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S.T.A.R#3: Security Breach

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

After closing a big case, all the teams want to do is rest. That will not be possible with the threats and attacks at all the STAR bases. This case will be more difficult for some agents than others, erecting memories that are better left behind. They must find out who is attacking and stop them, which is not easy when Alex's team is left short handed... View table of contents...


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The next morning, the captain and chief received a call from the police department, regarding the attack on the station the night before. They were advised to keep this from the STAR teams, until it became a threat large enough to address. The captain disagreed with him, wanting to let the leaders know as soon as possible. It was better to be on the safe side.

There was a meeting called for all the STAR members to meet, except for Agent Randy Benson, who was still being held in the hospital. The captain informed them about the attack, and told them to stay on alert, in case the man decided to show up at STAR. They knew there were powers involved, but could not tell what type. They were not sure if it was even a mutant they were dealing with. The agents were dismissed to take some time off, but required to come in if something happened. This was a daily thing for them, anyway.

As soon as the meeting was over, Jorden disappeared. He didn't really feel like being around any mutants right now, especially after what he had heard the night before. He had allowed himself to believe, just for a short moment, that Bailey had changed his mind and had feelings for him. He now knew that he had been played with, and it led him to the conclusion that Bailey was not any different from any other human. They were all fickle, when it came to feelings. He didn't understand why the others didn't see that he acted the way he did to them, because he was completely honest. He laughed to himself. Or, at least, up front. Humans could be so confusing at times, and he didn't want to deal with them.

Lying back against the tree he was in, he fell asleep. That was his favorite pass time.


Once they were all free to do what they wanted, Alex asked Bailey if he wanted to take a walk. They went around back, where there was not much traffic.

They walked in silence for a while, then Alex turned to his lover. "Baby, I have a question that you may not like very much, but is bothering me. Is that okay?"

Bailey gave him a strange look. "Yeah, of course. What is it?" He was hoping it did not have anything to do with his talk with Will.

Alex tightened his grip on Bailey's hand. "Babe, I know you are attracted to Jorden…he is good looking, though he isn't my type," he paused, and Bailey had a bad feeling that Alex might be breaking up with him, so he interrupted.

"Liebe, what is this getting at?" Bailey looked very nervous now. "I do get along with Jorden, but…"

Alex turned to look at him. "I'm just wondering how you felt about him. If you like him, then it wouldn't be fair for me to get in the way. I mean, it is difficult to be chosen over, but I can understand why people do it. It's just how they feel."

Bailey smiled at him. "I do think he is very good looking, and I get along with him. He is also intriguing…but I could never leave you for him. If I were single, I might consider him, but I'm happy here. I love you, and am not going anywhere." He remembered what Will had told him about Alex being afraid of relationships. He had a feeling that was where he questions had come from.

Alex nodded, smiling slightly. "I'm sorry if it bothers you that I'm asking this, but I had to. I mean, if you want to be with Jorden, then I won't hold you back. I would be happy seeing you happy. I love you, but would let you go."

Bailey looked into his eyes, his own serious. "Alex, I see where this is coming from, but you don't have anything to worry about. You are a very special person, and I wouldn't have come back to New York if I didn't want to be with you. That is honestly the reason I came back. I know it seems that I flirt with Jorden, but it doesn't mean anything. I won't do it anymore."

Alex smiled. "That didn't bother me. He does, but you don't. That's good to hear, though.

Bailey bit his lip, feeling guilty for making out with Jorden, especially when Alex was saying these things now. "I mean it, liebe," he spoke quietly.

Alex pulled him close. "I love you, baby," he said, kissing him on the lips.

Bailey deepened the kiss, vowing to never make out with Jorden again. He had everything he needed right here.


Liverpool, England; STAR Headquarters


"Is that all you've got?" Agent Denny Hartley grinned at the man he was currently being held down by.

The other man grinned back at him. "Well, I have you now, Hartley. I haven't been able to get out of this one before, and I don't see it happening this time."

Denny rolled his dark brown eyes. "Maybe you're right, Ben." He relaxed, letting the other man move and think he had won. As soon as he began to get up, Denny caught his arm, sitting up as he pushed the larger man back. "I have been sparing with you for a long time, and I know how you work. You can't get me that easily."

The other man sighed. "Fine. Let me up, and we can continue this."

Denny laughed. "I think I've won, though." His eyes were shining mischievously.

Ben grinned. "Maybe this round, but we're not done."

"Okay, I'll let you up, and we can start round two," he said, pulling the other man up carefully, staying alert, just in case he decided to take advantage of the position.

Once they were both back on their feet, Denny settled back in a fighting stance. He motioned for his partner to attack first, with his body tense and ready for it.

The other man threw a punch, which Denny blocked smoothly and threw one of his own. Ben caught his arm just above the elbow, twisting Denny's arm in a position that caused him to turn to the side. Denny stayed tense, but settled back against the other man. When he had moved his arm just a small fraction of an inch away, Denny stepped back, then kicked the other man in the shin. The kick was not hard enough to injure, but did cause him to let go. When he did, Denny spun around, attacking with a roundhouse kick to the stomach. Ben doubled over, and he caught him with an uppercut. The man was thrown off balance and fell to the ground. Denny stepped on the man's chest, grinning.

"I'll take this as surrender," he kept his foot where it was, but continued to stare at the man.

The other man sighed. "Okay, you win. Help me up."

Denny laughed, but held out his hand, anyway. It was a good end to the session.


Neither one of the men noticed the small figure jump down from the low part of the roof and make its way into the courtyard. Taking out the guard from behind with a taser, the small figure walked over to one of the computers and placed a thumb drive into it. Hacking into the system easily, the figure copied all the information on the desktop. Shutting down the computer again, they made their way out. Once they were far enough away, the young person pulled off the cap holding up long hair. Letting it fall down, she held up the walkie in her hand.

"I have the information, sir," she grinned. "These people are so easy."

"Good," the male voice sounded pleased. "Now, get out of there, before they catch you."


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