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S.T.A.R #2: Vampires

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

The team is back, with a case that might be too dangerous for even their expertise. When Alex's team is sent to investigate a case of vampire killings, it is not the ancient bloodsuckers they are after, but the mysterious man who is assisting the agents.Alex's team is to find out who he is, and what his intentions are. View table of contents...


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The next morning, the captain called Jorden into his office. The young man was nervous as he made his way to the office, especially since he had been reprimanded the day before. When he knocked on the door, the captain answered quietly, inviting him in.

Once he entered, the captain smiled at him, offering him a chair. He almost declined, but knew the meeting might be more awkward than it already was. Sitting down quietly, Jorden glanced at the older man.

The captain smiled at him warmly. "Good morning, Jorden," he said, surprising the other man by using his first name. "I believe I owe you an apology for yesterday. I know you were not trying to break rules by switching the offense, and it turned out to be a good practice. It gave me a good look at your powers and skill. It also helped to train some of the less experienced agents in a hostage situation. The only problem the department would have with is that it was not planned. However, if they don't know anything about it, everything will be fine," the captain grinned. "The higher ups tend to blow things out of proportion sometimes. Your performance in the practice was very efficient, and I could tell that you were seeing another side than the other agents. How do you feel about things, so far?"

Jorden sighed, looking down at the table. "Captain, I am not trying to piss the other agents off. I just don't like working on a team. It makes me nervous to follow orders, when they are coming from someone I am supposed to be working with," he glanced at the captain. "It's nothing against the others at all. It's just not the way I am used to. I work better alone, but I will try."

The captain smiled at him. "I understand that you are trying, and I need to have a talk with the others, also. They are not giving you a fair chance, or trying to understand you. This does not make things easy for anyone. However, I think we should wait to deal with that, until you guys get back from this mission."

Jorden shrugged. "I agree, if you think it needs to be addressed. I will back off on the flirting, since it will not get me anywhere. Yesterday, I wasn't trying to make Agent Green mad by teasing his girl. Or Agent Mathias, by flirting with Agent Lewis. He's hot, that all."

The captain grinned. "Jorden, that's normal," he paused. "It's human to want other people."

Jorden looked away from him, shaking his head. "That's another thing...I'm not human," he said quietly. "I don't think or act the same way the other agents. I think that may be intimidating them, as it did the other agents I worked with before. They did not want to deal with something they didn't understand, so my chief sent me on missions alone. I have to say, I liked it better that way...but I will try."

The captain nodded. "I already knew your past work experience, and I still wanted you to join us. You have the experience as an agent, and the skills needed here," he looked into the young man's eyes. "Jorden...enhanced genetics do not make you any less human. You still have a human heart and mind, and that is what counts. You are special, no matter what anyone else says."

Jorden shifted, getting uncomfortable. He nodded without replying.

The captain smiled at him. "I think that is all. Maybe you should try to get to know the other agents. You don't need to start a conversation with them, but just try hanging out with them. Like I said, I will have a talk with Mike and Alex. I think that is all I had to speak with you about, so you may leave, if you did not have anything to add."

Jorden nodded. "I will try, sir." Smiling at the other man, he turned to leave.

The captain suddenly jumped up, grabbing a letter off his desk. "I almost forgot. Could you give this to Alex for me?"

Jorden sighed, but took it, anyway. "Sure."

The captain smiled. "Thanks."


Later that afternoon, Jorden found Alex. Stopping the other man, he smiled quickly. "The captain wanted me to give you this," he said, handing him the envelope.

Alex smiled at him, but it did not reach his eyes. "Thanks." Walking away from Jorden, he opened the letter. Taking a deep breath, he began reading it.

Agent Mathias;

In reply to the issue you have brought to our attention, I have decided to reconsider some things. You let me know how you feel about Agent Lewis. Before I agree to overturn the policy, I would like to inform you of the reason this policy is in effect in the first place.

In the past, there have been agents romantically involved, and it impaired their judgment. That can be a deadly mistake, since they tend to be more worried about their lover than the rest of the team. If your significant other is your second, however, you are on almost equal ground, and the worry is not as strong. That is the reason it is allowed.

I talked this issue over with national headquarters, and they have agreed to overturn the policy. This is not because of your situation, entirely, but for the fair treatment of all agents.

I hope I have answered all of your questions. I wish the best of luck, and thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Andrew Heimerman

head of national security

As soon as he finished reading the letter, Alex grinned. Running to the office, he thanked to captain, telling him about their decision. The captain was happy for him, but also kept him in long enough to speak with him about Jorden.


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