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A Journey of a Lifetime....

Poetry By: Chiqui
Gay and lesbian

Tags: Love, Making

A Journey of a Lifetime that only you and I can share

Dedicated to: My Princess of the night

Submitted:Feb 20, 2009    Reads: 159    Comments: 6    Likes: 4   

A Journey of a Lifetime
By: Chiqui 25/06/2008
Slowly I unbuttoned her blouse,
gently my hand brushes over her breast,
her nipples grows between my fingers
she sofly moans at my touch.
my mouth seeks to suckle my favourite breast,
while my hand caresses her all over,
she "whimpers" louder!
she quickly unbuttons my shirt to reveal my now heaving chest
my tongue traces down her firm body,
nibbling along the way as my body slips away from hers
to find the venus mound so soft
hair so silky and beautiful,
I lay my cheek upon her mound
my hand pulls her legs apart softly yet so gently,
then caressing her inner thighs which she opens slowly for me
I play her till she is so wet and slippery.
My hands so warm and wanting
touching where she wants to be touched
playing her softly and evenly
like the strumming of a guitar
I strum at her swollen wet clit.
Every now then I enter her with my fingers
to fetch of the sweet juices now flowing like a stream.
She is writhing on my hand,
her hand pushing my head closer to where she wants it to be
so wild now like a tiger
Attacking this warm and wet prey with my tongue
never stopping for a second
My fingers deep within her
playing her into a frenzy of passion
reaching all her inner and warm walls,
muscles pulsating on my fingers
as I tease her more with my tongue
she is burning with desire
as her senses are reeling,
her body trembling,
her fingers dig deep on my head
I release my mouth from her hard and swollen clitoris
I lift my body onto hers,
she opens the lips of my pussy
to find her hard and pulsating clit
she stretches it even more open,
feeling heat of mine on hers,
she guides me in perfection onto her clit,
almost instantly wanting to orgasm
as I move my body on hers.
there is no beginning to our love making
no end now,
we are wild in one another
only a kaliedescope of colours,
as my thrusts become more intense on her wet and warm vagina.
It is so good,
reaching heights beyond our reach
she arches her body against mine,
pushes up hard to feel me better
I thrust even harder
We are in an orbital atmosphere of a pure and phenomenal climax
wanting to be one now and forever.
Our bodies now move in perfect unison,
thrusting to each other
she tighens her legs around my waist,
pulls me closer into her
she whispers to me...
"be mine baby!"
"baby I'm waiting for you give it all to me!"
I watch her face ..
a picture of beauty and shear passion
she lifts her hips,
she is ready to cum again
her muscles tightening around my fingers which are deep within her,
she feels my throbbing ready to orgasm ...
"cum with me baby, lets do it" she whispers to me.
We start climaxing together
Then heaven meets earth
We are chasing butterflies
flying towards our special place,
being angels of the night.
Our bodies convulsing in orgasms,
juices flowing and mingling
A never ending journey of ecstasy between two
so very much in love
In an orbital and awesome atmosphere of….
the point of no return.
My body collapses on her chest as the last cum fills over her
I can hear her heart beat so clearly now as my ear lays against her chest
she kisses her woman ever so tenderly,
she wraps her arms around me,
not ever wanting to let go.
As one wrapped in each others arms,
So strong,
so passionate and never ending
So inseparable
a bubble waiting to burst,
A journey of a lifetime
So unconditional
is our love for one another!


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