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Single Mom is Hypnotized and Caressed by a Seductive Next Door Neighbor.

Novel By: JohnCenaFan316
Gay and lesbian

Delia Miller is a Beautiful, atractive, Single Woman, she has dark red hair, blue eyes. She lives in a suburban house In a town called Arcadia, with her infant son, David Miller. Her Husband had walked out on them, when David was a newborn baby. She's been working to support herself and David. Until Something Happened to her. View table of contents...



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Chapter 1: On Clear Sunny Day.

On a clear sunny day in Arcadia. Delia Miller was in her infant son, David Miller's Nursery. She was in a rocking chair rocking him to sleep. When she heard the doorbell ringed down the stairs. Delia put Little David in his crib. and left the nursery. closed the door. went down the stairs, walked into the living room. She walked toward the door. She looked into a peephole. and saw her next door Neighbor Ruth Harrison standing on her front porch. outside her house. Delia unlocked the door. She opened the door.

"Hello, may I help you?", Delia asked.

"Hi, Delia. I was wondering if I could come in and talk to you", Ruth answered.

"Ok, come in", Delia said as Ruth walked inside the living room.

"So, Ruth what do you want to talk to me about?", Delia asked.

"I was wondering how you and Little David is doing", Ruth answered.

"Oh. Well we're doing ok. I guess Little David Misses his Daddy", Delia answered.

"Oh. you're so beautiful", Ruth said.

"Excuse me?", Delia asked.

But Before Ruth could Answer. Her Eyes starred at Delia's Eyes. Until Delia fell in a Hypnotic Trance. Ruth slowly moved her hands down Delia's Arms. Until Delia slowly sighed. Ruth slowly walked around Delia's Back. her hand was slowly moving on Delia's Stomach, Ruth slowly moved her hands on Delia's Arms. a hypnotized Delia was aware of what was happening to her. but she was in no control over herself. and she couldn't stop it. Ruth slowly walked around in front of her. She continued moving her hands on her arms. Ruth slowly made a hypnotized Delia walked backwards up against a wall. Ruth slowly moved her hand on Delia's dark red hair that she had up in a low pony-tail. She moved her hands on Delia's tits. Until Delia slowly turned her head. Ruth slowly kissed Delia's Neck.

"You won't remember any of this when you wake up, If you tell anyone what had happened. I will come back and I will take your infant son, David away from you", Ruth Whispered into Delia's Ear.


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