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The Shamans haved lived in this world for so many years since non-Shamans have walked the earth. But now the Non-Shamans have turn on the Shamans. Listen, everything I am about to tell you is true...very true. Please hear me out and don't yell at me. The Shamans now adays are being killed and we need your help. This is my story.

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Okay so let's start with first things first. What is a Shaman? You guys think of Shamans as medicine mans and woman but we Shamans are much more than that, we have powers over the elements. But truth be told anyone could become a Shaman, ever Non-Shamans can have a Reawaking and become a Shaman. What is a Reawaking you may ask? A Reawaking is a Ritual that helps awaken ones sleeping / hidden powers. Everyone is born with great powers but most cannot awaken them. A Reawaking is use to wake up your powers and help you be able to become stronger. How do you do a Reawaking? That is not for you to know yet. First you need to know the history of the Shamans.

Long ago when the first Shamans were around they were killed because people thought they were witches. Many Shaman families started hiding their powers and teaching their kids in secret about their Shaman powers. On the outside they looked just like everyone else, but on the inside they were very different, they had their guardian ghost and their Nature / Element spirits. What was that? You don't know what a Nature / Element spirit is? You really don't know? You want me to tell you? Okay I will. An Element spirit is a spirit that controls the elements. There are Wind Spirits, Water Sprits, Fire Spirits, Earth Spirits, and there are Nature Spirits, Darkness Spirits, Light Spirits, Tree Spirits, Wolf Spirits and Guardian Spirits. What are Guardian Sprits you may ask? Guardian Sprits (AKA Guardian Ghosts) are the Spirits / Ghosts that train you and keep you protected. They care for you and look after you.

Let's start up on History of the Shamans. In the land of Japan, a Full-Shaman family lived there; they kept it a secret that they were Shamans, but they were very special Shamans, gods among demigods for they were untainted Shamans, Shamans that only mated with other Shamans. All around them they lived a normal life, except they practiced Shaman activities in their spare time. A family of seven that was mostly six. There was the mother, let's call her Amy, and the father, let's call him David, the oldest son Ozzy and his twin sister Hannah, the young twin brothers Alex and Jake and their younger sister, Annabella. Their dad, David was never really home and they lived like normal people, at least outside of their home. Ozzy controlled fire, Hannah controlled wind, Alex controlled Darkness, Jake controlled water and Annabella controlled Earth. Their parents controlled Wind and Water.

One day after Alex and Annabella went for a walk they returned home to find their whole family (not including their dad) was killed; written in blood was the message: TRAITORS MUST DIE!! Alex and Annabella were pretty shaken up and were shipped off to be adopted in Canada, sadly soon after Annabella turn very ill and died. Alex was alone and he ran away from his adopted family, he lived on the streets and took up drugs but then he fell in love with a non-Shaman girl. Her name was May. May changed his whole world, he quit drugs and did everything he could to make her happy and told her that he was a Shaman, May thought it was cool. Soon after a couple months of dating Alex remembered a spell that could bring back the dead, but the thing was, he had to sacrifice the thing he loved the most; May. Alex and May went on a trip to what they called "The Campsite". And took a boat out to a rock and sat there. May soon feel asleep and then Alex killed her.

So Jake was brought back to life, but he was stuck in Japan. Six years later thought, Jake got killed again. When Alex was 18 he finally got his wish and died, protecting the Shaman secrets he had.

Want me to go on Shamans and Non-Shamans alike?

Drop me a line on Booksie or even viva email at either PanGoku@hotmail.com or trunksxgoten@gmail.com or Trutenxforever@yahoo.com


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