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For Your Entertainment

Novel By: ShowTizzie13
Gay and lesbian

Kris Allen and Adam Lambert haven't seen each other in a while... Sexytimes ensue.... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 18, 2010    Reads: 626    Comments: 3    Likes: 5   

"Excuse me sir, do you think you could point me in the direction the yummy piece of American Idol who is celebrating his birthday today?"
The velvety voice of my fellow American Idol and best friend washed over me before I even saw him. I turned around and saw the one and only Adam Lambert standing just a few feet away from me, his signature cocky grin plastered on his face.
"Adam!" I smiled and closed the gap between us to pull him into a bear hug.
I closed my eyes and buried my face into his neck, losing myself in his familiar smell and his arms.
"I missed you soooooo much Kris! I tried to get in touch with you but I couldn't even get a second alone to call you!"
We let go of each other and I looked up at him, smiling.
"I missed you too, Adam! I just can't believe that you had time to come to my birthday party!"
"Well, Katy called me last week and asked me to come up to surprise you! Then I told my manager not to schedule anything for me all week, so I am yours for the week!!!"
Giddy, he hooked his arm though mine and led me through the throngs of party guests.
"Adam, where are you taking me?" I asked, nearly tripping over my own feet, thankfully caught by Adam's strong arms.
I was answered by a wicked smile and a quick wink. Adam quickened our pace and as we got farther from the party, the amount of people around us thinned. I finally understood his intention and lengthened my strides to match his, letting Adam know that I had caught on. He smiled again and rushed me to his car. I slid across the hood, landing expertly on my feet on the other side of his car. Adam laughed at me as he got into the vehicle. I got in as the engine purred to life. 'Live Like We're Dying' blared through the speakers and Adam laughed self consciously.
"Whoever sings this is amazing!" I exclaimed sarcastically.
Adam threw his head back and laughter filled the vehicle as he pulled away from the curb heading to the nearest hotel. I bounced anxiously in the passenger seat, not wanting to wait another second to touch him. Katy had found out about the two of us when she walked in on a very heated make-out session backstage during rock week on American Idol. She took it surprisingly well, saying that as long as no one else found out, Adam and I could have sex whenever we wanted. I didn't understand at first why she was so cool with it, but later I found that a three-way between myself, Katy and Adam was the hottest thing I had ever experienced.
Adam pulled into a Howard Johnson and burst out of the car to go get a room. I stayed in the car, waiting to be retrieved by Adam. I closed my eyes, trying t concentrate on what was to come in just a few moments. I was startled by Adam knocking on the window. I smiled in anticipation and exited Adam's car to follow him to our room.
We walked in utter silence on the way to our room, the fancy fa├žade of the hall decorations just a reminder of all of the other trips to the nearest hotel that we had taken during American Idol and the following tour. We stopped in front of the door to room 113. My heart leapt into my throat as Adam slowly opened the door, revealing the clean, understatedly decorated room, with two double beds side by side against the wall.
I followed Adam into the room, closing the door behind me. Within seconds, my back was slammed against the door and Adam's hard body was pressed against my front. His blue eyes smoldered with lust as he bent his head to capture my mouth in a tantalizing kiss. I ran my hands up his arms to wrap them around his neck, holding him in place (as if he would go anywhere).
I parted my lips and Adam wasted no time in plunging his tongue into my mouth, massaging my tongue with his. I shivered as he ran his hands lightly up my sides, to finally rest on either side of my face. I arched my back, pressing our chests against each other.
Adam and I froze. He cleared his throat, not moving away from me.
"Who is it?"
"It's Katy. Guys open the door."
I dropped my head against Adam's shoulder in relief as he reached around me to unlock the door. Katy pushed the door open, pushed the door open, pushing Adam and I closer together and farther into the room. My small wife sauntered past us, smiling as she walked farther into the room.
"You know, Kristopher that your parents and I are throwing you this extravagant birthday party and you run off with your sexy boy toy here," she eyed Adam hungrily, "to have amazing, mind-blowing sex, leaving me to have to fend party goers off with a chair and whip." Katy popped her hip to the side and eyed us with frustration and hunger. "Unfortunately for you boys, we have to get back to the party before anyone notices that the guest of honor is missing."
Adam groaned and stuck his bottom lip out in a childish pout.
"Can we at least finish real quick? I haven't seen Kris in sooooo long. Give me like 45 minutes and you can have him until the party is over." Adam pleaded, wrapping his arms around my shoulders and pulling me close to him.
Katy stared at us, not showing any trace of emotion other than the apparent lust that brazened her eyes. The kind of look that she got only whenever she thought of Adam and me together. She mulled it over, her lips curling into a wicked smile when I turned away from Katy to begin nibbling on the tender skin of Adam's neck. A light purr came from deep in his chest and I dared to peek out of the corner of my eye as Katy, smiling against Adam's pulse point when her eye lids drooped with desire.
"Come on Katy. Adam and I both need this."
I placed a lingering kiss on the base of Adam's jaw before peeling away from him to approach my beautiful wife. I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist and looked her square in the face. I bent my head and captured her plump, slightly parted lips in a devouring kiss. Katy melted into my kiss, wrapping her arms around my neck and arching her back. I felt Adam approach and then press against my backside, his growing bulge very insistent against my lower back.
I moved my hips in a slow, circular motion, rubbing my growing erection against Katy and my ass against Adam's hard cock, causing him to shiver. I smiled and released Katy's mouth to move down to her throat. I licked and nibbled, making her sigh and shiver.
"Okay." Katy managed, panting from arousal.
I lifted my head and smiled wickedly at her. Adam ground his hips against mine, drawing a sexy groan from my throat. Katy smiled at the two of us and pulled away from me to walk to the door.
"I will buy you guys two hours. But you have to promise not to exhaust yourselves. I plan on continuing this," gesturing between the three of us, "later."


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