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S.T.A.R#3: Security Breach

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

After closing a big case, all the teams want to do is rest. That will not be possible with the threats and attacks at all the STAR bases. This case will be more difficult for some agents than others, erecting memories that are better left behind. They must find out who is attacking and stop them, which is not easy when Alex's team is left short handed... View table of contents...


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Two days after the theft in England, Alex and his team was cleared to go to the bay. It had been a while since any of them had gone swimming, and the water felt good.

Bailey tried to ignore the fact that Jorden looked very nice shirtless. He had a refined chest and abs, with his fair skin and light blond hair. He was long and lean, like a cat, and his delicate facial features only added to the beauty. Bailey would have jumped him right there, if he had been single.

He was broken out of his reverie by Will, who bumped him from behind with his arm. The older, black haired agent glared at him, then walked over to the truck, where his brother was grabbing the towels.

Bailey smiled. That was exactly where his focus needed to be, not on Jorden. He had a boyfriend that was more muscular and tan, and he was very lucky. While they were getting ready, he used his super speed to rush through the water. It felt wonderful to move faster than the water, making it feel like he was running through a misty haze. Once Alex was ready, he would take him out to the deep and show him what it felt like to run on water. It would be a little more difficult with another person, but it would be worth it.

When Alex and Will were coming back from the truck, they noticed that Jorden was not in the water. He had spread out a towel and was spending his time sun bathing.

Alex glanced at his brother, then laughed. "Hey, kitty. Are you too afraid of the water to get in? You can do that at home, and it's not like it'll help you to tan."

Jorden removed his sunglasses, glaring at Alex. "What? I only heard about half of what you said."

"I said...never mind," Alex sighed, laughing. It felt good to do so, after the stress of putting up with vampires.

"You should come join us," Will smiled at the blond man. "We're here to have fun."

"I am having fun," Jorden smiled back at him. "You may join me, if you want to. I don't bite, unless you want me to."

"No, thanks, on both counts," he was still a little angry with Jorden and Bailey for what they had done a few days ago. "Suit yourself, but you're being boring."

""Oh, that hurt," Jorden rolled his eyes, sighing dramatically."Go enjoy your water. Maybe I'll be over in a while."

"Okay," Will answered shortly, then grinned at Alex. "Want to race? As long as Bailey's not around, it'll be fair."

Alex grinned back. "Sure. Last one to the water has to do the paperwork."

"You're on," Will smiled.

They all spent the entire day playing around. Jorden had gone out briefly, but had not acted like he wanted to be in the water.

Bailey took Alex out to the deep, like he had planned. Alex was winded, but amazed at the incredible feeling. He had never felt anything like speeding through the water or running on it. Once they had slowed down, Bailey kissed him softly on the neck. This began an entire make out session, and Alex was wishing they had been alone, by the time he came against Bailey. That would have to wait until they got home.

It was almost dark by the time they headed back to the base. Everyone seemed to be more light hearted, and it was exactly what they had been needing.


Early the next morning, the captain received a call about the break in that had happened in England. The STAR base there had sent pictures, along with an object that had been on the desk, hoping that Will might be able to pull information from it and find out who the culprit was. It had already gone to the lab, and no one had been able to figure it out. They were hoping that Will's power's would be stronger than that.

The captain called a meeting, explaining about the incident in England and the similarities to the one at the police station. The people behind it were apparently trying to get information, and were not interested in harming anyone. That was how it looked at the moment, at least.

The captain handed the object to Will after he had finished the meeting. The young man took it carefully, closing his eyes. Even if it did not have fingerprints on it, he should be able to read it.

"Sir, all I can get from this is that it was handled by a young woman, probably in her teens, and an older man," he smiled at the captain apologetically. "I'm sorry, sir. It's more than I could get from the case here in the States."

The captain nodded. "Thank you, Will. I'll send this back, and let them know that we were not able to do much with it. We need to look at the incident at the police station as a possible connection, and stay alert."

"I agree, sir," Bailey smiled at the captain. "I do have a question, though. If they stole information, shouldn't their hackers be able to get through our firewalls?"

"I hope not," the captain smiled back at him." All the STAR bases have a device installed in their computers that will shut them down if anyone tries to read any information on an unauthorized computer," he turned to the others. "I'm going to send this back, and inform the authorities there of what we were able to gain from this. Thank you for your help, and I will call you if anything else pops up."

"Thank you, sir," Alex said, still examining the object.


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