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S.T.A.R #2: Vampires

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

The team is back, with a case that might be too dangerous for even their expertise. When Alex's team is sent to investigate a case of vampire killings, it is not the ancient bloodsuckers they are after, but the mysterious man who is assisting the agents.Alex's team is to find out who he is, and what his intentions are. View table of contents...


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While the agents were waiting for a decision, they decided to work on drills. This way, they could practice working together before they were in the field. They split up into two teams, as they would be in this particular case. Team A was put as the offense, first, which left team C as defense.

The game began with team C hiding behind whatever they could find. Alex found an old shed, which was falling apart. Hiding against one wall, he created a ball of energy. It was not strong enough to hurt anyone, like it would be with the vampires, but would work to stun an agent momentarily.

Will decided to hide on the ground itself, laying flat out where the other agents would not be able to see him very well. He would be ready to jump up at a moment's notice.

Terry hid inside an old pipe, planning to use his telekinesis to throw his opponent.

Jorden decided he was going to stay in the open. He had learned not to hide, as it could leave you with more vulnerabilities than advantages. He thought it would be easier to avoid and attack the other team as they came at him. What surprised him was that Bailey had the same idea, planning on using his speed to get away. Jorden smiled to himself, wanting to work with Bailey.

The game started out with team C taking their positions. Jorden glanced at Bailey. "What's our plan?"

Bailey shrugged. "I don't know. Just avoid them, and attack where you can. Defend the hiding agents."

Jorden nodded. "Sound good."

The two stayed on guard, and when team A rushed at them, Bailey led them in circles, away from his hiding teammates. The agents were used to Bailey's speed, but still irritated that they did not have a chance at keeping up. He ran around the compound, unseen be the agents, and attacked them by surprise. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a figure jump onto one of the practice beams. The agents chasing him stopped, distracted be the strange sight.

Jorden was walking on the beam, taunting the other agents. One of them shot at him with the rubber darts they had been given. As Bailey watched, Jorden darted sideways, avoiding it completely. He shot back at the agent, hitting him in the neck and taking him out of the game. The other agents stopped chasing Bailey, watching Jorden's catlike movements. He had managed to avoid everything by moving quickly, with perfect balance and precision.

Deciding this was a good opportunity to train the new agent, the leader of team A motioned to Bailey. He rushed to the beam, shaking it and almost causing Jorden to lose his balance. The leader took the advantage, sending a gust of air from around his hand, shooting at Jorden. He saw it coming, flipping into the air and landing on the ground. He disappeared before the other agents could process what had happened. This paused the game momentarily, and the other members of team B began to emerge. They did not see this as a game against team A any longer, but against Jorden.

Alex grinned at Bailey, who smiled back quickly. He was completely focused, ready for Jorden to attack at any time.

Will touched the beam, trying to read Jorden's prior movements. What he saw shocked him. Several testing sessions, performed on the young agent, whether he liked it or not. At times, he would beg the scientists to stop, but they ignored him, forcing him to endure them. Will could see him giving up, yielding to his superiors. It made Will sad, and he stopped before seeing any further. He needed to stay focused, in case the catlike man decided to show back up.

They all stayed on guard, keeping their defenses and powers up.

While they were waiting, Jorden crept behind the female second of team A, Deana. She never saw or felt him coming, and was caught around the waist before she could resist. Jorden placed the dart gun at her head, treating it as a hostage situation. Making eye contact with the other members, he backed away, pulling her with him. He stopped when he was out of the range of the rubber bullets.

The leader of team A glanced at Alex, who grinned back. "He just gave us a good opening for practicing a hostage situation. I'm sorry it had to be your girl he took."

The other leader, Mike, shrugged. "She can take care of herself. That's why she's my second, mainly."

Alex shook his head, frowning. It was also so they could be together. He really needed to figure out something about Bailey and himself, but that could wait. Right now, they had a hostage to worry about.

Moving over to the other leader, he motioned for the rest of his team to join them. Once they were all huddled together, he spoke.

"If we attack straight out, he's going to blow her head off," he glanced at Mike, who nodded with a smirk. "We don't know what he's capable of, so we need to be careful. Does anyone have any ideas?"

"Well, I could get her away before he knows what happened," Bailey suggested quietly, trying not to sound boastful.

Alex nodded. "That's true, but he may be stronger than you, and could hold onto her. It would have been better to test his strength before now."

Will grinned. "Bailey did a good job of distracting team A while we were hiding, so we could let him play mind games with the cat, while we attack him with our powers. The only thing with that would be avoiding hitting Deana."

Alex glanced at Mike. "It's your call, since your second is in jeopardy. No pressure," he smiled at the other leader.

Mike grimaced. "Thanks, Mathias. I think we should mix Bailey and Will's plans. Use Bailey to distract him, at first, while attacking with our powers. Will should stay back with the dart gun, ready to take any opening he can get. Bailey can then rushed behind Jorden and grab him."

Alex nodded. "Sounds like a plan. Let's get into position."

Bailey glanced at Jorden, who was still holding Deana tightly against him. "Guys, how do we know he didn't hear us? He has cat hearing."

Alex chuckled. "From the info on his charts, he's too far away for that. We're safe."

They began their game, with Alex starting out with a shot at Jorden's shoulder. The other man moved quickly, pulling Deana with him and keeping the gun in place. When she tried to head butt him, he ducked away, squeezing her tighter. She glared at him, elbowing him in the ribs. He smiled at her, trapping both of her arms behind her before she could resist. Turning back to the other agents, Jorden made eye contact with Alex.

Alex glared back at him, shooting at his head with a dart. The captor avoided it, glancing at him again. Bailey sped away from the group while they were focused on Jorden. Unseen by the blond man, he rushed behind him, placing the gun at the back of his head.

Jorden froze, knowing the speedster had caught him by surprise. He also knew Bailey could move faster than himself. Glancing at Bailey, then the others, he noticed that they had lowered their weapons.

Bailey smiled, his face mere centimeters from Jorden's. "What's your plan now, kitty?" He whispered, teasing Jorden by running his hand through the other man's hair. He could feel his cock becoming hard from the close contact with the other man. It bothered him, since he was with Alex.

Jorden took a deep, but shaky breath. "If I move, you'll counter. What would you do for me if I let her go?" He asked this while smiling at Bailey.

Bailey grinned back. "Well, seeing as you can't take me out, I think I already have you. If you let her go, I would take you in for questioning, and if you cooperate, I might let you go."

"I see," Jorden frowned at him. "I don't have a chance, then?"

Bailey shook his head. "Nope. Sorry, but I'm with Alex."

Jorden laughed quietly, tightening his grip on Deana, who was not fighting them anymore, but listening. "You don't know the rules on that, do you?"

"What rules?" Bailey glanced at the others, who where still in position to take Jorden out.

Deana shook her head, as well as she was able to. "Nothing, Bailey. Just ignore him," she glared at Jorden, surprising him by prying into his mind with her telepathy. It took longer than usual for her to get into his mind, but when she did, she frowned. 'I can see what you are trying to do, and no, he doesn't have any idea what the dating rules are in the department. You should stay quiet, especially since he already turned you down.' She stepped out abruptly, leaving Jorden with a slight headache.

Jorden glanced at the others, who were sill in position. Lowering the gun, he smiled at Bailey. "You're good. I give up, at least for now."

Bailey backed off, nodding at Alex. The game was over.


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