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This is about two lovers, Sarah and Chloe, and what happens the night they let a man share their bed.

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Sarah picked up her phone and called her girlfriend Chloe. Sarah: Hey baby where are you? Chloe: Shit honey im so sorry! I told you i'd be home by now didn't I? Sarah: Yeah you did. I was getting worried about you! Chloe: Oh god im sorry. I should have called you! That asshole Mark made me work late but i should be home soon. Are we still on for tonight? Sarah: Yeah all you gotta do is swing by the bar and pick up a hot guy. Chloe: I still dont see why we cant call Zoey or someone else. She was amazing last time. Do you remember that thing she did with her tonge? Sarah: How could I forget? But Chloe we've never had a threesome with a guy before and it would shake things up. And Zoey showed me how to do that. I'll do it for you. Chloe: Okay Sarah. Wear that little black panties and no bra. Are you sure you aren't turning bi on me? Sarah: Of course not baby! You know i love you! Now get your cute little tight ass back here and bring a guy with you. Think about amazing it would be to watch a guy getting turned on by watching us pleasure each other. Then when he's hard enough he can join in. Do this for us honey! Chloe: Mmm...Sarah! Do not turn me on while im working! It's totally unfair! Sarah: Then get your ass home so we can do something about it! Chloe: Alright I'll see you at home. I'll be there in about ten minutes. And Sarah I... Thank you for calling Money Troubles. We hope you have a great day and we hope we helped sort out your problem. Goodbye. Sarah: Oh Mark's there isn't he? Alright babe i'll see you soon. Don't forget the guy! Love ya! Chloe dissconected the call and smiled sweetly up at Mark. He hated her ever since she had refused to sleep with him a year ago. "Sir I just finished my last call and Rachel's gonna take over now. I'll be back here at twelve tomorrow." Mark grunted so she took that for a yes and practically ran out of the office. Her short black skirt swished as she walked and she walked out into the parking lot. She looked around for her tiny beetle and remembered she parked it down the street. She walked quickly towards it and hopped in. Once in the quiet surroundings of her car she let out a loud moan. They weren't even having phone sex and that girl could still turn her on. At first she hadn't really liked the idea of letting a guy join them but it was sounding more and more appealing. Sure toys and dildos were fun but they couldn't compete with the real thing. She looked around for a bar and saw one at the end of the street. She drove up to it and hopped out of the car, locking it behind her. The first thing she noticed when she walked into the bar was the giant pool table. Men surrounded it and even though he didn't attract her she saw a tall good looking man standing just outside the pool table clutching a drink. He had a strong jaw, black hair and light blue eyes. She smiled when she saw that the drink he was sipping was water. She undid the three top buttons of her blouse and pulled down her short skirt from when it had risen up in the car. She threw back her platinum blonde hair and walked confidently towards him. She remember enough about seducing men from the first 17 years of her life after that she had realised she was gay and now 5 years later she was perfectly happy with Sarah. She stopped in front of him and smiled. "Hi, I'm Chloe. Can I talk to you in private for a sec?" He looked around him, nodded, and led her over to a secluded booth at the back of the bar. Chloe reached across and shook his hand. "It's very nice to meet you..." "Dara." He suplied helpfully. She watched his gaze take in her confident smile and her fit phisique before continuing. "Dara can I ask you a personal question? Are you involved with anyone at the moment?" No...why?" "Well me and my lesbian girlfriend Sarah really want a cute guy to join us in a threesome. You can watch but your also expected to participate. If you want you can sleep over, and you probably should because it'll go on pretty late, but if you dont wanna we can drop you back here aferwards. So what'd ya say?" Dara's mouth dropped open and then he began to laugh and look around him. "Okay which of my friends set you up to this? It was Ben wasn't it?" He continued laughing and looked as if he expected his friends to jump out from behind her chair. Chloe looked annoyed. "Nobody set me up to this. Im deadly serious Dara and if you don't want to join us i'll just go and find another guy. So are you in?" Dara looked joyful and hesitant. "But these things do not happen! Sexy women do not come up to you and ask you to join in a threesome with them and their lesbian girlfriends." Chloe laughed and started to lead him out of the bar. "Well it happens today. You think im sexy? Aww bless. Come on then, climb in." He climbed into the passanger seat muttering under his breath and looking dazed. Chloe smiled as she started the car. Sarah had wanted a guy and she was gonna get a guy. * * * Sarah had to raise herself onto her tippytoes to light the last candle. She danced over to the stereo and put on some low soothing music. Chloe had been putting herself down a lot latley and it would be good for her to have a man oogle at her. Also it would be fun! She couldn't wait to see Chloe again. She hadn't seen her all week because that asshole Mark made her do the night shift and by the time she got home she was exhausted and Sarah had already fallen asleep. This night had to be special. She danced around the big room and marvelled at how beautiful it was. It was their bedroom and their sitting room. Their bed was huge and it could easily fit three people, even four people. Baby steps, she reminded herself. Chloe was pretty new to the the whole sex lesbian thing. Sarah had known all her life that she was a lesbian but Chloe had only realised it five years ago. Sarah had girlfriends before Chloe but Chloe hadn't and it had taken Sarah ages to get Chloe used to the idea of dildos, vibrators and lubriation. So she was delighted that Chloe was agreeing to have a threesome with a man. She had barley agreed to a threesome with another woman. Sure there was that time at Lucy's party where all the girls got majorly pissed and ended up dry humping each other and making out and tons of other stuff, but that didn't really count because Chloe had spent the whole time playing with her. Sarah slipped off her robe and took off her bra. Just as Chloe had asked she had the lacy black panties on. She heard the front door slam and Chloe calling her name. "I'm in here!" She shouted back. She shook her brown hair loose from the tight ponytail and she let it fall around her shoulders, partly covering her breasts. She gave a shriek of excitment when Chloe opened the door. Chloe was naked too except for her red panties and Sarah knew that she would find Chloe's clothes strewn about in the hall leading up to their bedroom/sitting room. "Chloe!" Sarah shouted running to her. "Sarah!" Chloe screamed. She ran at Chloe and pushed her up against the wall. Chloe responded by making out passionatly while their hands explored each other's bodies. "Sarah." Chloe murmered against her lips. Sarah moaned in response and turned her head in the direction that Chloe was pointing in. There was a man standing in the doorway gawking at them. Sarah noticed a large bulge in his pants. "That's Dara." Chloe gasped breathlessly as Sarah's hands ran over her breasts and stroked her nipples teasingly. She moaned loudly and took Dara by the hand and led him to a couch facing the bed. "You sit here. And you..." She turned back to Sarah and dragged her over to the bed. She removed her panties quickly and then removed her own. Sarah pushed her down on the bed and jumped on top of her kissing her hungrily. Her hands ran over her body and she brushed against her raised nipples. Chloe moaned in longing and rolled over so that Sarah was beath her. She kissed her breasts and her stomach, smiling as Sarah moaned her name. She slid herself down her body and began to kiss her feet, then she placed soft kisses on the inside of her legs, getting higher and higher... "Can I join?" Dara asked, standing there fully undressed and breathing heavily. Chloe smiled and licked Sarah's vulva teasingly while Sarah screamed in response. "Come on then." She answered him. * * * PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU WISH ME TO CONTINUE AND IF ENOUGH PEOPLE WANT ME TO I WILL! Xxx


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