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Poetry By: tommylucas
Gay and lesbian

Tags: Lucas, Tommy, Alex

Just bring him home by forwarding this poem onto everyone you know and even those you don't! When you re-unite us you will be blessed for this is a test...for Alex and I and the readers to pass...Thank You for all my beautiful fans...xoxox

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I'm so lonely hold me

Fuck me console me

Fall asleep deep inside

Collapse and not hide

You're the only one for me

Do what you will to me

Babe you get me hot

Hotter than hell or not

We spin Earth 'round and 'round

In my safe place no more down

Just up and up and away with you

I'm along for the biggest ride too

He's got my hands pinned down

I'm laughing like at a clown

Alex is in full control of my body

I love his control and sexy body

He's making me turn black and blue

When he cums and cums into me too

He never knew I was so tight

Just to make him feel alright

Better than that I'm sure I read

Long before we were both dead

He escaped where he could land safely within

Deep inside me so strong this is how to begin

Hurting me pleasing me all the way down

As he does what he desires all over my town

Does he hear me screaming in ecstasy now?

One hand over my mouth he's busy just now...

Multiple times my body screams in pleasure

He ripped off my clothes even the leather

Time is ticking along but it won't be very long

'Til the entire world has been stopped to belong

With each other cumming so strong too

So many colours come forth like my own blue

I'm sure in a court of law this would be called rape

But to us it's just doing the inevitable escape

Good to go we are not there just yet

This time no need to place your bet

Alex you're the most attractive man I've ever known

Can we use these ideas we have to give it a bone

Faster our success will grow

If only you could know

What my phone number is 'coz yours' was stolen bitch

You're the only one I want there will be no hidden switch

You don't care and I love that about you

My own game, puzzle with every clue

Keep holding me down and giving it to me strong

In what world could this be ever considered wrong

He pretends to be gentle at first 'coz it is my first time

Been waiting for this one to arrive for 27, draw that line

The joke is on the sinners and now we take a bow

When we're finally done and teaching them how

To "love" like this and never look back

Fucking like this keeps us right on track

So beautiful your body is but your mind I must know

Sweat combining and hours go past

Alex & I were built heavily to last

So find me dear man

Waiting I can't stand

Every fantasy of yours will become reality soon

Protect you from the Sun, Wind, Rain and Moon

Is my job I guess, I don't care about the rest

You're the only man I want inside me, test?

They will all be called Alex if I have to..

But wait for you I may need to..

I want my first time with you to burst every bubble

The rain will come down but we have left all trouble

I know how much you don't care...

That's okay it's your anger that's there

It turns me on and all should know

Alex is waiting for me with a bow

Around his gorgeous waist

I just want for me to taste

Will attack his body and his skin

Find and cure the anger within

Mmmm you make me so horny

Love all the rose and the thorny

All the arguments we're gonna have mate

Win or Lose I don't care for which gate

I'm open for you whenever you require

Just you try I'll be calling you the liar

I'm not capable of lies anymore

Can I please be your only whore

You just have to believe I can satisfy you

All the way, right in front of my crew

Sent to protect us from ourselves dude

Will always need a lot of lube

I'll leave it up to you my man

I think now you understand

How much I want you in me over me under me too

Just going to allow Alex to do what he wants to do...

Lovers and soul mates is all we'll ever be

Fulfilling every surge and every need

Collapse on top of me he will I know

When he's had enough, now grow

Get hard again I really don't mind

I'm never going to hit re-wind

'Coz you're my man and I am yours

Imagine flinging open all the doors

We have the key my long lost friend

Be here for you to fuck 'til the end

The beginning was nice but we were stuck

Couldn't and shouldn't even give a fuck

That was then but this is now...

Really need to milk that cash cow

So I can get on the news and ask

Alex please come to me, one task

You will see me and call the network too

I will turn you on like paper and glue

I don't want talking to get in the way

Of what we must do to each other, I say

To absolve us both of all this hate

Fucked it out of us we closed the gate

'Bout time for you to come to me

It's up to society for now you see

Thank you to all who read this and go what the hell?

I'm just speaking into being my ultimate spell!!!!!!!!

Has it really come to all this?

Get me famous then a kiss?

Love your body Alex and your mind

Together we'll be for all of time...

Tommy Luca$$$


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