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Demon Stones (COMPLETED)

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

A young noble meets and falls in love with a thief, and later learns there is more to his Noble father than meets the eye. He decides to join with the thieves, and help them. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 28, 2010    Reads: 200    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

When he arrived home, Jarin's father was relieved to see that he was not harmed. Despite Jarin's objections, Lord Nathaniel sent him to a physician. After he had been examined, Jarin escaped to his room. He was relieved that his father had not questioned him yet, but he knew it was coming, eventually. He did not feel like explaining any of it.

As soon as he opened his bedroom door, he was ambushed by Adriel. Jarin hugged him back, but as soon as Adriel let him go, the questions began. Jarin moved over to his bed before his friend had started asking what happened.

"I beat you to your room, since I was not allowed to go meet you when you first arrived," his friend stopped for a breath, then continued. "I wanted to see that you had made it home safely. What happened? You were gone for almost a week."

Jarin collapsed on his bed, relieved to feel one again. "It's a long story, since I'll be telling you everything I will leave out with my father."

Adriel nodded eagerly, already seated on the bed. Grabbing a string, he began entwining it in his fingers. His energy never seemed to end. "Continue," his friend coaxed, smiling.

"Alright, here's the real version," Jarin smiled, telling his friend everything that had happened. When he finished, Adriel was speechless, which was an unusual instance. When he finally spoke, Adriel was very excited.

"I was hoping you would see him again, but I didn't know he was a thief," Adriel frowned. "Maybe you should be careful. He might steal from you," he grinned.

Jarin grinned back. "They're not those kinds of thieves, like I said. Besides, the more I think about it, the more I see their work as being right. I mean, they are only returning other stolen goods to the city. That's more than the justice system does."

Adriel nodded. "That's true. If you're not rich or important enough, it doesn't matter if you get stolen from."

"Yeah," Jarin smiled at his friend. "Hey, do you want to help me with something?"

Adriel grinned. "Sure. What is it?"

"Tomorrow my father should be away on business," he glanced down at his necklace, then back up at Adriel. "There are some things I need to find out."


The next day, Jarin went to his father's study. Adriel opened the door, using a lock picking technique Breely had taught him. While Adriel watched the door, Jarin searched everywhere for the spell books, or anything pertaining to magic.

After he had gone through the entire room, he was about give up when he spotted a medium sized dark red box. It was locked, also, but Adriel was able to open it. Inside, there were two spell books, and another black book with strange inscriptions on it. Opening the book, he saw that the entire thing was written in that strange language. Throughout it, there were also several pages that had pictures of demons running loose and killing people. There was also a picture of a key. It was troubling, and Jarin closed it. As soon as he set it down, he felt an odd tingle run through his body.

Staring at Adriel, Jarin saw that his friend was as shocked as he was. Digging deeper into the box, Jarin found several vials filled with various liquid. He was guessing they were being used for magic, also.

He was about to close the box, when he noticed a small book in the corner of the box. Taking it out carefully, he flipped through it. There were several spells and inscriptions, but what caught Jarin's interest was the fact that there were pages missing. Why would his father take pages out? He did not understand that.

Jarin placed everything how it had been in the first place. The last thing he needed was for his father to find out he was investigating him. They left the study, closing the door, and locking it as it had been.

As soon as they were back in Jarin's room, Adriel turned to him. "What the hell was all that? It looked so evil."

Jarin shook his head, collapsing on the bed again. "Apparently, Devin was right about my father being involved in dark magic." Sighing, he closed his eyes. He had a lot of questions for Devin now.


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