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S.T.A.R.#1: The Stray

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

Alex finds a young man in the side of the road and takes him in, not sure about his intentions. View table of contents...


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While they were waiting for the food at the dining hall, the captain explained everything to Bailey. S.T.A.R. stood for Stun, Takedown, Arrest, and Rehabilitate. It had gained its name from the methods and practices most commonly used in the organization. They would receive calls from the police department to take care of situations that were beyond regular human control. There were five other branches of S.T.A.R. in San Francisco, California; Washington, DC; Liverpool, England; and Berlin, Germany. It had been formed when the police departments and intelligence agencies had begun to have too many losses, due to supernatural enemies. With the teams formed, there was more control, though many places in the world had not yet accepted the idea of people with powers working for the government. The captain explained that this particular team was not fully formed, but would be with time. It was still fresh, and the members were younger than the average on the other teams.

When the captain had finished speaking, Bailey looked up from his third full plate of food. It was already halfway gone, while the others were still working on their first or second. "Well, now that you've explained everything, what are your powers?" He said, addressing the brothers.

Alex smiled at him. "I have the power to manipulate energy, from which I can create electricity. It was one hell of a power to control, as a teenager," he grinned at Bailey, who grinned back.

"And you?" he turned to Will. "What are your powers?"

Will shrugged. "Mine isn't nearly as cool as yours or Alex's. I can read objects and people by touching them."

Bailey stared at him. "Wow, that's amazing! I have never heard of anything like that," he smiled at Will. "That is definitely not boring."

Will smiled back quietly. "Thanks."

The curious young man turned to the captain. "And you, sir? What are your powers?"

The captain laughed. "I don't have any. I was simply hired to be in charge of them, along with the other teams."

"So, how many teams do you have here?" Bailey seemed to be full of questions, and he was very hyper, after eating.

"There are three full teams here," the captain motioned toward the brothers. "Alex and Will simply help the other teams right now, since we are still trying to form this one."

Bailey was quiet for a moment, then he looked up at the three of them. "Thank you for rescuing me. I'm sure I would be dead, if Alex had not found me when he did. I just hope I can find some way to repay you guys."

The captain glanced at Alex and Will. "Well, like I said, you can stick around for as long as you like. We will help you catch the people who abused you, and bring them to justice."

"Thank you," Bailey whispered. "That means a lot to me. By the way, is there a phone I can use to call my sisters and let them know I 'm still alive?"

Alex smiled at him, touching his hand softly. "Here," he said, placing his cell phone in Bailey's hand.

"Thanks," Bailey's bright, blue eyes were now serious. "Excuse me," he said, standing up and walking out of the room.

As soon as he was gone, the captain turned to the agents. "So, what do you guys think of trying him out for our team? As a speedster, he would be expensive. That would be the main reason S.T.A.R. stopped employing them," he sighed. "However, I think he may have the right personality to mix with you guys, and he would be invaluable."

Alex glanced at his brother, who nodded. "I think it would be a good idea, once we get to know him a little better."

"Me, too," Will took a drink of his iced tea. "He obviously has some issues to work through, but he would also be a huge asset."

"He would," the captain agreed. "I'm worried about testing him, though. He is very sensitive about that."

"Yeah, he is," Alex shook his head. "I wouldn't mention anything about it yet, if I were you, sir. We should give him time to adjust."

The captain nodded. "I agree."


The captain took Bailey's statement again, this time on tape. He also had him identify the men who had abducted him, using composite sketches. As soon as he was done, the captain let Bailey do whatever he wanted, as long as he did not leave the base. He had explained to the young man that he was not a suspect, but a protected witness.

They found out where the criminal warehouse was, using one of the telepaths to track a member. As soon as they had a location, two of the teams were sent out to investigate.

They would probably be gone for most of the day, so the captain had given Alex and Will the day off. He wanted to see how they got along with Bailey, since he was thinking about asking him to join them. He was still curious about his speed and endurance levels, but knew it would be better to wait for testing until he was more comfortable with them, and completely recovered from his traumatic ordeal. In the meantime, the captain had met with the chief. He was not entirely thrilled about adding a speedster to any of the teams, but had sent in a letter to the head of security, anyway. The captain would see what they said, before asking the young man to join them.

Alex and Will gave Bailey a tour of the base, at the same time asking questions about him. They found out that he had two older sisters, who where still living in New Hampshire. They had been orphaned seven years ago, when Bailey was fourteen. They would have died, also, if it had not been for his newly developed ability of super speed. He had moved to New York when he was eighteen for college, but had been dropped from his classes because of financial issues. He was now just trying to find a job to make ends meet. If he was unable to, he would be moving back home.

Alex and Will told him about themselves, also. They had both been born in the S.T.A.R. base hospital, since their father had worked for them. However, their mother had died in childbirth with Alex, and their father had been killed on a job, when they were ten and twelve. They had both started training with their powers as soon as they had developed, and had begun training for S.T.A.R. when they were each 17. That meant that Will had been training for two years longer than Alex.

They wandered around for a while, then, when it was almost dark, the three headed back.

When Bailey had gone to take a shower, Will called his brother into one of the bedrooms. Closing the door, he grinned at him.

"You like him, don't you?" His grin became wider.

Alex smiled. "Of course. He's a really nice guy."

Will rolled his eyes. "That's not what I mean, and you know it. You have been watching him for days, and it wasn't with the same general concern the rest of us have had for him."

Alex sighed. "Alright, yes. He is extremely good looking, and has a great personality. It would be nice to get to know him better," he was blushing, despite himself. "We don't even know which way he swings, though."

Will laughed. "I think I have a good idea, from the way he's been acting around you. There's hope."

"Hey, are you staying here tonight, or going back to the house?" Alex asked, changing the subject.

Will laughed again. "I think it would be better to stay here tonight."

Alex sighed again. "Sounds good to me. Goodnight."

"'Night, bro," Will said. "You should go see if our pretty boy is comfortable."

Alex glared at him. "Goodnight," he said, with emphasis.


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