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I Found My Love At The Woodstock Festival(for Wednesday's Past,Present,and Future Contest)

Short story By: hyperforce
Historical fiction

After a beautiful maiden becomes betrayed when she finds her lover in the arms of another woman,she bumps into another guy who turns out to be the true love of her life.

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Hello!I really am so glad that you were able to log on and start reading this story today!And if you want to know who I am,my name is Shannon Weigel!And yes,it really is true that I had found my one true love at The Woodstock Festival!You see,it was after I had packed some things into a van and let Robin Simmons--who was my boyfriend at the time--drive us over to that particular festival on August 15th,1969 that I had looked at Robin's eyes and noticed that he was not looking at me.But I had figured that he was concentrating on the road and never given it a second thought.Anyway,it was after we had arrived at Woodstock and gotten the chance to listen to Richie Havens singing 'With A Little Help From My Friends' that we had joined the others who were in attendance and enjoyed ourselves.

But that was before the next day when I had woken up and discovered that Robin was not in the van with me which had forced me to get dressed,step out of the van and start looking for Robin.And yes,I had looked all over the festival grounds and called out these words,"Robin!My Robin!Where are you,Robin?"But that was when I had peeked into another van and shockingly discovered that Roger and another woman were both naked and having some hot and steamy sex with each other which had made me to put my hands over my eyes and say to myself,"Oh,no!What the fucking hell was I thinking?",before I had started walking back to Robin's van to get my stuff out of there.

However,just as I was about to reach the van,someone had bumped into me and made me fall down to the ground.That was when this handsome stud had helped me get back up to my feet and said,"Sorry about that.I was not watching where I was going.Oh,before I forget,my name is Gary Paxton.May I ask what your name is?"And after I had told him what my name is and what I had discovered while I was looking for Robin,Gary had taken a deep breath and said,"Look,Shannon.I'm going over to the lake to take a bath.Want to come with me?"And as soon as I had realized that I was in need of a bath,I had shrugged my shoulders and said,"Sure.Why not?"

And after we had reached the lake,taken our clothes off and placed our naked bodies into the water,Gary had handed a bar of soap over to me and said,"Here,Shannon.You use it first.",which had made me smile and say 'thanks' to Gary before we had taken turns rubbing the soap on and rinsing it off of our bodies.Then,after we had climbed out of the lake and taken a good look at our wonderful naked bods,I had started pushing my fingers into my soaking wet pussy and slowly licked my lips while Gary was jerking off on his large dick.That was before he had placed a hand on my cheek and kissed me ever so deeply on the lips.

And after he had done that,Gary had kneeled down and sucked on my moist snatch with his hands on my upper thighs which had caused me to put my hands on his bare back and say,"Aaaahhhh,yeeeessss!Yeeeessss,Gary!Suck every last drop of juice out of my pussy!Do it,Gary!Turn me into a real woman!Suck my pussy naaaahhhh...aaaahhhh...aaaarrrrgggghhhh,sssshhhhit!"Then,after we had dropped ourselves down to the ground,Gary had laid himself on top of me and started poking his finger in and out of my asshole while I was sucking on his giant sized dick.And then,after he had taken it out of my mouth,put his hands on my shoulders and started sucking on my tits and slamming that huge cock of his deep into my juice filled cunt before I had laid my hands once more on his back and let out one hell of a scream of pure sexual pleasure.

And after we had finally came and stopped to catch our breath,Gary had placed a gentle hand on my chest and asked,"Do you still want to stay with Robin after the way that he had betrayed you by fucking another girl?",which had made me look at him with a smile on my lips,laughed a little bit and asked,"You're kidding,right?",before we had snuggled ourselves up to each other and fallen asleep on that exact spot.Oh,and in case you are wondering on how I had been able to get home after the last day of The Woodstock Festival without letting Robin drive me home,the answer to that question is quite simple.When Gary and I had gotten to Robin's van and taken my personal stuff out of there,I had shoved a note in-between the van's rear doors and gone with Gary to his place.As for the note,it had said,"I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT YOU HAD BETRYED ME LIKE THAT,ROBIN!GO AHEAD AND FUCK YOUR ASS OFF WITH THOSE OTHER BITCHES FOR ALL I CARE!I HAD FOUND SOMEONE NEW...SOMEONE WHO REALLY DOES LOVE ME!GOODBYE,ROBIN!AND KISS MY ASS,YOU SON OF A BITCH!"



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