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The Murders of Whitechapel

Novel By: EurosianQualities
Historical fiction

Based off of Jack the Ripper case in London dating back to the 1800s. Miranda Gantholens was a ten year old at the time with autism. Although she has the disorder, she has the brain of a genius. It all begins when one day, her mother goes missing...

The story is not going to be 100% like the actual story of Jack the Ripper. Only a certain few will be included. View table of contents...


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Miranda arrived into an intricately decorated room; turns out it was the dining room, since it had a huge, pearl-colored dining table with legs designed with the Corinthian style, which were to imitate pillars. Her eyes widened with awe as she scanned the entire room. A huge crystal chandelier hung at the center of the ceiling. It was beautiful and illuminated the entire room. The room was big enough to fit three to four buses. The chairs matched the table as well, and Miranda couldn't quite tell what they were made of. The chairs seemed like porcelain but it was too strong to be that fragile. Maybe it's made of polished steel? She wondered, how'd he get his hands on all this luxury?

"Are these all from the Queen? As rewards for your accomplishments?" Miranda questioned Elliot as she began slowly approaching the dining table and running her fingers along the smooth surface. It reflected her beauty quite well and she could see Elliot approach her from behind, his face right over her shoulder.

Immediately, he wrapped both of his arms around her waist. "Do you like it?" He asked her, instead of answering her question, "You can move in with me if you'd like." Smirking, he was quite amused with that thought.

Move in with him? Wait, this is too sudden! Miranda thought, she flushed a bright pink and lowered her head, staring down at Elliot's strong arms that are wrapped around her. "Ahem," It was the voice of a high-pitched woman; Cornelia. Both Elliot and Miranda quickly stepped away from each other, fumbling awkwardly with their fingers and looking everywhere except at each other. Cornelia approached them with only the sounds of her heels echoing throughout the room.

The air felt intense and awkward. Miranda felt as though she was being choked. She glanced at Cornelia from the corner of her eyes; the icy cold glare Cornelia gave her was causing her throat to go dry. Boy, she fits the role of a witch perfectly. Miranda exclaimed in her mind and she once again stared down at the floor. Just as Cornelia's shoulder brushed lightly past Miranda's, she whispered a sentence which sent shivers up Miranda's spine; "I'll fucking kill you, whore."

Miranda's eyes followed Cornelia as she smiled with satisfaction in her threat. Elliot had no idea what just happened, but he was more surprised when Cornelia gripped onto his shoulders, lowering him to her height, and planted a rough kiss onto his lips. His eyes were wide and his expression froze, but Cornelia was enjoying this. She pretended not to notice Elliot's rejection and continued to force a kiss onto him. Since Elliot needed to breath, he quickly pulled away, breathing hard as he continued staring at Cornelia, "What the hell is wrong with you?! There's a guest right here!" He shouted at her, reminding her that Miranda was standing right there.

Cornelia only brushed it off, feeling unashamed. "So? Let her watch…let her know that we're a couple." Her cruel tone assured Miranda that there's going to be more. This made Miranda feel unwelcomed and she wanted to think twice before moving in. She didn't want to be tormented by a witch like Cornelia, but she also wanted to be with Elliot.

"Cornelia, I'm planning to let her move in." Elliot confessed to her calmly. He didn't think she'd have much of a problem with it, but obviously he didn't understand women who get jealous easily. Cornelia's head slowly turned to face Miranda, "Is…that…so?" Her tone really began to chill Miranda. She really isn't kidding about killing her. Oh fuck, Miranda whimpered within her thoughts and began fidgeting with the thought of moving in.

"I don't really care," Cornelia suddenly said, but Miranda couldn't see her expression, since she had turned back to face Elliot, "Want me to show her around? I'm sure we two can become very good friends." Miranda didn't like the sound of that, nor did she think Cornelia was acting sincere. I'm overreacting, Miranda finally concluded, there's no way she'd actually kill me. That's a crime and I doubt she'd want to go to prison. Little did Miranda know, Cornelia had conducted many, many serious illegal actions and has never been caught. Ever.


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