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S.T.A.R #2: Vampires

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

The team is back, with a case that might be too dangerous for even their expertise. When Alex's team is sent to investigate a case of vampire killings, it is not the ancient bloodsuckers they are after, but the mysterious man who is assisting the agents.Alex's team is to find out who he is, and what his intentions are. View table of contents...


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As soon as Alex left the office, he was caught by Bailey. He was surprised, and tried to pull back, dropping the paper in the process. Bailey grabbed it before he could react, himself. Holding it, but not reading it, the brown haired man stared at him.

"I need to speak with you, if you have a moment," Bailey said softly, handing the paper back. Alex looked confused, but nodded. Bailey took that as an acceptance, grabbing his arm and rushing them to their room. Once there, he resumed his intent stare.

"Okay, babe," Alex smiled nervously. "What's up?"

Bailey snorted. "That's a good question! What has been going on with you? Don't you dare fucking lie to me," the young man shrugged. "Though I think you may have, already." When Alex opened his mouth, Bailey held up a hand. "I'm not accusing you. I just know when you are lying, but that's not the issue here," he glanced at the paper, which was still in Alex's hand. Sighing, he seemed to calm down a bit. Sitting down, Bailey smiled at Alex, and he saw insecurity in the speedster's eyes.

Alex sank down on the bed, himself, staring at the paper in his hand. "You're right about things being on my mind. Before you read this, you might want to see my letter to him, first. It's saved on my computer...go ahead," Alex picked up his computer, opening the document. He handed it to Bailey and leaned back against the headboard.

Bailey glanced at his boyfriend, then read the document in seconds. His face was neutral as he took the letter carefully, reading it at a conventional speed. When he had finished, Bailey sat still, staring at it.

He finally spoke, without looking up. "What...when were you planning on telling me about this? What does this mean?"

"Well, it means that we are still together...and headquarters doesn't have a problem with it," Alex replied quietly, seeing anger and hurt begin to build on his lover's face. "I would have..."

Bailey's head shot up, and he pointed at Alex. "What if they had said no, and it had ruined your career? Not to mention the fact that you didn't tell me, and we could have been torn apart by them. I wouldn't have had any warning, and might have broken it off, right there!" Bailey glared at him. "You could have, at least, been honest with me, and trusted me enough to fight against them with you! No. You don't even think about that...what if they had transferred one of us? They do have the power to do that, and we wouldn't have much to say about it. I would probably have been the one to go, and I might have just quit. Do you see what this could have done?"

Alex was quiet for a while, surprised by Bailey's outburst, but knowing it was the truth. He should have talked to him before, regardless of the consequences. "Look, baby...I'm sorry I didn't tell you, and wasn't honest with you. I really should have told you. I was just afraid that it would rip us apart in the time of not knowing what they would say...I know it was killing me, and I didn't want to subject you to that."

Bailey frowned. 'Well, sometimes you have to risk subjecting me to stuff. I'm not fragile, you know," he was quiet for a moment, then continued. "We're okay, though. You'll be honest with me from now on, right?"

Alex nodded. "Yeah, I will, no matter what anyone else says."

"Good," Bailey smiled softly. "I'm sorry for yelling at you," he paused again. "I think we should get out of here for a little while. I haven't seen my sisters in about six months, and you haven't met them, either. What do you think about going?"

"Today? Sounds good," Alex smiled at him, pulling him close.


The two of them left that afternoon, using Bailey's powers, instead of the bike. They visited for a while, and Bailey's oldest sister asked Alex a lot of questions while Bailey was not around. She wanted to make sure he was a good guy, and Alex understood that. The four of them hung out at the house for a while, then went out to eat.

They stayed until that evening, when Alex got a call from the captain. He wanted to run the plan by everyone again, so everyone knew what they were supposed to do the next day when they would apprehend the vampires. It was not going to be an easy task, and he wanted to make sure they were ready for it.


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