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S.T.A.R #2: Vampires

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

The team is back, with a case that might be too dangerous for even their expertise. When Alex's team is sent to investigate a case of vampire killings, it is not the ancient bloodsuckers they are after, but the mysterious man who is assisting the agents.Alex's team is to find out who he is, and what his intentions are. View table of contents...


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Once they got back to the base, Alex turned to Jorden. "Thanks. I guess I haven't given you enough credit. You really do know how to deal with vampires."

"I know. That's what I have been telling you this entire time," Jorden smiled at them, but avoided looking at Bailey.

Alex turned to Kyle. "I would suggest getting him to the lab as soon as possible. They should still have some of Bailey's blood, so the poison can be flushed out thoroughly now," he smiled. "You need to be prepared to deal with the situation, in case he isn't himself."

Kyle nodded, smiling sadly down at the man in his arms. "I know. Thank you all for doing this. I know it was risky."

"It was worth it," Bailey voiced the opinions of all the other agents. Alex pulled him close, kissing his hair. He was just glad the speedster had not been sacrificed. If he had, he would not have been thanking Jorden, but rather, killing him.


That night, they all slept well, having worked well over their scheduled times. The next morning, there was a meeting called, where the agents were all thanked for their service. After the others were dismissed, the captain held the leaders back, to speak with them separately.

Once the agents had left the room, Bailey turned to Jorden. "May I have a word with you?" He glanced at the others. "Alone."

"Certainly," Jorden smiled. He had not been alone with the speedster since the night in the tree. "My place or yours?"

Bailey grinned at the joke. "The courtyard, if that's okay."

"Sure," Jorden pulled his jacket on, watching the other man do to same.

They headed out to the courtyard quietly, walking along the paths. When they were passing one of the trees, Bailey stopped, pulling him down to the grass. When they were both sitting, he turned to Jorden.

"That really was an amazing thing you did for Agent Benson. He would not have left there alive, not to mention, the rest of us," he smiled at Jorden. "I know Alex isn't too fond of you, but maybe he can change his opinion. I know I have," he suddenly looked nervous. "I know I'm not supposed to do this, but I think you deserve it."

Before Jorden could react, Bailey had pushed him to the ground, capturing his lips with his own. Jorden scooted down, so their erections were rubbing against each other. Bailey noticed that Jorden's tongue was slightly rough, like a cat's, and it made him all the more horny. Thrusting his cock against the other man's, he set up a pace, which Jorden followed smoothly. They kissed and thrust against each other, until Jorden arched against him, crying out as he released at the same time as Bailey. The taller man rolled off of him, laying beside him as they both tried to catch their breath.

"This doesn't change anything," Bailey smiled at him. "That was just a thank you."

"I know," Jorden spoke quietly. "I know how you feel about Alex, but maybe someday, you will change your mind."

Bailey sat up. "I doubt it, Jorden. We should get back inside, before they start to wonder where we went."

"I agree," Jorden kissed him lightly. "I won't give up, though."

"I know," Bailey grinned at him.


Neither one of them noticed the man walking away from the fence quietly, after taking several photos. He swore as he walked around the building.


The next day, the results came back from Agent Benson's blood tests. There was not any sign of a taint in him, but the doctors were still keeping him separate. He did not have any idea about what had happened, which was what they had been hoping for.

The agents were given a few days off, since they had been though quite an ordeal. They were all very happy about it.

The End


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