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Hey booksie readers. This is the second and final part of Baby Steps. If you haven't read it I would suggest that you read that first. I hope you like it and if you do please press the 'like it' button and also COMMENT!! Love Fawn. Xxxx

P.S: If you get a chance read TheFizz20's stories and poems. I highly reccomend them! :)

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"Okay-" Dara gasped, "-i've fucked you both twice so now can you both pleasure me?" He was lying in the middle of the bed sweating while Chloe and Sarah were draped across him panting. Chloe sat up and began to run her hands up and down her body. "Oooh Dara you have such a way with words." Sarah laughed and threw a pillow at her. "It's only fair honey. That was part of our deal." Sarah laughed as Chloe began touching herself as if she had simply gotten aroused at Dara's choice of words. Chloe stopped and looked at Sarah. "Aww baby! Your soo nice. That's why I love you!" She rolled on top of Sarah and began kissing her while Chloe touched Sarah's tender pussy. They both began to talk in low voices to each other until Dara cleared his throat loudly. They both turned to look at him smiling. "We've decided what to do with you." Chloe announced as Sarah began to kiss her neck. "Oh baby your distracting me and Dara has been awfully patient while I was pleasuring you so now it's his turn." Sarah stopped and ran over to a box in the corner of the room. She took out four long pieces of rope and brought them back to the bed. "Do you trust us?" Sarah asked him. He nodded nervously while Chloe tied his arms and legs to each side of the bed so that he was spread out and completly vunerable. "So tell us where to start?" Sarah asked innocently. Dara's eyes widened in suprise and his breathing got shallow. "My penis and my lips." The girls shrugged and both took a side. Sarah hesitantly took Dara's long upright penis in his mouth and began to suck quickly. A loud moan escaped from Dara's lips and his body shuddered. Chloe crawled up beside him and began kissing him passionatly. Suddenly Sarah stopped sucking and slapped Chloe sharply on the ass. "Ow!" Chloe complained as she looked at Sarah with hurt eyes. "What was that for?" Sarah crossed her arms and looked upset. "You looked like you were enjoying that." Chloe gasped and wrapped her arms around her. "Never baby. You're the only one for me. You know that right?" Sarah nodded sniffing. Chloe smiled and jumped at her and began kissing her slowly and sensually. Sarah moaned and fell back onto the bed. They touched and kissed and licked each other until they were just a sweaty mess of moving arms and legs. Dara stared at the ceiling with his arms and legs still in ropes. "Eh...hello?" Sarah beamed at him and tossed her hair behind her. She was breathing heavily and her body glistened. She reached under the bed and found a siccors which she used to cut the ropes. "Go home." She gasped kindly and squealed happily as Chloe jumped on her again. Dara gathered his clothes and walked out the door with a noticable bulge in his pants but Chloe didn't even notice him leaving. Her eyes wer fixed on the beautiful girl she was meant to be with.


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