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Anticipation of becoming three

Short story By: brokenangel1297
Gay and lesbian

Sam is seven months pregnant and is having an uncomfortable time. Blake, Sam's husband helps him out a little. This is a MPREG (MALE PREGNANCY) short story. I don't know if people post MPREG stories here. If you have never read this kind of story before.. well try it you might like it!!

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October 5, xx95, Maxville City


Part 1

Someone is moving around and they are disturbing Blake's sleep. He wants to tell this person to stop moving. Then all of a sudden, he is jostled awake and he remembers his restless partner who is lying beside him. He feels Sam move again, as if trying to get comfortable. Blake turns around to face his partner.

"What's wrong, Sam?" he asks, soothing the hair away from Sam's forehead. Sam whimpers at the touch and scoots forward until his distended belly touches Blake's. Blake gently runs his hand over the bump. "What's wrong baby?" he asks again rubbing Sam's belly in a soothing gesture.

"Can't sleep Blake" Sam's voice sounds tired. "I feel uncomfortable." He mumbles fisting his hand against Blake's shirt. Blake recognizes the gesture and smiles. It was Sam's way of saying he wants to be held.

"Turn over baby." He whispers to Sam and feels Sam turning over slowly. Blake moves closer to Sam until his chest is touching Sam's back. "Lift your head, love." Sam does as asked and Blake slides his arm underneath Sam's head. His other arm slides gently over the baby bump, massaging it.

"Comfy" Sam whispers and puts his arm over Blake's. Blake kisses Sam on the back of his neck.

"Go to sleep baby." Blake tells Sam and buries his face in Sam's neck. Sam was seven months pregnant with their first child. Blake smiles yet again, amazed at the fact that a human was growing inside his partner's womb. A baby! His Baby! Blake feels overwhelmed at the thought and pulls Sam closer.

"Love you." He whispers quietly in Sam's neck.

"Love you Blake." Sam responds back voice tired from being awake all night. Blake closes his eyes and tries to go back to sleep. He is almost about to be fully asleep when Sam shifts again. He seems to struggle for a bit with something.

"Baby?" he asks, voice rough with sleep.

"Blake, my t-shirt is rubbing against my nipples and they hurt. I am sorry Blake." And just like that Sam is crying, trying to curl up in himself. Blake is fully awake now.

"Turn over baby" He gently pulls on Sam's shoulder until Sam is facing him. Blake reaches behind him and switches on the bedside lamp. Soft glow brightens the room but not enough to hurt their eyes. Sam is still crying and he looks exhausted.

"Poor baby" Blake murmurs and pulls Sam to his chest. Sam buries his face under Blake's chin and sobs. Blake really feels sorry for his partner. He isn't sorry that they had created a life together but he is sorry for the uncomfortable time Sam is going through.

"I am sorry Blake." Sam says again and hiccups. Blake rubs his cheek over Sam's hair.

"What for love?" he asks not really sure why Sam was apologising. In fact, He feels like it should be him apologising to his partner.

"You probably find me annoying. I am sure I am bothering you." He says softly. Blake pulls Sam back to look down at his face: Sam's eyes are casted down, tears running over his petite face. Blake places a finger underneath Sam's chin and lifts his face up.

"Look at me Baby." He waits until Sam's chocolate brown eyes are staring at his own green ones. "You are beautiful. You look beautiful all swollen up with my kid inside you." Blake gently runs his lips over Sam's forehead and looks back at him.

"This right here" he runs his hand over Sam's belly, "couldn't have happened if it wasn't for you. Thank YOU for giving me this happiness babe." He smiles at Sam who shyly smiles back and raises his face. Blake leans in and lays his lips against Sam's. Sam's lips are soft and Blake probes them with his tongue. Sam moans softly and opens his lips giving Blake the entry he demanded. Their tongues stroke each other and Sam moans into Blake's mouth. His fingers find their way into Blake's hair, clutching it like a life line.

Suddenly, Sam cries out and pulls his mouth away from Blake's Blake looks at him with concern. Sam leans his head until his lips are once again touching his husband's.

"My nipples hurt Blake." He whimpers out, "They feel heavy and they feel sore." Blake kisses Sam fiercely making Sam clench his fingers.

"Let's take off your shirt, baby" Blake suggests. He grabs the ends of Sam's shirt and lifts it up and over his head. He tosses the shirt away and looks down at the small swollen breasts. Sam's nipples are ripe and puckered making Blake growl at the sight. Who would have thought his partner would look like this one day. He palms the breast feeling the heaviness of it. Sam whimpers and arches up at the touch wanting more. His breasts had been becoming more and more sensitive; not to mention they were leaking sometimes.

Blake squeezes one plump breast causing the milk to come out. Sam is moaning wantonly now. "Please." He begs Blake pushing his head closer to his swollen nipple.

"Please what doll?" Blake murmurs as he slowly licks around Sam's nipple and growling at the rich taste. Sam arches his back and again pushes Blake's head toward his nipple.

"Put it in Blake. Put my nipple in your mouth." Sam rasps out. Blake does what he is told and put Sam's nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. Sam cries out, feeling the electricity zip through him. He was so hard that he hurt from the pressure. Blake licks Sam's nipple for a second and then let's go. Sam makes a frustrated sound.

"Blake please!" He begs, on the verge of crying now. Blake sits up and smiles at Sam.

"Sam, babe I did what you asked me to do." Blake sits back against the headboard. Sam slowly sits up and leans against Blake's side. Blake runs his hand through Sam's hair.

"Beautiful." He murmurs and kisses Sam's forehead.

"Blake I" Sam stops and looks down at his breasts. He looks up and places his hand on Blake's chest. He leans forward until his lips touch Blake's ear.

"Blake I want." He hesitates again, blushing at the thought of what he is about to say.

"Tell me doll." Blake insists softly.

"I want you to suckle on my nipples." Sam whispers and buries his face in his husband's neck blushing furiously. Blake growls out and grabs Sam's hair in his fist, gently yanking his head back.

"Come on doll, do it then." He purrs out. Sam gasps. Do it?

"W-what?" he stuttered out.

"You heard me." Blake smirked, knowing very well that Sam understood what he is saying. Sam's breath quickens making him shiver deliciously. Blake let goes of Sam's hair. He kisses Sam one last time before straightening up. He takes off his clothes and once he is naked he leans back against the headboard.

"Come on baby, give me what you want. Let me taste you." He murmurs. Sam is blushing quite badly now, although he is very aroused. He slowly leans over Blake and looks at his husband. He feels the love for his husband. Sam thinks he is lucky to have a wonderful husband like Blake and now they were going to have a baby together. Sam smiles and leans until his lips meet Blake's.

"I love you." He whispers against his lips, closing his eyes as Blake takes over the kiss. The kiss is a desperate show of love between the two souls. Tongues duel with each other until both are desperate for air and it is only then that they break apart and Blake gently pushes down on Sam's Pajama bottoms. Sam kicks them away and slowly climbs on top of Blake. He feels Blake's hard cock against his ass and rocks back and forth on it, creating friction and lubrication. Blake groans and grabs Sam's ass pulling him forward.

"Fuck you are so hot, so beautiful, all mine." Blake growls out. Sam nods jerkily. "All your Blake, all yours." Sam grabs his right breast and leans over until his nipple is touching Blake's lips. He runs the nipples from side to side against Blake's lips until they open and closes around it. Sam then squeezes his breast until milk is squirting into Blake's mouth. He throws his head back at the sensations zipping through his body. Blake's finger is probing his entrance and he rocks back at the finger letting it entre his body.

"ohhhh so good Blake." He moans out. He squeezes his breast over and over again letting all the milk flow to Blake's mouth. Once he is sure that his right breast his empty he pulls out from Blake's mouth, then grabs the other one and brings it to Blake's mouth. Blake gently bites the nipple then swirls his tongue around it. Sam looks at the play with wander. Once Blake takes the nipple back in his mouth Sam squeezes his breast to let the milk out and into Blake's mouth. He repeats until there is no more left but Blake keeps sucking and sucking until Sam's nipple is so sensitive and he has to pull back.

"Taste so good baby, so fucking hot." Blake rumbles. He pushes Sam back until he is lying on his back. Blake runs his fingers down Sam's face and down his chest, cupping one of the now empty breasts. He gets a sweet look on his face and Sam stares at him, wandering what his husband was thinking.

"Sam once our baby is born you'll be feeding him from here." Blake says squeezing the ample breast. Sam nods and understands what his husband is trying to say. Blake was awed by the thought of him breastfeeding. Blake's hand leaves the breast and moves down, over his big belly where their child lay. Blake places his lips over the bump as well.

"Hi baby, daddy can't wait to meet you." He murmurs and Sam's eyes prick with tears. He couldn't wait to see Blake holding their child. He would be loving dad, Sam knew that from the bottom of his heart. Again Blake's hand move lower and grasp his still hard cock. He squeezes and Sam closes his eyes at the pleasure but before he could fully bask in it Blake once again takes his hand lower; over his scrotum. Within few weeks, a birth canal would start forming, replacing his scrotum so he would be able to give birth to their child. Once the birth Canal is fully formed he will go into labour immediately. Although, the labour itself might be long or short, depending on the baby, the birth of the child would be safe.

All of sudden, Sam is jostled out of his thought as he feels Blake's mouth on his cock. He gasps at the sensation and thrusts his hips upward. Blake sucks on the head of the cock hard making Sam cry out at the pleasure/pain.

"Blake, Blake, Blake." He thrashes his head from side to side as Blake starts sucking him, taking him to the back of his throat and swallowing. He loves when Blake went down on him because he always manages to turn Sam into jelly. He likes it even better when Blake rims him. He grabs Blake's hair and pushes his head away from his cock; Blake looks at him with confusion. Rather than explaining, Sam carefully turns over onto his hands and knees. He looks back and catches the big smile on his husband's face. He spreads his legs apart until he is sure Blake could look at his quivering hole.

Blake's mouth water at the delicious pink hole presented in front of him; he grabs his cock and jerks himself until he hurt. How many times had he eaten Sam and loved every second of it. He scoots forwards and grabs the twin globes in his hands and spread them farther apart. He grabs his dick with the other hand and places the head at the entrance and pushes forward until the head is inside. Sam cries out at the burning pain but oh god he loves it. He loves it when Blake takes him without preparation and fucks him raw, making his insides burn. Blake's dick is so big and so wide and oh god it hurtsss so deliciously.

"Fuck me Blake; yes fuck me till I am sore." He pushes back, trying to fill himself with the big hard cock but it seems like Blake has something else in his mind. He yanks himself out of the snug hole making Sam whimper at the burn. Blake grabs his cock and swipes the head from the top of Sam's ass to his balls then leans down and licks the same path. Sam jumps at the sudden wet tongue. Oh, oh GAWDDD, so good.

Blake licks and fucks the tight hole with his tongue until Sam is weeping to just fuck him.

"Lay on your side." Blake growls out and Sam does as he is told. Blake lies behind him and lifts his leg up with one hand and with the other guides his cock back into the snug hole. He positions himself and rams it in making Sam shout. Blake breathes harshly at the tight heat squeezing him. He wastes no time before he starts slamming himself over and over again into Sam: his partner, his soul mate, his wife.

"So tight Sam, you are killing me." He groans pistoning his hips hard. He knows Sam is close when he feels him tightening around him. Then he hears Sam yell as he come and oh god his hole squeezes down on his cock so hard making him loose control. Blake just starts jamming his cock into Sam until he shouts and spills his cream inside. He pulls out once he finishes and looks down as the thick cum starts sweeping out of Sam's well stretched hole. Blake swipes the cum with his finger and runs it over Sam's lips, who eagerly opens and licks it.

"Mmm more." Sam begs, so Blake pushes his finger inside the hole and swipes more come onto his finger. He offers his finger to Sam, who opens his mouth and sucks the finger in, licking it until all the come is gone. "Taste so good, Blake." Sam says seductively. Blake grabs his chin and kisses him, tasting himself on Sam's tongue. Sam sighs into Blake's mouth and Blake lets go. Sam yawns widely and excuses himself making Blake smile.

"Let's sleep now baby, enough fun for one night." He murmurs pulling the blanket over both of them. Sam snuggles back into him and closes his eyes. Within moments, he falls into a deep sleep.

Blake kisses Sam's neck and rests his hand on Sam's belly.

"Goodnight Sam, goodnight baby." He yawns and closes his eyes too. He falls asleep with a smile on his face. Oh yeah, he is a lucky man, a lucky husband and very soon he is going to be a lucky father.



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