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Demon Stones (COMPLETED)

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

A young noble meets and falls in love with a thief, and later learns there is more to his Noble father than meets the eye. He decides to join with the thieves, and help them. View table of contents...


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Rodney stopped when he was within reach of the other man. He glanced back at Emery, smiling as the younger man backed further behind him.

"Will you trade this for him? It is probably worth more than he is, along with the demon stones inside of him," Rodney grinned. "Definately worth more than what the sorcerers will give you to take him back."

The man looked at the jewel studded daggar. It was very expensive, and he could get a lot of money for it. He sighed. "Okay," he looked straight into Rodney's eyes. "You had better not be fooling me."

Rodney pulled out the daggar. "I will give you this, after I use it to untie him. Deal?"

The man nodded. "Okay, as long as you stick to it."

Rodney moved over to Kain, feeling the ropes. They were tight. He slipped the knife underneath it and cut the ropes. He caught something out of the corner of his eye, just as he set the knife down. He wasn't fast enough to save the man who was close to him, as Emery stuck him in the throat with his hand.

When the man fell, motionless, Rodney looked back at the leader, then glared at Emery. "That wasn't in the plan. I guess he can defend himself, though. He said he was a fighter. Your man should be okay in a while, just to let you know."

The leader glared at him. "That's not good enough. Grab the young one."

A larger man stepped up to Emery, taking him by the arm. Emery froze, knowing it was not worth trying to start a fight with them, because he would lose, at this point. He glanced toward Rodney, who had untied Kain, and was carrying him to the corner. He then sat down next to the unconscious man, staring at the leader. He glanced at Emery. "We'll find a way out of here. I promise."

Emery rolled his eyes. "Sure..."


Breely led them toward the basement, checking every corridor as they passed them. He was not surprised about the absense of guards. It was to be expected, because this was exactly where the attackers would want him to go. He had not told Jarin or Anna this, because he had not wanted to frighten them or raise suspicion on himself. He was already disliked by Devin, and he knew the older man might not appeciate being rescued by him. He was doing it anyway.

When they were about halfway, Jarin stopped him. "Why are we going to the basement, when Kain is upstairs? Couldn't we just take them out?"

Breely smiled slightly, seeing that Jarin obviously had strong feelings for the young thief. "No. They won't make a move yet," he glanced at Anna, who did not look very trusting. "We need to be quiet, though. I have a plan. Just trust me, okay?"

Anna glanced at him, then Jarin, who smiled at her, nodding. She relaxed when she saw that.

When they reached the basement, Breely stopped. He seemed to be tense now, for the first time, since they had seen him. He heard voices inside the basement, and he knew that the attackers had Devin.They were probably interrogating him, to find out what he knew about Kain. He felt sick, knowing that they were working for the sorcerers who had almost been his ruin.

He took a deep breath, letting it out slowly, then turned to the other two. He motioned for them for move back into the shadows, pulling out a glass cylinder. Rolling it on the floor, he stepped back with them.

They waited for about a thirty seconds, then heard the cylinder break when it hit the opposite wall. The room inside the basement fell silent, and the door opened. Several soldiers stepped out, leaving the door open in their panic.

Breely waited until they found the glass and were inspecting it, then pulled out two knives, nodding to the other two to do the same. He silently crept up behind one of the men, slitting his throat before the others could notice or make a move. He let the dead man drop down, careful to still be quiet. He then stepped back, drawing the attention of the guards. When they turned around, he attacked them, with Jarin and Anna following. They started taking the already rattled guards down, either killing them, or rendeing them unconscious.

Once they were all down, Bree turned to the doorway, keeping his hood up. He saw the other guards, including some he had already taken down, in the hallway, when he had first seen Jarin and Anna. The guards stared at him, fear in their eyes. He had just taken out several of their comrades. He stared back at them calmly, knowing they were afraid.

"Let them go," Breely spoke firmly, then glanced at the dead guards. "Or end up like them...It's your choice. Leave, and call your dogs off, upstairs. Otherwise, they will be next. Understand?"

The leader glared at him. "You are a filthy person, Breely. I believe it is too late for your friends upstairs. They will be gone...in about three minutes."

Breely glared at him, grabbing the guard closest to him. "Go, or he dies, also.You have nothing to gain from this."

The leader looked nervous now. Breely had picked the perfect target to grab, which was the leader's brother. "Fine.We will leave, and I will call off the men upstairs. Please just let him go..."

Breely shook his head. "Not until you call them off. Use the communication devices you have. If they take Kain, I will be pissed. You don't want that."

"Fine," the leader sounded rattled. He spoke into the ring on his pointer finger. "Let them go. We are leaving."

Breely nodded, taking the young man he had threatened with in front of him. The leader motioned to the other guards to let Devin and his men go.

"Go in front of me," Breely sounded cold, but not angry. The leader obeyed him, taking the lead. They started making their way back upstairs.


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