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S.T.A.R #2: Vampires

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

The team is back, with a case that might be too dangerous for even their expertise. When Alex's team is sent to investigate a case of vampire killings, it is not the ancient bloodsuckers they are after, but the mysterious man who is assisting the agents.Alex's team is to find out who he is, and what his intentions are. View table of contents...


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The next morning, the captain called another meeting for all the S.T.A.R. teams. The leader of team B attended, though he understood that he would not be going with them. He was still healing from the bite, and he had not regained his powers completely. He had asked if he could attend, so he knew what was going on.

The chief waited until everyone was seated, then began.

"Ladies and gentlemen, headquarters has decided that you will not go in tonight, but this afternoon. That will give you an advantage, in case something should go wrong. We will send Agents Daken and Lewis in first, since they have the powers and knowledge to deal with this. If they should come in contact with a vampire, they are to try and draw it out of the warehouse. If the vampires come out, they will turn to ash. That is why we are going in during the day," he looked over the crowd, noticing that Alex did not look pleased with the plan. He also knew that the leader would not question him, and liked that. "One obstacle Agent Daken brought to my attention is that there are two types of vampires: Old World and New World. The first is the one we are dealing with, that can be killed by stakes, silver, holy water, the sun, and so on. The second type is the type we do not see very often. They look exactly like us, and can retract their fangs. The only things that can kill them are holy water in strong amounts, spells, and silver bullets. It is almost impossible to detect them, since humans cannot sense vampires. They do not hunt as openly as their counter parts, and when they do, it will still be at night. They are more like criminals with fangs, than super natural creatures. Does anyone have any questions?"

"Yeah, Chief," Alex still looked pissed off. "If these vampires are so dangerous, why are we sending in our fastest man? These blood suckers are fast, too. They could catch even Bailey, most likely," he squeezed his boyfriend's hand. "I do not feel safe sending him in, when there is a chance he could be caught by these demons."

The chief sighed deeply, looking at Alex. This is exactly what the department was afraid of, when they did not want you to stay with Agent Lewis. He becomes a liability to you, and that is not something we should be able to afford. It leaves your team blind. He stepped out, and Alex saw Deana glance at him. He frowned, knowing the chief had channeled her power to speak with him. He had the power to manipulate other people's powers, but did not have telepathy, himself. Alex had never been comfortable with that power, especially since the chief had not given him any time to argue.

"Sir, Agent Mathias does have a point," Jorden smiled. "I do not need Bai...Agent Lewis, to go with me. I can scope out the place, myself."

The chief shook his head. "Thank you for the concern, Agent Daken, but it would be better to send you both in. That way you can rely on each other's instincts and powers, while you are looking around."

Will chuckled softly to Alex and Bailey. "Okay, so we can rely on his cat instincts...right. He is a born hunter, and will probably go for the kill immediately."

Alex frowned at him, noticing that Bailey's hand had tensed in his. "Will, don't say that. If he did that, it would put Bailey at risk, and blow our plan. He had better not even go there."

"Dude, I was joking," Will grinned at him, glancing at Jorden. He knew the blond man had heard him, but did not care.

"Well, Agents, there is the plan. You will leave as soon as everyone is ready. The vampires should be in their warehouse, sleeping, so we have the element of surprise on our sides," he smiled at them all. "Be careful, and good luck. Dismissed."

Alex shook his head, standing up and pulling Bailey with him. He did not like this plan, but knew he did not have a choice. Glancing at Jorden, he walked out. They needed to get their equipment ready.


An hour later, they were in the truck, headed to one of the agent's homes. That would be where they would leave the vehicles, since it was close to the warehouse. They would be walking from there.

Jorden caught up with Alex and Bailey. "Agent Lewis, may I have a quick word with our leader?" He smiled at Bailey, who nodded and dropped back to walk beside Will.

Alex watched him leave, then rolled his eyes over to Jorden. "What do you want?" He asked the question in a flat tone, showing that he was not interested.

"I just wanted to reassure you that Bailey will not be hurt or jeopardized on this mission. He can take care of himself, and I will not be overprotective," he smiled." I will be there, if he needs me, though."

Alex snorted. "I'm sure you will. You have been trying to steal him from me from the moment you laid eyes on him," he stopped, motioning for Will to take the others around him. Once they had, he turned to Jorden. "Look, the only reason I don't like you is because you seem to like Bailey one moment, then you are insulting him the next. It's not even a matter of you stealing him from me. If he left me for you, that would be his loss. I am not going to force him to stay with me, and I would value him as a friend and a teammate," he offered Jorden a bitter smile. "There is also the fact that you were trying to steal Deana, also. That tells me that you are a player, and would throw Bailey away when you were through with him. I will not tolerate that, since he has been used enough. If you hurt him, I will kill you myself. Do you understand me?"

Jorden smiled. "Of course, but you just gave me your permission to try and take him. Believe me, I was just playing with Deana, but never Bailey. I want him, and will not throw him away, once I get him. I guess that means the chase is on, dear leader."

Alex sighed. "Whatever. Like I said, he's free to do what he wants." He walked ahead of Jorden, catching up with Will to speak with him about the mission.


When they got to the warehouse, Jorden turned to Bailey. "Do you think you are ready for this?"

Bailey took a deep breath, then nodded. "I'm about as ready as I'll ever be. We are just scoping the place out, right?"

Jorden nodded. "Yeah, to see what they are up to. They should not be able to detect us, with the rock salt on our jackets. They might hear us, but they won't know where the noise is coming from," he smiled at Bailey, his green eyes shining. The pupils were wide slits, and Bailey found himself captivated by them. "Let's go, then."

"Yeah," Bailey grinned. "Hang on a sec," he said, turning to Alex and kissing him deeply. "See ya. I love you, and be careful out here."

Alex nodded, caressing his face lightly. "You, too. I love you." He kissed Bailey on the forehead. "See you later."

Bailey rejoined Jorden, who had been watching them with a neutral expression on his face. The two of them approached the warehouse, walking carefully and quietly. Sneaking around to the back, Jorden poured rock salt on the threshold of the door. That way, they could get out, but the vampires could not follow them. That was assuming there were not any Old World vampires in the warehouse.

Once they entered, they noticed that the entire place was quiet. Jorden stayed in front of Bailey, walking with his gun drawn. He knew that on this mission, they were not planning on taking any prisoners.

Checking every room, they noticed that the warehouse was empty. That most likely meant that the vampires knew someone would be coming, and had split. Now, they would have to track them down.


While they were inside, Alex got a call from the captain. Answering it, he heard worry in the older man's voice.

"Alex, the test results from Agent Benson's blood tests came back," the captain paused. "He had been bitten by an Old World vampire, and most likely turned," he sighed. "He would have healed from the bite, and the marks are gone. I'm sorry we didn't see this sooner, and you guys need to get back here now. He knows our plan, so we need to come up with a new one."

"Shit..."Alex sighed."Sir, is he still there?"

"No, he left as soon as you guys did," he cursed softly. "This is something we should have seen coming."

"Well, we didn't. We can handle this, sir," Alex said goodbye, then hung up. Picking up his radio, he spoke to Bailey and Jorden. "Be careful, guys. Agent Benson is one of them now."


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