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“Sir, who is this person?” "He is my slave."

Satan has threatened to start a plague that will kill off all of Africa and most of Europe. The only way the Angels can stop him is t give Satan a slave every seven years. Of course the terms change once Innocen walks into the room. Innocen now must be Satan's slave forever, given only two weeks out of the year to spend away. What will Satan learn in all this time? View table of contents...


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Author's Note: This is not only by me but also by Srsla who is a friend irl. Please check out her work as well :D Thanks!

The office was crowded with every member of the council. Satan stood at the very front, blinded by the light of heaven. Everything was gold, silver, and white. He despised this place. But this was the only place he could come to in order to get what he wanted, a slave. Only for a few years or so, just to make the council look stupid.

Zimtro watched Satan closely as everyone slowly quieted. He knew what he was about to say and wished that he could stop it, he would do anything in his power to do so. He also knew that there was no hope in doing that.

"State your business, Satan." Tyro, the head of the council, barked. Satan smiled and stepped forward. His jet black hair covered one eye as well as his scar. His necklace sat underneath his black suit. He looked around the room, looking at every single member of the council. Some members averted their eyes, others stared right back at him. Satan laughed and then began.

"I'm sure you already know what I am about to say but just for you I'll retell what I have already said." He said with an evil smile. He pulled a bottle filled with black liquid out of his pocket and held it up for all to see. "Here in my hand I hold a plague destined to wipe out Africa as well as most of Europe. I just have to pour it into Lake Chad and they'll be gone in a matter of days. Your only way of stopping me is to give me my pick of a slave from your finest angels. I will keep that slave for seven years and then return for a new one. I will be allowed to do whatever I want to that slave and if it seems fit, I will kill that slave after the seven year period." He finished with a maniacal laugh.

The angels broke out into a mass confusion. "Should we do it?" "What do we have to lose?" "Who cares, it's only one of us of many." "We can't let him win against us, there must be another way." Many were taking sides, pulling ideas of how to avoid both giving up one of their own and avoiding the plague. Others were trying to decide who they would offer as slaves.

Innocen stepped into the room, his sparkling green eyes darting back and forth in the mass horde of angels. He glided in between the angels in search of Zimtro. Satan watched the new arrival in interest. This could be a very interesting slave. He thought once Innocen stopped next to Zimtro and bent over to whisper into his ear. Innocen had ivory skin which glowed and he wore silk which was very thin, not thin enough to see through but very close. His golden hair was up into a ponytail which fell down to the center of his back, his bangs falling down to his chin. His wings were pure white and they looked like clouds, unlike many of the silver wings which flooded the room. What is this feeling? He wondered as he stepped forward once more.

"I have a compromise." Satan said, quieting every member of the council. They turned to him except for Innocen. "I will not release the plague and will even only take one slave, no one will else is needed. I will never release another plague." He paused and waited for Tyro to speak.

"Ok well you obviously have seen something, who is it you want?" Tyro said nervously, knowing very well who he wanted. Satan lifted a hand and pointed to the back of the room. Zimtro turned his head and was mortified to see that it was Innocen that he wanted. He turned his head back to Tyro, his hazel eyes pleading with him. Tyro shook his head and Zimtro pushed his chair away from himself as he stood up. He stormed through everyone and slammed the door shut as he left the room.

"Very well Satan." Tyro said with a sigh, waiting for the smashing of objects. "You may take him. Innocen come here." He said to the shocked angel. Innocen's feet wouldn't move. He couldn't move, he knew if he did he would never be able to return to this wonderful place.

"Innocen come here, now!" Tyro snapped. Satan watched the scene before him in wonder. Innocen slowly took a step forward, and then another, and another. He slowly moved through the surprised angels to Tyro. "Good, now go over there to him." He said giving Innocen a little push forward.

Innocen lowered his head and walked towards the front of the room. When he stood in front of Satan he looked up. "Will I ever be able to return?" His whispers were barely audible. Satan thought for a moment and looked at his innocent face.

"I will give you two weeks every year. Those days will only be decided by me and me alone. If you try to escape from me or leave on a day which was not given to you, you will lose two days of your two weeks and never be able to get them back. Do you understand?" Satan asked looking at the scared angel in front of him. Innocen nodded and Satan smiled. "Good we will leave at once." He said quickly and grabbed him by his arm. He then led him through the angels and to the door.


The underworld was dark and gloomy, the complete opposite of heaven. Innocen stayed close to Satan, not that he really wanted to but felt that he was much safer than his surroundings. The palace in front of him was made of stone and was very similar to the one that stood proud in heaven. Satan's eyes had finally re-adjusted to the change when Ronoun came forward.

"Sir, who is this person?" He asked pointing at Innocen who had backed away from the two. Satan turned and pulled Innocen towards him, holding him protectively.

"He is my slave." He said and tossed Ronoun the bottle. "Please dispose of this water." He said and smiled. He looked to Innocen, whose face was full of shock. Satan smiled and then walked forward, still holding onto Innocen. "You didn't really think I would be carrying around a plague in my pocket did you? I'm surprised your council did."

"It was a lie? I'm here for a bottle of water?" Innocen asked, tears stinging his eyes. "Here forever?" He cried. Satan felt pain stab him where his heart would have been. Why do I keep feeling this way? I've heard of these feelings but I have never felt this way before. Satan thought as Innocen looked at him. He refused to answer.


Innocen looked around his room, a king sized canopied bed sat against one wall, a dresser against the second, a full body mirror against the third. The forth had the door and a bunch of pictures from earth and bookshelves filled with books.

He stepped towards the bed and ran his fingers down the wolf fur blanket. He picked it up and threw it across the room towards the fireplace. "I'll burn it later." He mumbled and continued around the blood red room. He moved towards the dresser and pulled out a pair of light blue silk pants and a blue silk shirt. He dressed and then left the room, promising himself to take a better look at the books when he returned; he swore that he saw a hunting book on one of the shelves.

He walked down the long hallways, hoping that he was going the right way. This place was just too big to be able to know which way was right. The only thing he had to guide him was his memory, which of course was terrible. After an hour of wandering Innocen finally found the dining room. Satan sat at the head of the table and motioned for Innocen to come towards him.

"You will sit right here next to me." Satan said with a smile. Innocen sat where he was told and listened as orders were yelled from the kitchen. Shortly after food was sent out and set down. Satan began to saw threw his steak with his knife while Innocen stared at the meat in front of him. Satan had just about finished three fourths of his meal when he noticed Innocen hadn't moved.

"What's wrong? Are you not hungry?" Satan asked as he chewed another piece of his steak. Innocen looked up from the plate finally and slowly pushed it away.

"I'm a vegetarian." He whispered and then looked right back down to his shoes. Satan swallowed and then called for one of his servants to come. Very quietly he asked them if they could bring Innocen a salad.

After Innocen finished eating Satan began to speak. "I suppose that you are wondering what your job will be as my slave." He said, pausing to give Innocen time to react. When he nodded Satan continued. "You will not be cleaning; you will not be doing work. You will be my companion, in and out of the bedroom." Satan finished.

"What do you mean?" Innocen asked confusion much too obvious in his voice. Satan looked at Innocen and when he realized that he wasn't joking he sighed. He stood up and stood behind Innocen's chair. He placed one hand on the back of the chair and one on the table to Innocen's right. He leaned forward and whispered into his ear.

"Why don't I show you?" He asked and nibbled Innocen's ear. "I expect you will enjoy this. Considering your innocence tonight is about you." He said as he made Innocen stand up and then picked him up into his arms. He carried him from the room down the many hallways and then they stopped at a door. Satan held Innocen in one arm and opened the door with his free hand. After entering he closed his bedroom door behind him.


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