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Curiosity Fucked The Cat (Silk Version)

Novel By: SexIsNotRequired
Gay and lesbian

A relationship between two women goes further when curiosity confides them both. Sometimes the cat isn't always killed, but fucked. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 2, 2013    Reads: 202    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

"How was work?" Maroon greeted Curiyel at the door. Curiyel walked in and automatically kicked her heels off, her feet sore and almost swollen. It had been a long day and overall, a long seven weeks since they'd been dating. The happiest part of Curiyel's day was coming over to Maroon's place for dinner whenever she got off early.

She thanked the heavens that it was Thursday and she did not have to admit herself to the office tomorrow. She was the fucking Boss. Why should she attend work everyday? She had a phone number that anyone could contact her with in case anything went downhill. For crying out loud, use what mankind has invented.

"It was...same old thing. Sitting at my desk, hooking clients up and fighting off my very persistent ex-ex. How was work for you?" Curiyel asked, referring to Maroon's job as an afternoon nurse at the Children's hospital three blocks down.

"It was quite interesting. Nothing severe today, I pray that everyday is like that. The little boy, Malik, I was telling you about. He's doing much better. His heart pacer is working just fine and he should be released Saturday." Maroon babbled as Curiyel sat down at the table, watching Maroon stir out a spoonful of pasta onto a paper plate. She pulled out a rack of garlic bread from the oven and placed a piece of Curiyel's plate as well. She grabbed the bowl of salad from the fridge and placed that on the table too. Then she got the Mojito drink from the freezer and squeezed some into a decorative glass that sparkled different colors when you held it to the light.

"I swear, you're gonna make me gain weight. I'll be walking around with an ass like yours soon." Curiyel teased, smacking Maroon's rear when she turned around. It bounced back.

Maroon turned around to face the woman with a sullen look before she made her way back into the kitchen. She came back with a glass of champagne. She left Curiyel at the table by herself and sat in the living room, listening to the Bose surround system which played a song by the nineties group Xscape. It was a song with something about keeping a secret in it.

Maroon sipped from the glass, and watched the candles that were lit on her wall unit as they flickered, reminding her of the African sun. She felt a sadness gnaw at her spirit. It wasn't a longing sadness, but more of an uneasy one. Maybe she was thinking too hard.

Bitches are after Curiyel everyday.

Curiyel finished her dinner in silence, shaking her hair and flipping it into a ponytail afterwards before coming to sit with Maroon. She rested her head on the other woman's lap.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"Who's that ex-ex you're always complaining about?" Maroon asked forwardly, tilting the champagne glass to her lips.

Curiyel realized what was going on and smiled. "Her name's Angie. She's a full blooded Spanish chica and she just won't stop prying into my business. She tries to seduce me every so often, but she knows I'm with you. She just keeps bothering me because I won't tell her who you are and what you look like. Oh, and she has a girlfriend."

Maroon nodded solemnly before putting her glass down. "Is there anybody else I should be aware of?"

"Baby, nobody else. Nobody else matters." Curiyel kissed her slowly, savoring the taste of champagne from Curiyel's mouth. "Only you." Curiyel kissed her again. "And me." Another kiss. "Just us." Kisses followed after kisses until kisses became hickeys and hickeys led to sticky pussies.

Maroon lay in bed, her body tangled around Curiyel's who had a handful of Maroon's ass in her hand. She squeezed her every time she dozed off from having her nipples sucked, and her neck chewed, and her pussy hairs tickled. Maroon would giggle, laugh, then get quiet. Sleep came like an orgasm, or maybe the orgasm came first, then sleep. However, Maroon and Curiyel were two happy women, completely enraptured by curiosity and the blossoming of a love so strong that it would soon begin to hurt.


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