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Demon Stones (COMPLETED)

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

A young noble meets and falls in love with a thief, and later learns there is more to his Noble father than meets the eye. He decides to join with the thieves, and help them. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 24, 2010    Reads: 171    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

"Where have you been? I have been looking for you all over," Adriel looked confused.

Jarin grinned. "I'm sorry. Do I need to check in with you, or something?" He was joking, and Adriel knew it. "I was talking to a friend of Kain's. Her name is Anna, and I think you would really like her. You should talk to her some time."

Adriel rolled his eyes. "Right. I don't think so," he thought about it for a moment. "Well, maybe. I know that's not the only thing you were doing, 'cause I saw her earlier."

Jarin shook his head. "You saw her, and did not speak to her. Anyway, I was talking to Kain, also, not that he did much talking back. Like I was telling you last night, I am not giving up. Anna implied that I may have a chance with him, too. Whether he likes it or not, I am going to speak to him every chance I get."

"Good," Adriel frowned. "Not that I would ever push you to do so, unlike someone I know."

Jarin laughed. "I'm not pushing you. She is very nice." He became serious. "Hey, I was not asking you to leave you home and family. it's not like you have any obligation to stay here, but thank you for coming with me."

Adriel looked at his friend, smiling. "I need to figure out what I'm going to do with my life, anyway. It's nice to be out of the manor, especially after the way your father was acting."

Jarin smiled back. "I know, but your family did not do anything. Your father is probably one of the most trustworthy people I know, and your mother is very nice."

"Well, I'm sure my father will figure things out soon, and I will write a letter to them," Adriel picked up a fighting stick he saw laying on the ground. "You should go ask if they have another one of these, and we should spar."

Jarin nodded, taking that as the end of the conversation. "I'll go ask Devin." He grinned at his friend, then ran off in the direction of the corral. When he got there, he heard loud voices arguing. Listening more closely, he recognized Kain's voice. He was arguing with a tall, dark skinned man. Jarin stepped closer to listen.

"...he is Nathaniel's son. That is the entire reason I should stay away from him," Kain was talking more quietly than the other man. "We can't trust him, after what his father did. The man is evil, and usually people pick up the same traits as their parents. I don't know what his mother is like, but she probably knows what's going on. Hell, Jarin is old enough that he probably does, too."

The other man shook his head. "He doesn't. That's the reason he joined us. You just have a problem with trusting other people."

Kain glared at the other man. "That's because people are evil, in general. I don't know why Devin allowed him to join us, when we all know he's gonna turn on us as soon as we find the spell books and sorcerers. All this crap about him being surprised about his father is what he tells us to lead us into his trap."

The older man shook his head, smiling gently. "I don't think so. If he were here for that, he would have turned on us the first time he was here. You just need to learn to recognize who you can and cannot trust."

Kain nodded. "I already know who I can trust, and it's not the brat of the man who tried to use me to control the world," he was quiet for a moment, then he picked up a saddle from the fence. "Now, I have to go into town to get some supplies. That's all I'm saying on this subject." He walked over to a small, grey horse that did not look to be very old, saddling it quickly. Swinging into the saddle, Kain left quietly. The horse resisted, at first, and bucked when he kicked it. Backing it up to where it had bucked with him, Kain force it to walk again. This time, the young horse obeyed him.

As soon as Kain was out of hearing range, Jarin approached the other man. "Hello, sir. Do you know where I can find a fighting stick? My friend and I would like to spar, if that is alright."

The older man grinned at him, his white teeth contrasting his dark skin. "Of course. Come this way, and I can find one for you."

"Thank you, sir," Jarin smiled at him.

"You are most welcome," the man led him to a makeshift shed, stepping in. Jarin saw several different weapons stored there. The man pulled out a fighting staff, handing it to Jarin. "Here you go. Have fun."

Jarin flashed a quick smile. "Thank you again, sir." He returned to Adriel, not mentioning the conversation. He had a lot to think about now, concerning Kain. While he wanted to help the other young man to trust him, he did not want to get hurt, himself. He was now weighing whether it was worth the trouble.


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