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S.T.A.R#3: Security Breach

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

After closing a big case, all the teams want to do is rest. That will not be possible with the threats and attacks at all the STAR bases. This case will be more difficult for some agents than others, erecting memories that are better left behind. They must find out who is attacking and stop them, which is not easy when Alex's team is left short handed... View table of contents...


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Liverpool, England; STAR Headquarters


Denny frowned and looked down at the table. He and Ben had been called into the office thirty minutes after the break in, but now the captain had walked out twice without saying anything to them. He wished the old man would just tell him what this was about and let him get back to his meal. He hadn't eaten all day, and after sparring and taking a shower, he was hungry. He glanced at Ben and rolled his eyes. This was a waste of time.

They were both getting ready to leave and go grab a bite to eat when the door opened. The captain walked in, along with the STAR chief and the police chief. That meant that this serious. Denny rolled his eyes again, sighing. He was really hungry and halfway hoping that he would pass out before they got back in.

The captain took a seat, glaring at them both. "Gentlemen, I don't suppose you know what happened while you were fooling around, do you?"

"We missed lunch," Denny replied dryly. That was all he could think about, at the moment.

The captain rolled his eyes, glaring at him again. "Yes, Agent Hartley, you did. That is your personal problem, which I do not give a shit about. The real problem I do care about is the fact that someone walked right around you two goons and stole information from us. We are not sure which information is important, but they have it all."

Ben glanced at Denny, as confused as his partner. "Sir…I don't see how that is our fault, personally. There are several people here and…"

"The only point here is that they got in right around you, and you could have stopped them," the captain said. "That is your responsibility, as STAR agents. You both know this, damn well."

Denny shook his head, pissed off. "Sir, the fact that we do not have eyes in the back of our heads is not our fault. On top of that, there was no one around us, or we would have stopped them. Where exactly did they come in, sir?"

"They jumped onto the roof, and entered from the North door. You should have heard them," the chief answered.

"How would we have heard them, if they were on the other side of the building? Also, why were not guards at the North door? It's not our fault," he glanced at the captain, who was glaring at him. "Sirs," he added the last part quickly, not wanting to dig himself deeper than he already was.

The chief smiled at them both. "Look, I can see what your point is, Agent Hartley, but you will both be suspended for two days. That should give you a lesson in awareness. That is all I want to hear about this. There will be a meeting tomorrow morning, and we will be calling Headquarters, to see if this has been the only threat to STAR. I am sorry that you both had to get in trouble, but it will give you time to think about it. Now, you are both dismissed."

"Thanks, I guess," Denny spoke sarcastically to them. Ben glared at him, smiling at his superiors.

"Thank you, sirs. We'll see you in the morning, then." He nudged Denny, who shook him off. He was tired, hungry, pissed off, and more than happy to leave.


"Is this all of the information you were able to obtain?" A large man sitting in an equally large chair smiled at the two young people in from of him.

"Yes, sir," the boy glanced up very briefly. "I hope it will be helpful."

"It will. Thank you, and we will call you if we need more assistance," the man smiled at them again.

"Sir," the girl spoke quietly. "What is this all about?"

"That is none of your business, young lady. You will see soon enough, though. Good work, and you may both go."

As soon as they were gone, he grinned, placing the first hard drive into the computer. As soon as he clicked on it to open it, the computer shut down. When he tried another one, the same thing happened. Growling in frustration, he picked up the phone. This was going to be more difficult than he had thought.


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