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I suck at summaries but it's two sexy boys having sex in a shower!! Any questions?

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Cole peeled the sweat soaked cut off t-shirt over his head and rolled his shoulders. He loved working out because of the way his muscles seemed to be huge after a strenuous lifting session. He and his best friend Drake just completed their workouts to prepare for the upcoming football season and their coach gave them each a specific routine that they had to do each day. Their school had just finished building a fitness center that held all of the equipment they needed so everyday their coach would let them into the fitness center, then escape to his office where he would work on his online college course. Drake and Cole would not see Coach again until they were about to leave and would go in to say goodbye. Since they were going on a double date with their girlfriends, both of the guys had planned on showering in the locker room after their workout.
Cole bent over his duffel bag, searching for a towel and his body wash. He found his towel fairly easily but despite his efforts could not find his body wash.
"Hey D, can I use your body wash? I must have left mine at home."
Cole turned around just in time to watch Drake pull down his shorts and boxers, revealing his tight ass, before wrapping a towel securely around his trim waist. Cole caught himself staring and turned around quickly before Drake could notice that he was being gawked at.
"I asked if I could use your body-," He turned around and cut off because Drake was facing him now and his sweat glistened chest simply called to Cole.
"You want to use my body?" The humor in his voice made Cole's tan skin turn a bright red. "Hello? Earth to Cole!"
"Huh? What?"
"You asked if you could use my body." Drake's face lit up with amusement when he spoke the words.
"Ummmm… No I meant body wash." Cole cleared his throat and chuckled nervously.
"Oh, sure." Drake smiled at Cole.
Drake walked into the shower room, body wash in hand, leaving Cole staring at his muscular back.
'What the fuck am I doing?' Cole thought to himself.
He shook his head and took his shorts and boxers off, thankful that Drake wasn't in the room to notice that he was starting to get hard. Cole quickly wrapped his towel around his waist and slowly made his way to the shower room. Cole silently thanked God that just one month ago; the school district had put individual shower stalls into the locker room. He sighed because he wouldn't be able to resist staring at, and probably touching, Drake the whole time if they weren't in their own stalls.
'Cut your shit, Cole!'
He silently scolded himself for being so acutely aware of Drake's low humming coming from one of the shower stalls. Cole chose the stall next to Drake. He removed the towel form his waist and stepped into the shower stall, closing the curtain behind him. Cole turned on the water and stood under the cold stream of water that gradually was getting warmer.
Cole stuck his head under the stream of water, so he did not hear the curtain of his stall open then close. He only realized that he was not alone when a pair of hands began rubbing his back and shoulders.
"What the?"
Cole spun around and found himself face to face with a very naked Drake, with soapy hands and a mischievous grin on his face.
"You said you wanted my body."
Cole couldn't help but smile. Drake reached forward and put his hands on Cole's chest. Drake pushed Cole backwards until he was pressed up against the cold wall. The coldness of the wall did not even phase Cole. He was too distracted by the heat that was brought along by Drake's skilled hands.
Drake ran his hands down Cole's chest and abs, savoring each and every curve of his friend's toned body. Drake too a step towards Cole and bent his head to scrape his teeth against Cole's flat nipple. Cole's sharp intake of breath only encouraged Drake. He started kissing down Cole's body, stopping only to randomly nip at his sensitive skin.
Cole's breath can in short, shallow breaths and he tangled his fingers in Drake's short brown hair. Cole nearly exploded when he felt a tentative tongue of a certain gorgeous brunette touched the head of his now fully erect cock.
"Oh God, Drake." Cole moaned.
Drake licked up the underside of Cole's cock making the older boy shudder. Drake smiled wickedly and pulled all of Cole's cock into his warm mouth. Cole lifted his hips off of the wall, pushing himself farther down Drake's delectable throat.
Cole's head rolled back to rest against the wall, while his best friend swallowed his cock whole.
"Drake! Oh my God! You're amazing!"
Drake released Cole's cock and stood so he could kiss his neck and chest.
"Your turn!"
Cole grabbed Drake's shoulders and turned them so Drake's chest was pressed against the wall and Cole was pressed firmly against his backside. Cole ran his hands up and down Drake's sides, pressing gentle but hot kisses along his muscular shoulder blades. Cole lowered himself until he was eye level with Drake's tight ass. He kissed each cheek, then buried his face in Drake's delicious ass, eating him out, moistening the area. Cole buried his tongue in to Drake, making the boy shudder.
Cole smiled and stood, burying his face in Drake's neck.
Drake nodded and that was all the encouragement Cole needed to push his hips forward, submerging his cock into Drake's tight ass.
"Holy fuck Cole!"
Drake bucked his hips back into Cole's, making him go deeper. Cole drew back and pushed forward again, gripping Drake's hips to give himself better leverage. Drake quickly timed Cole's rhythm and started pushing back whenever Cole thrust forward, creating a sensation that made them both shiver. The hot water of the shower continued to run over their naked bodies, massaging them and driving them both wild.
As Drake grew nearer and nearer to his orgasm, the muscles that encased Cole's throbbing cock began to twitch and he nearly blew then. He closed his eyes and focused on making Drake cum at the same time he did. Cole leaned forward and reached a muscular, tan arm around the front of Drake to grasp his cock. The pressure of Cole's hand made Drake moan, low and deep.
"Drake, I'm so close." Cole moaned breathlessly.
"Cum for me Cole!"
Drake's words came barely as a whisper to Cole's ears but the instant they hit him, he exploded, releasing into Drake's ass. Drake felt Cole's hot liquid inside of him and came all over Cole's now still hand and the wall.

Cole collapsed against Drake, who was leaning against the wall for support as the last few glorious waves of his orgasm rushed over him. Both panting, Cole slid out o Drake and practically fell to the floor. Drake shivered at the absence of Cole and then turned around to lean his back against the and started to laugh at Cole.


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