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Kou never expected to meet the man of his dreams, let alone out of nowhere when he has never even met the man! But, through an evening of devilish passion, they come to realize their true feelings that span much further than sheer lust.

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All seemed calm enough: birds chirped, the breeze blew, and people chatted carelessly around the square; everything held its own soothing pace and presentation. The fountain in the square's center complimented perfectly this manifest serenity of a God's own garden above; Kou began to think that, even for one moment, that the Gods had accidentally dropped it unto the human world, but they felt as if there existed no need in trying to fish it up from the damned world below, but rather it would be better to allow the minor and temporary existence of such peace for those who actually wished to revel in it.

He settled himself along this gray stone marvel and his palms flattened against it; the stones felt cool and smooth rather than rough as the old red brick one they had torn down months earlier. His hand, drenched in sweat from the three mile run along with the rest of his slender form, dipped into the cool waters. At first it chilled him like ice to a piece of bare skin, but it soon warmed up against him and it felt a bit more pleasant. He could taste the salt of his efforts on his lips and it stung at his charcoal eyes. He rest his head back as the panting began to calm and the intense burn in his lungs faded to a gentler tingle that he even found, how to say, pleasurable.

His calming mood ground to a halt as gossip could be heard all around; some of it seemed excited while other bits he picked up sounded disgusted or even hostile. His head raised and his eyes immediately began to search for the source of the talk; he didn't get into gossip per se, but he actually did have quite the ear and eye for spotting targets of such and the memory to store the ridiculous stories. His eyes took little time in searching as the target had made itself easily identifiable; if he didn't notice the rainbow hair then, he thought, there had to be something terribly wrong with him. Hell, the guy stood out like a sore thumb, a very handsome sore thumb. No, more like one of those extremely nice looking guys in a group of the stereotypical computer nerds, he thought. With a stroke of a hand through his navy hair, he leaned back again and opened his mouth; he could taste the saltiness still, but the rare splash of water sent a few fresh droplets to his parched tongue.

To his oblivious mind, he had actually managed to capture the attention of the rainbow-headed stranger. The male approached him, but he knew nothing of it. "What's your name?" the man demanded. Kou sat up and looked at him, but for the longest while he said nothing. Instead of speaking, he gave himself as much time as he needed and wanted to come up with something to say. At last, he smiled at him. "The name's Kou," he answered with eagerness, yet one couldn't help but suspect some buried indifference; he liked making friends and this practice of doing so was nothing new to the slightly and rarely timid extrovert. Kou watched the man's brow furrow for the shortest time, leaping from his face as quickly as it had arrived to it. "What's yours?" he asked with only minor hesitation, awkwardness beginning to creep over him at the unfamiliar.

The man seemed to ease his own discomforts, dismissing them like nothing more than a piece of dust on one's shoulder. "Koyoku," he answered with a tone not compatible entirely with the placid look on his face. His tone gave off a sound of irritation, or, if read deeper, one of arrogance or cockiness. Kou dismissed this and turned his face opposite the man's direction. A couple of gossipers captured his wavering attention and, with great miracle, kept it.

"That guy…always going around…taking people by the…and making them… with…of seduction…" From their distance, he couldn't make out every word of the conversation; however, he did capture enough to form a more in-depth opinion of the odd stranger.

So, this guy isn't to be trusted? The entirety of it didn't make sense-he blamed a portion of that uncertainty upon the fact that he could hear only bits and pieces and not a single description nor name was given, leaving nothing but base assumption-so no truly reasonable deduction could be drawn and described with accuracy. He watched, without warning or spoken reason, the guy stand up and curl his fingers together behind his back. "Why are you here? Just…solemnly looking around?" His eyes grew dim as his head turned just enough for Kou to see his face. Then, as with the furrow, the discoloration faded back into the natural hue.

Kou shook his head and stood, his form erect and radiating with its own bliss. "Nothing solemn about me; I just come to enjoy the natural things that are revitalizing." His words, the tone, the air around him, it all granted an aura of hopefulness and a sort of childish innocence.

"Then what is it?" Koyoku interrupted just as Kou opened his mouth to continue his own soliloquy; his mind had, without much concern or wondering of his own mindset, completely forgotten the existence of his company. "If there is nothing solemn, then what exactly drives you to sit like this and watch the world?" His tone grew darker, more agitated.

Kou paid no attention to the tone, but rather the words themselves. "Well, I could ask why you approached someone with no interesting qualities about them. Plus, I mean, it's not like I was doing anything interesting or that I actually have anything unique to make me stand out." He shrugged nonchalantly and eyed him for the slightest time frame before he upturned his face to the clear sky above. He inhaled deeply the pleasant, crisp air. He blocked out the human chatter and listened instead to the talking and singing of the natural world along with his own, and Koyoku's, breathing.

"What's your obsession?" Koyoku asked to break the lingering silence that he, at least from Kou's assumption with the breaking, found to be discomforting. "I mean, you start talking about this shit out of nowhere and it makes no sense at all. What's your deal? Are you one of those sheltered-" He halted himself of the rude commentary so as not to ruin his chances; of what, Kou didn't know.

"Anyway," he began without an indication of whether or not he could speak; he didn't care and, as far as he was concerned, he had been interrupted. "I just like the look, touch, and sounds; just everything about nature. I mean, when you have to live most of your life cooped up then being outside just has an unmatchable appeal to you." He then shook his head disdainfully upon himself and his constant speaking. "Sorry, I don't mean to speak so much. It's just that…I get lonely sometimes, so I tend to talk way too much when I get the chance."

Koyoku halted his tongue from allowing the slightest sound to escape its hold or for his lips to allow a motion otherwise showing respect or even just the mildest bit of contempt for the way in which he didn't fully understand. He turned his form to face in the same direction as Kou. "Oh, I see. I guess…that makes sense." He paused. "But, anyway…" He couldn't quite find the words to say; it seemed to be that his tongue hindered him with intention of preventing words from flowing as he so wished them to. "Can I come see your house?" he asked suddenly; it was uncertainty that caused him to ask such a question, but it didn't really make full sense; he, in a way, blamed it on something much higher in power than them, an unavoidable fate that would occur no matter the time in which he were to ask. It became a feeling, something he couldn't ignore, nor that he could fully take control of if he so wished; granted he didn't care for ignoring things he could consider signs of the Gods for the times to come.

Kou nibbled on his lip for a little while, not even a breath daring to come forth and stifle his thoughts. He then nodded his head and chuckled slightly; he found the sudden request to be rather amusing in its own light. Then again, he always was known for his twisted sense of humor among other select things he preferred to keep under his belt and nowhere else. "Yeah," he finally said, though with an oddly enthusiastic tone. "I don't mind. I have nothing else to do and no one else to spend some time with. All my friends are on the three day trip to Hokkaido." He chuckled a bit, which earned him a strange look from his new 'friend.'

The two stood side-by-side as they walked. For a while, neither of them spoke. At last, however, they began to have a conversation that was mainly just whatever popped into their heads; pretty much nothing but chit-chat for time's sake that didn't amount to much. A few awkward moments passed between the trivial talk, but how could they expect there not to be when one knew about as much as the other in concern to the other man's tastes or personality?

Once they reached the end of the flood plain near the outskirts of town, Kou turned and led him up a narrow street. At first, nothing but empty land could be seen, some cultivated and some not; the plots that were had become overgrown by rice and wheat. It swayed softly, creating an ocean of soothing movement. After a bit, the fields began to vanish into the valley below them; upon the tiny hill they could see a tiny cul-de-sac below of traditional, older style Japanese houses. His parents were antique collectors and enthusiasts, so it didn't surprise Kou that they would choose such a neighborhood and refrain from getting involved in things too modern; that is, they didn't, but their only son could so long as he left them out of it most of the time unless they had to get involved. Typically, much to their delight, he could leave them out of it.

He halted Koyoku at the end of the circle. A house, very similar in style, sat there alone, the only neighbors being on the other sides rather than directly at its side. The only difference it held in comparison to the rest came down to its slightly larger size. He took out the house key and turned it in the lock until it clicked. He opened the door and stepped aside; he had been taught the common courtesy of allowing the guest to enter first.

As Koyoku stepped past, Kou upturned his face and sniffed; he could smell the rain coming. Strange, he thought. They weren't giving rain today. He shrugged it off and followed behind, locking the door behind him. His parents were wary about people coming in and robbing them or otherwise nasty things, so they warned him to always have the doors locked.

The house had an older look to it. The paint on the walls was chipping, the floors were a twelve-mat tatami, antiques were placed on various shelves throughout the room and up the short hall, but it was very open and it had been cleaned recently; one could tell from the neatness and lack of dust accumulation. Koyoku sat down on the white cloth sofa nestled near the front door. Kou, however, went into the kitchen. "We've got green tea. You want some?" Clatter could be heard as he reached above his head to grab the teapot. Once he did, he continued the noise in the silverware drawer. He pulled out a spoon, filled the pot with water and the tea-that included a fresh leaf-and put it on the stove.

Koyoku didn't answer him through the noise-he thought it would be futile to expect Kou to hear a thing he said with the ruckus-but he did once it calmed down. "You know, it's been forever since I've had tea of any sort," he whispered just loud enough to be heard. "That sounds good to me, but, by the sounds coming out of there… I think you've taken care of it already, haven't you?" He smiled a bit as he relaxed into the comfort of the seat. He had to be careful here if he was going to succeed in getting what he wanted from the boy.

The while passing had become nothing like either imagined; they kept quiet and tapped at their knees or nibbled on their lip or shirt sleeve or anything else they could find to do. The only thing that saved them from the awkwardness was the tea kettle with its relentless scream. Kou jumped and shook his head as he realized what was actually happening. "Oh, the tea's ready. Um…I'll be right back. Sugar?" He stood up and made his way into the kitchen. He reached into the cabinet and took down two old-fashioned cups. He filled them both full of the hot liquid.

"A teaspoon will do," Koyoku finally spoke up. Kou cursed under his breath and added the sugar as he requested and one to his own as well. He stirred them up then came back, placing a cup before each one of them on the bamboo-topped table. Of course, he sat a drink coaster beneath each one. The two of them sipped casually on their heated drinks. "Do you live here on your own?"

Kou seemed a little surprised by the sudden question, but he knew it rude to not answer. "No; I live here with my mom and dad. I could've sworn that I told you already. But, my memory really isn't the best sometimes." He chuckled, but he didn't get much of a response from his friend; actually, he didn't receive one. Kou settled back silently, huddling himself closer into the back of the seat.

Koyoku sipped away for a while, neither one opening their mouths for speech. The silence, at least to the impatient and rowdy Kou, was painful and eerie in its thickness throughout the room. It seemed to flow from the gap between them and linger in the surrounding air, contaminating it with anxiety, its own toxin much like that of chimneys and plants with their air pollution. The only sounds in the room were their occasional sips and the ticking of the grandfather clock in the easternmost corner relative to their position.

"Where are your parents?" Kou looked at Koyoku with nothing short of shock on his face from the sudden question.

"They run a shop near the boulevard, so I stay out of their way here at home. They would kill me if I broke something."


"Mom works with scented candles and things of that sort most of the time while my dad handles the antique items."

"I see. Sounds like an interesting job." Again, nothing but still silence. This time, however, it didn't seem as thick or awkward.

"Hey, Ko-san." Koyoku looked at him, brow furrowed. "You think you can fit this all in your mouth? This entire snack cake?" He held up a Twinkie that he'd grabbed beforehand. Koyoku smirked and nodded his head, but he didn't say anything. "Really? Why don't you prove it?"

He shook his head. "No, give me something a little bigger. That's too…flimsy for my liking." He thought-at least, he appeared to be thinking quite hard over something rather pressing-for a while, leaving Kou to ponder over his mindset and intentions. "Don't you have something a little…stiffer? More firm and strong?" He got onto his knees and leaned over Kou's crotch. He trailed his thin fingers along the line of his zipper. He grabbed hold and, with the run down, pulled the zipper along, revealing a pair of navy boxers that hardly concealed his treasure. Kou trembled under his touch and the anticipation formed from his own thoughts, but he said nothing. Instead, he watched him; eyes narrowed, pulse and breath quickened, sweat forming upon his brow, everything about him read excitement and growing lust. "And look, this grows. My, it's already hardened this much from so small a touch. And so early it is, too." He smirked and lowered his face, his eyes beginning to close, but he halted their closing and left them as cat-like slits, devilish ones filled with raunchy intent.

Kou ran his fingers through Koyoku's hair, giving it a light tug in false protest. In reality, he enjoyed this; something in him, however, tried to prove contrary to this point. Virginity aside, his "manly pride" wouldn't allow this, not when he could have a woman waiting. But, in another light, he also enjoyed and wished for this, for the actions about to come to him. He wouldn't fight too hard-he had to give a good show-but he certainly wouldn't allow himself to be an easy catch in this masquerade. "Wh-what are you doing…?" he asked to further add to his promiscuous act.

"You know," Koyoku began as he raised his eyes to gaze into Kou's. They were glazed over like a windowpane in winter. "You could throw around a comment like no one else. Being so haphazard about it doesn't build your case, Kou. You really should add a little more…oomph to your argument." He smirked perversely at him, his tongue flicking over the bronze zipper. He grabbed it with his teeth and let go just as quickly, rising again.

He reached inside and slid his member from the jaws of his pants and licked his lips. "Look at this; it's bigger than I thought…" His eyes glazed over more than before, leaving them to look like pieces of polished, freshly-cleaned glass. "It's…" He couldn't quite say what he wanted yet; he wouldn't know well enough to say it and be telling the truth. He ran his tongue along the top, smirking as he did so. His eyes never opened, nor did they open at all. He seemed satisfied with the twinge of Kou's dick in his warm mouth and of his general form; he could tell that he had never been so far before.

Kou's lip began to quiver and his hand to shake in Koyoku's hair. He parted his lips to speak, but nothing came out aside from a pleasurable whimper. He curled his fingers, balling his multicolored locks in his palm and they twirled and curled about his digits, holding tightly and knotting themselves ever so slightly; of course, it would be no problem to undo them later when the fact had become a more pressing affair. Kou's body began to shiver and shake rapidly, but an assuring whisper soothed his eager spirits just enough to allow more control over his actions. He released his entangling grip and, in a fluid motion, cupped his hand over the back of Koyoku's head. He pressed his lips down, pulled him back up, and repeated it all over again. He groaned pleasurably and closed his eyes as his head fell back in ecstasy.

A greater shiver, a harsher sense of pleasure, crept over and filled him. It seemed to overflow and bubble out of him, pouring forth. Koyoku lowered himself further, slurping up a greater length of his shaft, and gagged at the tremendous amount. He then, feeling a growing wetness build along with a greater mass of sexual tension, smirked. He increased his pace, making Kou's face scrunch up with the immensity of his passions. "Ko…yoku…" he panted helplessly. "I'm…going to come…" This didn't make Koyoku ease up on his 'assault' of Kou's body. Quite to the contrary; he began pumping faster, his hand adding its own work to his mouth's. This became too much for Kou to ignore and he released his load with a cry and heavy gasp. As if a professional at these things, the man swallowed down every drop of his seed and released his breath with contentment and a lick across the lips.

"That didn't take long at all," he purred mischievously. Kou's face flushed, but he didn't say the words perched upon his tongue, begging to come out. "Hm…I wonder…How would you feel?"

Kou cocked his head. "Hm? Feel? Feel about what?" Koyoku dropped onto his hands and knees, leaned over entirely and turned to face him. "Eh…? Wh-what are you doing?" Kou asked as Koyoku unzipped, unbuttoned, and pulled his pants down, eyes shimmering with the immense lust within him. Kou had begun to get into this and he lowered his hand, cupping one side of his ass. "Hm…? Here?" He began to chuckle darkly. "I don't know; wait, not yet."

A smirk crossed his lips and poured into his eyes much like water into a perfectly shaped, shining glass. He, first off, ran his fingers slowly over the head of Koyoku's exposed dick. He chuckled a bit at the twitch he associated with nervousness and, perhaps from the suddenness of it, surprise. He retracted his hand after gaining a pleasing amount of moans and groans from his partner. "You like this, don't you?" He leaned down. "Wait…For this," he purred, leaning over and pressing against his tight hole. He nibbled on the top of his ear and ran his tongue around and around inside, teasing him. Chills ran up Koyoku's body at the loving touch. Kou then stood straight as he could upon his knees behind the man. "You seem as if you don't want me to touch you…Or, really, do you? Just want more?" He pressed two fingers against his hole and, finally, two fingers, wet with his fluids, slid inside him. The man trembled at the initial entrance, but gradually he cooled himself and pleasurable sounds vibrated in his chest and escaped his parted lips. Drool formed in his mouth and threatened to come out in the mental lacking from his own horniness and the sheer pleasure of having his ass violated. But, Kou wouldn't be satisfied with just that either.

Slowly, the panting and satiation with minor teasing grew into something unbearable on both sides. Koyoku looked at Kou pleadingly. Kou, somehow understanding this unspoken request between the two of them, pressed his throbbing meat stick against him. He held still for a while aside from rubbing against him, prodding, stopping, and repeating. It drove Koyoku crazy, he could tell that with great ease. "P-please…" he begged. Kou gained a great sexual thrill from this and, already as hard as he could be, he pressed deep inside him. Gradually, a gentle wet sound echoed throughout the room. Everything seemed to crumble into nothing around them, leaving only their presences in an empty world that cradled their passions.

He thrust slowly at first, but soon his lust took over his rational and passionate mind, plaguing his heart and mind with its presence and 'curse,' bringing him to a level of a devilish plunge each and every time he thrust deeper and harder, his tightness threatening to milk him with each subtle motion. It would loosen around him, tighten and repeat, driving him to an animalistic state despite the knowing that he had been a virgin until moments ago. Then again, perhaps the culprit of his driven devilish passions had derived from that very fact; the taste of something utterly forbidden sparked a chain of lust within him, igniting a flame long lost in the generation before: his parents certainly lacked it after his birth from what he could tell from listening and watching them in their lack of interest in one another.

"Ah…Ko-kun…I'm going to… I'm going to come…" Kou reached down and around his stomach and just a little lower. He grabbed his cock, his fingers curled tightly around him, and purred with a sudden, quick stroke back, up, and again. "And…I'll make sure you come, too," he whispered into his ear, a lick following around the outside of his lobe and inside as well, sending shivers down his lover's body from head to toe.

"Kou…" he murmured through his gasps of pleasure. A sense of fulfillment, of a grander pleasure than the angels could fathom or experience in their home above, crept in and filled him, forcing his eyes to roll back and mind to fog over in the sheer ecstasy of their raunchy act. A heavenly song filled his mind and he released his pent up frustration all over the floor just as Kou released his load inside his tight ass. "Ahhh…" He collapsed to the floor in his own passions.

The two of them, after Kou slipped out of him, locked eyes with one another and their lips locked together. They held one another close, their arms forming a haven between the angel and newly-formed devil. They smiled at one another, their eyes becoming a path into the heart of the other; their words, as soft as they were and with such tiny presences in the air, contained so much in their promises. In the silence that lingered-of course they could still hear the faint ticking of the clock and the new soft falling of the rain-they held tight to each other for a while until, at last, they fell asleep in their own havens created in the other person.


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