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Demon Stones (COMPLETED)

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

A young noble meets and falls in love with a thief, and later learns there is more to his Noble father than meets the eye. He decides to join with the thieves, and help them. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 4, 2010    Reads: 162    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

That night, they stayed at the home of one of Devin's contacts, instead of an inn. It was less dangerous, and Jarin would not be turned in for staying there. The man did not have very much information about the location of the sorcerer's castle, but he did have an updated map. That would give them some more direction, at least.

The man showed them to some rooms, but since he did not have a large house, they would need to share. Devin let each of them decide whom they would be sharing with. Jarin ended up sharing with Adriel, Emery, Fletcher, and Kain. There were two beds, so they all sat down to discuss their sleeping arrangement.

"I think since the bed closest to the door is larger, Emery, Adriel and myself should share," he glanced at Kain, who shot him a glare. "Come on, Kain, think about it. If Emery, you and I share a bed, we would be fighting right away. It's nothing to you. It's only that you are the shortest one here, and you should be on a smaller bed. Not to mention that you tend to be a bed hog, somehow. Jarin would be pushing us off, just from his height and legs. I think you can all see my logic here."

Adriel laughed. "I can. It seems like a good arrangement. If no one has any objections, we should probably get some rest," he smiled at Jain and Kain, who were both being quiet.

Jain glanced at Kain. "Which side would you like? I do not care, either way."

Kain sighed, shrugging. "This one, I guess." He placed his bag on the side closest to the door. "This way, I can hear if something happens." He sat down on the bed, stripping off his shirt.

Jarin glanced at him, trying not to notice the fact that the other man was very well built. He did not have an ounce of fat on his body, and he was leanly muscled. Jarin did notice a scar across his rib cage, which looked to be from a sword or knife. Jarin was curious, but did not ask any questions. This was not the time, nor place to get any more personal than they had to.

Smiling at the other man, Jarin glanced at the other three. They seemed to be comfortable, and were all settled in, with their eyes closed. Jarin had a hunch that they had been planning this since they had first left the woods. It did not anger him, and he had been wanting to get to know the blond thief better.

Looking back at Kain, he yawned, pulling off his own shirt. He did not usually sleep without a shirt, but did not feel like digging through his bag for a clean one. Grabbing some fresh undergarments, he left the room to find a restroom.

As soon as Jarin left, Kain changed his own pants, into softer ones. Settling under the covers, he waited for the young noble to return.

When Jarin got back to the room, he noticed Kain already in the bed. He hoped the other man had stayed in pants, since he was not sure how much he trusted himself around him. He did not want to be in the same bed with him without clothes on, since it had been a while since he had been with anyone. That was the same reason he was somewhat upset that Adriel had instigated this.

"Are you going to get in, or where you planning on staying out there? It gets a bit cold at night, as I'm sure you already know," Kain's husky voice sounded calm, yet tired.

Jarin sighed. "I'm getting in. You are a bit impatient, aren't you?" He grinned at the other man, pulling back the covers.

"Maybe a little," Kain smiled back at him. "Get in. It's kind of cold."

Jarin slipped under the covers, being careful to not touch Kain. The smell of the other man made him hard again, and he could imagine what might happen if he moved too much. He lay still, watching as Kain curled up into a tight ball. Jarin stayed as far away as he could in the small bed, which was not very far. He tried to fall asleep, but found the pressure in his cock to be too much for him to handle. Reaching down, he squeezed the base, running his hand down his length. Groaning, he began to quicken the pace. He did not want to be doing this with the other man in the bed with him, but did not have a choice.

As Jarin was trying to find relief, Kain turned around slowly. Jarin froze as soon as he saw him, but Kain only smiled back. Looking into the green eyes, Kain reached down. Touching the hard member with his hand, he waited for the young noble to protest. When Jarin didn't, he gripped his cock firmly in his hand. Jarin groaned loudly, thrusting into his hand. Kain was hesitant, at first, then he began pumping his hand against the hard thrusts.

"I'm sorry, but I've never done this before," he whispered to Jarin.

The auburn haired man was able to manage a half smile, as he was getting close to cumming. "That's okay. Just remember that you started it," he moved over Kain, pulling the smaller man's pants off. He kicked his own off the rest of the way, then settled between his legs. Kain widened his legs, allowing Jarin's hard cock to rub against his own. The friction wanted Jarin want to take the man beneath him right there, but remembered the young man's confession and the fact that there were other people sleeping in the room. Instead, he stared into the smoky blue eyes and thrust hard against the other man's thigh. Kain arched up against him, and Jarin had to tense himself to keep himself from cumming. Capturing the smaller man's lips with his own, he slipped his tongue inside. Kain sucked his tongue inside, and they began to fight for dominance. Jarin won, exploring every area of the other man's mouth. He ground himself against Kain, setting a rhythm with his hips and tongue. They moved together until Jarin heard a muffled cry from Kain. The man beneath him came at the same time he did, and he collapsed on the smaller man.

They lay there for a moment, then remembered there were other people in the room. Glancing over at the other bed, Jarin rolled off of Kain. He was relived to see that none of the others seemed to have woken up. He smiled at Kain, who was staring at him thoughtfully. Searching for words, Jarin did not find any. Instead, he motioned for the other man to get off the bed momentarily, so he could remove the sheets. He was glad Kain had not spoken, since he was not sure how he felt about what had just happened. It was somehow bringing back reminders of the past, which he did not want to connect with Kain. He was afraid he would be replacing the ones he had with Breely with Kain. He did not want to do that. Instead, he did not think about it, and pulled his clothes back on.

Taking the sheets out into the hall, Jarin leaned against the wall. He was tempted to run then, to forget this entire thing, and start a new life somewhere alone. He was outside thinking, when he heard a noise from the trees. It sounded like human footsteps, so he pulled his sword out. Walking toward the sound, he saw dark figure standing there. Without hesitation, he pushed the dark figure to the ground.


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