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Shyanna and Bryanna get frisky in Bryanna's room.

Submitted:Aug 27, 2010    Reads: 958    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

We head up stairs, when she turns around and kisses me, with passion and love. I kiss her back, she moves her right hand around my neck and the other around my waist. I cup my hands around her face, and pull her closer to me. We keep kissing while moving to her room, onto her bed. "Wait, I thought you were straight?", I ask her out of breath. "Yeah, but there's something about you I just love so much.", she replies as well as out of breath. "What?" "I know you've liked me as well, for awhile." "How long have you known!?" "Umm since I kissed you on the check that day we went with Nathan and his friends." My mouth drops open and I just look at her for a while without saying anything. She giggles and moves closer to me. Then brushes her soft pink lips against mine, then pulls away. She whispers in my ear, "Please Shyanna, please fuck me right now." I look at her with this happy but shocked face. She kisses me, and then she just pulls my shirt off. I pull hers off, and we kiss some more. Our hands wonder each others body, hers undoing my bra, while I undo hers. When I see her breast, I feel like I just might cum right then and there. I smile, she notices, she grabs my hands and places them on her boobs. I rub them which makes her moan in pleasure. I squeeze them and she moans louder. I get so excited, with one hand pulling down her sweats and the other on her boob. She unbuttons mine as well, we both stand up so we can take off our pants. She's wearing a pink tong with butterflies on it. My tong is black silk with hearts on them. She giggles at my tong, and I giggle at hers. She jumps on her bed and pats the bed for me to join her. I of course walk over and join her with a kiss. We rip each others tongs off like nothing. Her tits are rubbing against my body every time she moves, I can feel them hardening. Mine are doing the same. I make a trail going down her neck to her nipple. I suck on it, she smiles at me. I tease her by liking the edges of her nipple. She grunts in frustration. I smile then suck on it some more. Right when I feel her buck a little I nibble and bit down on her nipple. She moans so loud, that I just love it. I make another trail going down her flat tummy, to her shaved vagina. I kiss it a few times. I lick her clitoris, she bucks and moans. I stick my tongue in her vagina and twist it around. She screams my name out. I replace my tongue with my finger, then lick her clitoris. She's so freaking close to cumin, I can feel her getting excited. I stick another finger in her, and she squirts cum into my month. I lick her clitoris, and drink all of her tasty juice up. She pulls me up to her face and kisses me. I run my hands in her hair messing it up. She grabs my ass and smiles while continuing kissing me. But then out if nowhere, we hear the front door ring! Ugh we both grunt. Bryanna gets up and puts on there sweats and her t-shirt. And heads down stairs. I quickly put my clothes on as well, and head down. When I go down and sees who's at the door, Bryanna looks at me and mouths 'not tonight!' TO BE CONTINUED!!!


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