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S.T.A.R#3: Security Breach

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

After closing a big case, all the teams want to do is rest. That will not be possible with the threats and attacks at all the STAR bases. This case will be more difficult for some agents than others, erecting memories that are better left behind. They must find out who is attacking and stop them, which is not easy when Alex's team is left short handed... View table of contents...


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When the teams arrived at the hostage location, they were met by a lieutenant. He hurriedly informed them of the situation.

"Apparently, they are holding the daughter of the mayor, along with several other people who had happened to be inside building," he motioned toward the small office building. "We have been trying to negotiate with them, but it has not done us any good. The man in charge continues to speak about an unfair trial and prejudice, but we did not know what type of unfairness he was speaking of. Now that he has threatened with powers, we know what we are dealing with."

Mike nodded. "Are you sure that the trial was fair? He may have a point, if his claim is correct. There may still be room for negotiation."

The lieutenant shook his head wearily. "We have been dealing with them all night, and they are not budging…until now. Our number one priority is to get the hostages out safely. These men have already attacked us, so we are going on the defense. We need you guys to take them down…but not out. Do you understand? I think it is time to get their attention."

Mike sighed, glancing at Alex and Kyle. This was not going to be easy.


The lieutenant instructed them to try and draw the mutants out, so they could go in and rescue the hostages. This was going to cause a confrontation, which the police did not seem to be concerned about. They would not be the ones fighting. Alex made sure the lieutenant knew they were taking their own approach to the situation, and expected to be left alone with whatever plan they came up with.

Alex turned to Mike and Kyle. The other STAR leaders were just as nervous as he was. Since there was not any sign of the captors yet, they all had a short meeting.

"The police are taking care of the hostages. I think it would be best to send Jorden in, along with Bailey and two other people," he looked at Bailey, who nodded.

"They can draw the captors out into the open and we can take them down and apprehend them from there. Does that sound like a plan to everyone?"

Kyle nodded, glancing at his second. "Sam, would you be willing to go in with them? They could use your teleportation. And we could send in someone from Mike's team." He looked over at the other leader. Mike seemed unsure of who to send in, and Deana placed a hand on his arm.

"I think I should go in, because I can tell you guys what is going on inside, while we are drawing them out. Deal?"

Mike studied her for a moment, then nodded. "Okay. I don't like sending you in, but it is a good idea. Just be careful."

Deana rolled her eyes. "Of course I'll be careful," she kissed him softly. "Now, we need to hurry." She glanced at Bailey, Sam and Jorden.

Bailey kissed Alex quickly. "I'll be back soon, okay? Then we can take care of this for good."

"Alex nodded, squeezing his hand. "Be careful, babe. Just because you are fast doesn't mean you can get away."

Bailey shivered, remembering the warehouse he had been kept in for a week as a hostage himself. He knew all too well what it felt like to not have options, and that was one reason he was happy to be going in now. It would help the hostages. He just hoped they could lead the captors out successfully without any problems.

"Alright, is everyone ready?" Sam looked at the other three, taking charge.

Jorden nodded, smiling slightly. This would be easy. "Yes, sir."


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