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Bleeding Scars - Prologue

Novel By: KatiaHope
Gay and lesbian

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I never should have done it, I never should have told her. At the time it seemed like a good idea, she was my friend, and friends are meant to accept you for who you are, no matter what, right? So I foolishly told her. I told her that I, choir girl Bianca Nethery, had a crush on head cheerleader Britney Wales-Jones. I should have known better. For anyone to admit they we're gay at West Falls High was a huge mistake, let alone being gay to someone in a leading cliche like the cheerleaders. She just stared at me, talk allot Stephanie Maahy who could talk under water with her mouth full of marbles was speechless. That was the moment I should have laughed and said it was a joke, but I'm an idiot. The bell went soon afterwards, and she turned away from me, going away from me as fast her her shell shocked legs could carry her. I didn't call after her, I knew there was no point, she wouldn't listen. My head saged down and planted itself on the cafeteria table in defeat. I never would have guessed that in homegroup the next day she would come and sit next to me, let alone smile at me like nothing had happened.

She appolagised to me, said that she was just shocked, she looked sincere, so I forgave her. Bloody Steph, allways sticking her nose in, she was the schools unoficial match maker, and her being her told Britney what I'd said. Apparently Britney's bi, and admited to Steph that she had a massive crush on me. She told me she'd set up a date at Britney's place, and said I had to go there after school. It was a dream come true. So, despite my shyness,

that afternoon, I went to head cheerleader Britney Wales-Jones' house, and me, the nerd, was invited into her house by none other than the popular cheerleader herself.

She showed me into her room almost straight away, and pretty soon we were kissing, deeply. I hadn't been in her room 10 seconds when she'd shoved her tongue in my mouth. It had all happened so quick, I didn't know how to react, all I knew was I wanted more. I gripped her shoulders and pulled her into me, letting my tongue join hers. Our lips melded, our tongues tied, our hands began to explore and my hormones reacted in delight. I moaned into her mouth, and pulled her closer still, she laughed, and pulled her head back. She then went on to slide her hands up my top, unfastening my bra in a second and proceding to make me moan out in pleasure. Our lips join again, more vigerously this time, and I continue to moan as she hits the right spots over and over. My cheeks were bright red, I wanted her, bad, but I knew that I should stop.

"Are you sure about this?"

She put her finger over my mouth. "Shutup and fuck me"

She pushed me down onto her bed, then jumped on top, putting her hands back and playing with my breasts again, my words became moans and the moans became her name. I don't remember how it happened, but at some point she got my clothes off, and I was left writhing naked in pleasure underneath her.

"When will your parents be home?" I gasped in between moans.

"Not for hours babe, I'm usually asleep when they get back, you're safe."

"Are you sure?" I ask. "I don't think we should do this, I don't want to get you in trouble."

"You worry too much."

"I jus... AAAAH!" She interupted me again, bringing her mouth down on my puckered nipple, sucking, licking, biting. "Fuck!" I screamed out.

"That's right, scream! That's all I want to hear from you." she sayed with a maliscious grin on her face.

I looked up at her, trying to open my mouth to say something, anything to stop her, but the words turned to moans, and my will faded. I began sliding down the straps on her dress, then my fingers traced down the veins on her breasts, dragging her dress down with it. She slaped my fingers away.
"I'll do that."

She reached into her bedside dresser and pulls out a pare of new looking fluffy hand cuffs, then promptly took my hands and cuffed them to the bed. She then came back down to my face, kissing me on the lips, then trailing hers down my body, abusing my breasts, then heading down farther. She lingered just bellow my breasts for a while, sucking and working on a hicky, then gave a big grin when a big red patch became visable. My words became uncomprehendable when she finally got there, and put her attention on my cliteris.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed out, and I felt her grin. She continued licking, and went between sucking and biting, never ceasing to make me moan. "FUCK!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, her laughter sent vibrations that made me scream louder. She pulled her head away, and her laughter grew louder.

"Fuck you're pathetic."

"What?" I asked, confused.

Then the room filled with laughter, and her wardrobe door opened, revealing none other than a bunch of cheerleaders and footy jocks. Britney pushed herself off of me, turning to her friends,

"Fuck that was disgusting, you better have got decent footage, it better be worth it." She said, walking off towards them, and reality hit me.

"Don't worry, she was so wrapped around your finger she didn't notice the camera... Awww, poor girl, she's crying." Britney's best friend Alison sayed in mock sympathy, and they all laughed.

"It's her own damn fault, she had it coming, dirty little lesbian." One of the cheerleaders sayed, and they all made noises of agreement.

"Britney?" I had to fight to keep my voice low pitch, but it didn't make a difference, she turned and glared at me wickidly.

"Did you seriously think that someone as popular as me would be caught dead with a freak like you, especially a lesbian? You're so gullable." They all laughed, and more tears spilled down my face.

She turned to the others. "Pass me a lighter."

"What do you want with it?" her boyfriend asked as he pulled a red lighter out of his jacket pocket.

"Teach her a lesson." she smerks, taking the lighter off of him and sauntering towards me.

I try to sit up, and get pulled down by my wrists, I'd forgotten about the hand cuffs. "Don't even bother, you'll never pull them off, not without breaking your wrists." She says, and I whimper as I continue to struggle with my wrists.

She got back on top of me and flicked the lighter on and off, bringing it closer to my face. I cringed away from it, but couldn't move with the bed posts behind me and her atop me. She pulled the lighter away, and her grin grew bigger, She flicked the lighter again and set the fluffy material on the cufs alight, heating the cuffs and burning my wrists. I screamed out, and they laughed. She then began searching my body for more places to torture, and her eyes settled on my breasts. I'd never been burnt before that, the pain of the flames rising and meeting my breasts was beyond anything I could have imagined, and they just continued to laugh at my screams. A half hour later, when my throat had gone dry and my screams had been reduced to whimpers, and I had 'lesbian' branded on my stomach from her hair straitener, she finally got off of me.

"Awww, poor little girl, she's still wet, we better fix that." one of the guys said, stalking towards me. I whimpered, curled up in a ball, trying to hide myself.

"Mark?" asked one of the cheerleaders.

"I'm bored." he said.

"Let's show her what real sex is like." As he sayed it he loosened his belt, and I cringed up against the bed posts.

"What about the cops?"

"You're worrying about that now, after you burned her? Don't worry, noone will know, she can't tell anyone if she's in Charlie river with a slit throat." Noone tried to stop him, and I didn't have a Hope in the world. He broke my leg when I tried to resist him, and with my hands already cuffed and the pain from the burns, it was easy for him to get on top of me and pull his dick out.

I should have warned you at the begining. I should have told you, that in real life, there are no hapilly ever afters. Young girls don't meet prince charming and get married and have babies, most of them end up with a bullet in their brains, or a slit throat, underneath Taylors bridge or washed up on the shores of Charlie river. If it weren't for Britneys Dad, I would be one of those girls. Of course, Mr Jones would never let his daughter's reputation get ruined. Because they'd spread around what they were doing, they couldn't pretend they didn't see me, so he had Britney's friends cut up the video and only show the parts that benefited them, then posted that online, saying that they let me go, they did, they dropped me off in the wrong side of town, and made an annonimous call into the police, who came and picked me up, naked and broken. Noone believed me when I tried to say that the precious daughter of Paul Jones was responsible for it, they had it spread round that I wanted revenge on Britney, and of course, everyone believed the rich man and his cheerleader daughter, noone believed the lesbian. My grandfather stepped in and gave my Dad and I the money for us to move to Australia, where noone would know me, where the news wouldn't have spread, where I would have a fresh start. That is how, right now, I come to be walking into the Elizabeth College campas in tiny Tasmania Australia, in the middle of summer, not winter, as it would be back home. I'm trying to stop calling it home, because no matter what, I can never go back there. Never.


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