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S.T.A.R #2: Vampires

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

The team is back, with a case that might be too dangerous for even their expertise. When Alex's team is sent to investigate a case of vampire killings, it is not the ancient bloodsuckers they are after, but the mysterious man who is assisting the agents.Alex's team is to find out who he is, and what his intentions are. View table of contents...


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The man raised his hands, showing Bailey they were empty, then dropped his guns on the ground. Bailey grabbed some handcuffs, then, realizing they were the power inhibitors, he decided against them. He had never trusted them, and he was not going to subject someone else to them. To him, it did not matter if it was his worst enemy. Approaching the man instead, he picked up the guns, then grabbed his arm.

"Who are you? My name is Bailey Lewis, and I work for the S.T.A.R. organization," Bailey picked up his radio again, calling Alex.

"Where the hell are you, and why were you not answering me a minute ago?" Alex's worried voice came over the crackling speaker.

Bailey frowned. He sometimes forgot that Alex was his leader, and he had to do what he said. "I'm in the trees, still. If you want, I'll bring him over there. I'm talking to him, right now."

"No. Stay there. You scared the crap out of me, baby," Alex sounded relieved. "You should answer me more often."

"I know, I'm sorry I stepped out of line," Bailey was still watching the man. "You guys are on your way, right?"

"Yeah," Alex smiled. "Keep talking, and we can follow your voice."

"Yes, sir," Bailey answered quietly. Turning back to the hunter, he kept the radio turned up. "So, like I was saying, my name is Bailey, and we have no intentions of hurting you," he smiled. "This gun is for the vampire."

The man glanced at the gun. "I know what those are. They're full of silver laced tranqs, huh?"

Bailey looked surprised. "Yeah, they are. You're good." He heard the others come up behind him, but did not turn around.

Alex glanced at the man, surprised by his glowing eyes. "Who are you?" he asked bluntly, reaching for the inhibitors. Bailey laid his free hand on his lover's arm, his blue eyes wide and pleading. "Please, don't use those. I think he'll come with us willingly."

Alex smiled at him gently. "I have to, babe. They're standard."

Bailey backed off, frowning. His eyes flicked to the hunter, irritated. "I'm sorry," he said to the man, offering a weak smile. He was beginning to feel sick to his stomach, just thinking about them.

The hunter did not move as Alex placed the inhibitors on his wrists.

"Who are you?" Alex repeated.

'My name is Jorden, and..." he paused. "Can we talk somewhere else? I would really like to speak with your chief or captain."

Alex rolled his eyes. "Okay, well, you'll be meeting them soon enough," he glanced at Bailey, who avoided his eyes.

They headed to Will's truck, which had Alex's bike in the back. Alex rode in the back seat, next to the hunter, with the other members in the back of the truck, watching the tranquilized vampire. Will glanced at Bailey, who had stayed in the back of the group the entire way there. "Can we talk when we get back?"

Bailey nodded quietly, looking out the window.


When they got back to the station, Alex took the man straight to the interrogation room. The chief and captain were both already waiting for them.

When they had secured the vampire, the chief turned to the team.

"I was not expecting you to catch him so soon," he looked at the man, whose eyes had dimmed. In the light, the pupils of his bright green eyes had widened. They were slit, like a cat's, instead of human. He had light blond hair that fell over one eye, and pale skin. "What's your name, son?" The chief smiled at him softly.

The man smiled back, glaring at the light momentarily. "My name is Jorden Daken, and I have been working undercover for S.T.A.R. for two years now," he pulled out a badge, which verified what he was saying. "My chief knew you guys were having trouble with vampires, so he sent me to help you with catching them. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you sooner, but there were too many of them out there."

The captain nodded slowly. "Which location do you operate from?"

"Washington, D.C, " Jorden smiled at him. "As I understand it, one of your members is thinking about leaving, though. Do you need a replacement?"

The chief frowned. "We would need to verify your word first, no offense. On top of that, we need to find out more about you."

Jorden nodded. "Of course. Dig away," he glanced at Alex, somewhat intimidated by him.


While the chief and captain talked to Jorden, Will smiled at Bailey. "May I speak with you alone?"

"Sure," Bailey offered a tiny smile.

Alex started to object, but Will held up a hand. "Alex, I need to speak with him, without your two sense worth, sir." He added the last word sarcastically. He turned to Bailey. "Will you take a walk with me?"

"Sure," Bailey glanced at Alex, who smiled at him quietly.

Bailey smiled back, then followed Will.

They walked out into the courtyard, following the winding paths. Will was quiet for a moment, then he turned to the younger man.

"Alex didn't mean to hurt you by using the inhibitors. Like he said, they are standard, and should have been put on the guy immediately," he grinned at Bailey. "I can understand why you didn't, though, and I think Alex does, also. That's why he didn't mention it to you."

Bailey nodded, sighing deeply. "Will, sometimes I feel like I'm out of place here. I mean, you guys grew up into this, and the rest of the team was taken from either another location, or academy. I was rescued from the streets and ..." he paused. "It just feels like I was taken pity on."

Will shook his head, his brown eyes serious. "No, you weren't. The captain saw something very special in you, and it wasn't just your powers. He saw an agent," he paused. "Do you know what I'm saying? No one took pity on you."

Bailey stopped to look at one of the trees, which was beginning to bloom. "It just seems so fantastical to me, still. You guys have given me so much, and I don't know how to repay that."

Will smiled at him. "It wasn't what we gave you, but what you have given us. Especially Alex," he said, looking into Bailey's eyes. "You gave him a reason to believe someone could love him. He has always doubted himself, when it comes to love, partly from growing up without parents and being turned down so many times when he has gone on dates. You were the first person to stick around, and he's a bit insecure about that."

Bailey smiled, laughing softly, embarrassed. "I'm not going anywhere. He's everything to me, and I will do all I can to make sure he doesn't forget."

Will nodded. "I know. Thank you. Did you have anything else that was bothering you?"

Bailey started to shake his head, then looked at Will. "Is there something bothering Alex, recently?"

Will shook his head. It was best to keep that from Bailey, at least, for the time being. "No. I think he's just stressed right now."

Bailey looked a little unsure, but smiled, anyway. "Okay, that's good. Hopefully, we still have tomorrow off. All of our days off seem to be stolen from us, recently."

Will grinned. "No shit. Let's head back inside and see if the captain will let us in on the details of this Jorden guy."


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