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S.T.A.R.#1: The Stray

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

Alex finds a young man in the side of the road and takes him in, not sure about his intentions. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 25, 2010    Reads: 197    Comments: 6    Likes: 5   

Over the next few days, Alex stayed by the sleeping man's side. The doctors had told him it would probably take a while for him to wake up, since the drug had taken such a heavy toll on him. It was the drug itself that puzzled the doctors, since they were unable to identify it as anything in their database. They were possibly more afraid of it than the man.

The results from the blood test had come back positive for mutant DNA. His particular power was super speed, but was currently hampered by the drug in his system. The doctors had taken extra precautions, putting power neutralizing handcuffs on his wrists. They had given Alex a band that would vibrate if the man woke up, so he could let them know immediately.

On the third night of watching the man, Alex woke up to the band vibrating. His eyes shot open, and he watched the still form from the corner of his eye. He was ready to restrain the man, if he tried to escape.

Waiting patiently, he watched as the dark haired man opened his eyes slowly. He lay there silently, staring at the ceiling, which made Alex even more nervous than he already was. The man finally looked over at Alex calmly, his bright, cerulean blue eyes shining. He tried to move his hand up, but as soon as he felt the handcuffs, he flipped out. His eyes now wide with fear, the man began jerking on the handcuffs. Alex jumped out of his chair, approaching the frightened man as he would have a wild animal.

The man gave him a pleading look, sinking down into the bed as Alex came closer. "Please, just get them off. I'll do whatever you want. I can't stand to have them on. I really can't. Please..." His voice trailed off, and he watched Alex. "What did I do to deserve this? Where am I, and how did I get here?"

Alex studied the man's face, seeing sincerity. He also knew it could be the drug talking, but didn't think so.

Sitting down carefully, Alex smiled at him. "My name is Alex Mathias, and I am not here to hurt you. I found you on the side of the road three days ago. I brought you here to get help."

The man glared at him. "You help people by putting power inhibitors on them? That's very generous."

Alex sighed, reaching for the handcuffs. "I'll take them off, if you promise not to hurt anyone."

The other man gave him a bitter smile. "The only person I'm gonna hurt is you, if you don't take them off, and tell me where a restroom is," he offered a half smile. "Please."

Alex grinned. "Sure." Reaching for the first cuff, he unfastened it. Moving to the other one, Alex set them on the nightstand.

The man smiled at him, rubbing his wrists as he sat up. "Now, where's your restroom? I have got to pee something fierce."

Alex grinned at him again. "It's down the hall. There's a shower in there, too."

"Thanks," the man bolted off the bed, making it to the restroom in seconds.

Alex watched him go, knowing he could not escape. The walls had force fields on them, which prevented anyone from using powers to get in or out of the building. Sitting back, he called his brother. Will came to the room as soon as he heard the man was awake, waiting with Alex until he came back.


Alex called the captain, letting him know the man was awake, but not a threat. The captain sounded skeptical, but trusted Alex's judgement. He agreed to leave the man to walk freely around the compound, as long as he could tell him who he was and where he had come from.

That afternoon, the captain approached the man, who was sitting on the bed he was using, staring at the wall. Touching the young man lightly on the arm, he spoke softly. "May we have a meeting with you? All of us, so we can get to know you."

The dark haired man glanced at him, then back at the wall. "As long as you don't run tests on me, I'll do what..." he paused."Almost whatever you want. When do you want me? I can go now, if you need me to."

The captain smiled at him. "It might be best to get this straightened out now."

The man nodded quietly. "Let's go, then."

He followed the older man into an office, where Will and Alex were already waiting. Taking a seat further away from them, the man smiled softly. "Where would you like me to begin?"

The captain smiled back at him. "All we need to know is who you are, and what happened to you. We would like that information, so we can help you."

The man took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "My name is Bailey Lewis, and I am from New Hampshire. I have been in New York City since 2020, when I was 14. I went in for a job interview six days ago, which was a trap set by someone who knew of my abilities. They started running tests on me," Bailey paused, obviously reliving the moment. He shook his head, then continued. "After they were satisfied with the results..." he dropped his gaze to the table. "Anyway...they forced me to do all sorts of things for them, including sex and stealing, by using power inhibitors. I don't have much control over what I do when they are on."

Alex looked at the captain, anger on his face. "How did you end up drugged and passed out?"

Bailey smiled bitterly. "I escaped out a window, after one of the younger members of their gang, or whatever, took the inhibitors off by mistake. I was still drugged, but made it to the road by the time any of them woke up. That's all I remember, until now."

The captain sighed. "I promise we do not have any plans close to what they did to you. In fact, you are welcome to simply stay here, and do not have to do anything you do not want to do."

Bailey nodded. "Thank you. Where is this place, by the way? Also, I'm sorry, but I'm really hungry."

The captain grinned. "We will fix you some food, and we can explain what this place is while we eat."


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