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S.T.A.R#3: Security Breach

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

After closing a big case, all the teams want to do is rest. That will not be possible with the threats and attacks at all the STAR bases. This case will be more difficult for some agents than others, erecting memories that are better left behind. They must find out who is attacking and stop them, which is not easy when Alex's team is left short handed... View table of contents...


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Sergeant Felix Coppen was tired. He was not used to standing guard, and it was beginning to take a toll on his body. He glanced at his watch, noticing with a sigh that it was only 6:00 in the evening. That meant that he had an entire nine hours ahead of him.

Just when he had let his mind wander a bit, he heard a small noise from the side of the gate. Pulling out his night stick, Sgt.Coppen looked up, just in time to see a dark figure fly over the fence and catch him in the face with a steel toed boot. He blacked out seconds later, and the figure struggled to pull him off to the side. That way, it would be a few minutes until someone else found him.

Walking toward the police station, he made certain there were not any more police officers outside. Confident in his abilities, the young man lit the small bomb he had set on the side of the building. Stepping back, he covered his ears with his gloved hands and crouched down to wait for the blast.

Once it exploded, officers began pouring out of the station. They were busy surveying the damage from the bomb, baffled from the blast. One of the officers picked up his radio to call for help, when he was hit with a blast of solar energy. The officer cried out, because it had burned his back. This got the attention of the other officers, and they turned in the direction of the attack. At that moment, they were all blinded, and the pressure from the energy caused them all to pass out.

The young man frowned, then grabbed a gun, and a few other pieces of equipment he thought he could use, he walked over to the control room. It was still open, and the disk he was looking for was easy to find. Pulling it out of one of the computers, he ran back out the doors. His job was done, and he hoped his superiors would be pleased with it.


"Agent Lewis!" Bailey froze on the ground, though he could have been gone in less than a second. He stayed where he was, since he knew the man coming toward him had the authority to turn on the power inhibiting features in the immediate surroundings. He would rather stay there, waiting for the tongue lashing, rather than risk anything that had to do with taking his power.

Jorden Daken had jumped into a tree as soon as he had heard the other man approaching. He was now watching the action from a distance, but would come down if things happened to get too bad.

Will Mathias was still fuming when he reached Bailey, and he liked the fact that the other man was still on the ground. It made him feel more superior than he already was. Glaring at the other man, he began his rant. "What the hell do you think you're doing? Do you see this camera in my hand? Well, I had it with me, just in case this happened. I have several pictures of you two…" his voice trailed off. "WHAT THE HELL! After everything Alex has done for you, you betray him like this…" he shook his head. "I can't believe you," he glanced up into the tree. "You, I can believe, but as the instigator. Coward." He turned back to Bailey.

Jorden glared at him, remaining silent.

Bailey sighed and stood up quietly. "Look, Will. It was just a moment that happened. It didn't mean anything to me. I would never cheat on Alex, and I probably shouldn't have taken things as far as I did. Like I said, it didn't mean anything to me…Jorden is just a friend, who I have the ability to thank in certain ways. That's all."

Will laughed. That had sounded ridiculous to him. "If that's how you thank your friends, I hope you never have to thank me. I still can't fucking believe you…he trusts you, damn it. You probably haven't noticed, but he talks to me about everything, even things I don't want to know. Most of it is about you…fuck you," he said the curse in almost a whisper, but with just as much bitterness, as it would have had louder.

"I'm sorry, Will. It won't happen again," Bailey glanced to the tree Jorden had been in, but he was gone. He had a good idea of what had chased the delicate blond off. "I love Alex."

Will glared at him again. "I know you do. That's what makes this so horrible. Look, I won't show this to Alex, unless it does happen again. I think you forgot about the camera that is now hidden out here."

Bailey cursed lightly. "I did forget all about it…damn it."

Will shook his head, still angry. "I turned it off, so Alex wouldn't see this. I'll just tell the captain that it was broken," he paused. "Now, you should go take a shower. Then maybe you should try to make it up to your boyfriend. I wouldn't mention it to him, though." He turned and walked off, leaving Bailey there alone. He felt stupid, and was wondering where Jorden had gone. He didn't have to wonder why the other man had left. The things he had said had been very hurtful.


That night, Alex took Bailey out to eat. The last case had been a tough one, and he wanted to spend some quality time with his boyfriend. They talked about everything, except the recent case. It was better to leave it in the past, for now. Alex noticed that Bailey was acting strange, but he blamed it on fatigue.

When they got back to the house, the two of them went straight to their room. Alex wanted to make up for their lost time.


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