nothing as he thrust his sword and stabbed father Vincent in the stomach. The priest fell to his knees and blood poured from his wound and he seemed surprised that he was about to die.

The priest muttered, "how can this be, why would my lord allow me to perish?"

Geoffrey pulled out his sword from father Vincent and said, "you are not a god, just a man. Give my regards to your lord when you arrive in hell."

Father Vincent then fell to the ground and died as a growing pool of blood spread out around him.

Geoffrey then walked his way through the throng of nuns. They had stopped their orgy and now where crying and calling Father Vincent's name. They did not try to stop Geoffrey as he walked past them.

Once outside the convent, Geoffrey mounted the mule and said, "OK old mule, off to London."

The mule and Geoffrey rode away from the convent.

In the following months there was a scandal known across England about the events in Dovercourt. Geoffrey might have been arrested had not the hearts and eyes of the murder victims been discovered in the homes of captain Thomas and Edger Carter as well as the bedroom of father Vincent. Baron Robinson made good on his promise and said that he would allow Geoffrey to return to his post in the army after he recovered from his wounds incurred during his investigation in Dovercourt. That would be the last time Geoffrey ever hunted for a witch.

Geoffrey lay in his bed a month after he left Dovercourt. He lived in a modest home near the Thames River in London. His hands where still bandaged but he was recovering. It was early in the day when Adeline entered his room.

Geoffrey looked at her and asked, "what is it you want Adeline?"

She smiled and replied, "thanks again for letting me stay in your home for now. You saved my life Geoffrey, and I will always be in your debt."

Geoffrey told her, "it was my pleasure."

She asked him, "so what are you going to do now?"

"As soon as my wounds heal," Geoffrey said, "I am going to serve in his majesties army. What of you Adeline, what will you do?"

She told him, "my parents want me to return to Liverpool and stay with them. I leave tomorrow."

"I am sorry to see you leave," Geoffrey said.

Adeline then quickly approached the bed, leaned down and kissed Geoffrey passionately. She then pulled away and said, "I will never forget you Geoffrey Hall."

Geoffrey replied, "nor I."

Adeline then left leaving Geoffrey alone. He looked out a window beside his bed which overlooked the Thames. He wanted to ask Adeline to remain with him, but could not find the words to tell her. He would have to let her go, but doing so made him feel sorrow.

Geoffrey then fell asleep, and for the first in years, his conscience was clean.

The End


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