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The Myth of the Semen King

Short story By: joy Milton
Historical fiction

How Earth, moon ,stars came into origin. An author couples' ego clash. Would remind you of MILTON"S PARADISE LOST. Please suggest whether it needs to be elaborated or is it ok.

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"Yes, yes, thank you, I will be there on time, no wife is pregnant so it will be dangerous for her to travel. Bye" He placed the telephone receiver on the cradle.

"Whose wife is pregnant, how many wives do you have?" She was standing behind him.

"Don't you have manners, what have your parents taught you? To stand behind someone and listen what he is talking. My plane reservation has been confirmed, day after tomorrow I am going to Lucknow to receive Maharaja Bijli Pasi award for my novel Myth of the Semen King."

"Really you are getting that award? For what? Lucknow is only 500 Km from Delhi and even the plane fare is not too much take me too."

"No, what will you do there? It is a literary award, what will you do there? They are going to pay my airfare and are ready to pay half for an attendant."

"So that's good news. I will also go."

"No, what will you do there. The gathering would be mostly of literary people, what knowledge do you have of literature? So as a successful writer I know how to make excuse and finding faults in others, so I made the excuse that you are pregnant. It is said that behind every man's success there is a hand of a woman, but what support have you given in my works?"

I don't know in which context this was said, does that ' success' means 'passing stool' and woman's hand stands for 'cleansing there ass with her hands, bullshit. What I know is that behind his every successful penetration, it is direction of my hands. Otherwise I'm sure, I would have died virgin itself. She almost burst into laughter, when she visualized that scene in her mind.

In his absence, she searched his novel in the cupboard, she found the manuscript and she read it. In the pre-historic time, fire and wheel still undiscovered, people lived in forests. They had selected their king 'semen,' who ruled over the whole world. One day a group of women came to him and said, "my lord our children are regularly been eaten away by the wild animals at night, because we don't have sunlight at night."

"Ok, no problem I will talk to Sun, it never came to my mind that I must conquer him and make him shine at night too." Then he ordered his army men to collect rock and other materials on over the other so that he could reach sky. In three days time they build several mountains Himalaya, Alps, Paries and others. It was very easy for them; they were of the size of the dinosaurs.

He shouted, "Sun you mother fucker, how dare you slip away every evening leaving my people in darkness." Sun was amazed at his boldness, "You bastard, don't you know, round the clock I am giving light to your people, the earth is so large that if I am one side the other becomes dark, God should have arranged two Sun."

Semen king had already lost his temper, because he didn't know who was his real father. So he ordered his soldiers to attack, "Sun now you are dead." Soldiers started throwing stones on sun, placing them in the middle of reapers and circling them around over their head and loosing one end. Sun started bleeding the drops fell over land it started becoming red.

"Sun hadn't expected this sudden attack, so to defend himself he started glowing fiercely. Semen king ordered, "Throw water on him, extinguish him for ever." Two men were holding a banyan tree over his head to save him from heat.

The soldiers drank large amount of water from the oceans and rivers and then flew towards the sky using two trees in their hands as wings and blew all the water on the sun. At first the water started evaporating because they were throwing it one at a time and so Semen king again shouted, "You cock suckers have you forgotten all the discipline, be ready, now come on every body, be ready for the final attack, ready, steady, attack."

Soon his men covered the whole sky; it appeared as if sun is sucking water from many straws.

Slowly and slowly, the Sun reduced to the size of pinpoint pupil. "Victory, we won, celebrate, fuck dinosaurs, eat grass and don't worry, we have lost all the water but we have plants extract their juices. Then we would colonize some other planet in few days, first I would send my men on those planets to tell them we have high culture, religion and we are there to teach some of our best things. Next, we will demand some place and later we would convert them in to our army base. "

He was thinking what else to say when Sun reappeared, in anger his color had changed from yellow to red, "Over, I withdraw all my love ad care which I showered on you people free of cost. I am going to sue you in God's court and you know his anger, He would crush the whole earth in his hand."

Semen king moved his hand towards his cock and said, "Cock ghost don't understand the language of request and pledge, and they only need cock. Sun, your mother's cunt, now let's end this game, I have to kill you to save my people." He held his cock with his both hand and as he started masturbating, loud thunder sound started coming. His men closed their eyes with their hands.

Sun started trembling; he started running towards the other end of the earth but Semen king followed him, jumping from mountain to the other, still masturbating. "Now my sticky semen will stick your hydrogen molecules and its warmth will overcome ours and the force of my ejaculation will throw you inside the Black Hole and then I would put knot on its both ends and you will die of starvation."

Sun was breathless, he understood that he can't save himself, so he started weeping and said, "Please let me go for God's sake, I forget your, 'Inter Planetary Semen Missile.' I have an idea, first listen it and if you still you would like to kill me, I would myself enter inside the Black Hole. My death would not solve your problem, you will cause trouble to your people, they wanted a bit more light and being their king you raged war against me. I know this whole attack was to control the whole universe; you want every planet to serve your people."

"Shut up, I don't want you interpretation of this attack, my semen is about to come and you know I can't hold it back, one it comes out. My sperms, who were sitting together like an anthill, have dissolved with fluids from other glands. Tell me what your idea is?"

"My Lord, your semen I suppose is white in color and sticky too. Therefore, I request you lie down and then ejaculate, so that the semen gets stick on the sky. Then, you can ask your sperms to work hard and give it a beautiful shape. Next job will be mine, I would go near it and dry it, so that it will not drop and then the brightness of your semen will be able to give light when I will be on the other side of this earth."

"I don't know whether it is right or wrong but I want my people to have proper light, and also I don't have time to think and so I am lying at once." As soon as Semen king lie on the mountain, he ejaculated. Sun did as he had promised and later semen king to get more light ordered his other men too to masturbate and in different direction and at different angles. Their sperms too shaped their semen on the sky and then he named his dried semen as Moon and his other men's as Stars. Then onwards plants, animals and human beings getting light even at night.

She replaced the book in the cupboard and thought, what kind of myth is this? Do all

......................................................................... to be continued


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