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For One Night Only...

Novel By: inspiredbylove22
Gay and lesbian

An engaged woman decides her curiousity must be explored before marrying her Fiance. But once the door is opened, how easy is it to shut? Originally chapter one was designed to be a short story but thanks to my commenters support it's now a short novel ;) *Polite notice...Scenes of an explicit nature occur throughout* View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 21, 2012    Reads: 2,010    Comments: 39    Likes: 18   

Booksie is not showing my chapter links unfortunately, so in order to follow the story please either tick email updates when I upload or go to my 'links' (bottom left of my profile page) I will add the links there. Annoying I know, but that's the only thing I can do until Booksie reply and sort it out.

Sitting in the night club alone I felt completely out of place. Everyone else seemed so comfortable in their own skin. They all seemed to know each other, one big happy family. God I envied them. Openly displaying their sexuality, they had accepted it. I on the other hand, had always kept it a closely guarded secret. I had always felt attraction for both boys and girls since I could remember. But convinced myself I was only fantasising about it because it was different.

I'd been with Dan since I was 19, he was lovely and all I could ask for. Except for the intimacy. I enjoyed being with Dan but I always felt unsatisfied. I had never told anyone about my cravings for female attention. I figured I didn't have to if I wasn't going to act on it. That was until Dan proposed. I said yes, we'd been together two years and I loved him. But from that moment a pressure began to build within me.

I knew that once we were married I would never be able to act on my urges. But somehow I felt like I owed it to him to do this, before we were married. To get it out of the way so I could concentrate on our future together. I should have done it when I was young and drunk but I was too scared. But now I knew that I couldn't take my vows to be his Wife until I knew there was nothing to hide. I felt that I had no choice but to find out.

I adopted the lone gazelle technique, hoping that some attractive predatory lesbian would approach me. Although I had a short, blonde pixie cut I looked straight and out of place. I had no idea how to pick up women. Men were easy, women…not so much. I glanced around, sipping my drink in the hope that I would make eye contact with someone. To my horror, after hours of sitting lonely, I realised I had attracted the only man in the place. Cocky was written all over his face as he strutted towards me grinning. I looked away but it was too late. He sidled up next to me and leant in, his overpowering aftershave making me hold my breath. "Can I get you a drink gorgeous?" she asked gruffly. I now knew that this was worse than I thought. It wasn't really my mistake, she was the butchest thing I had ever seen.

"I'm fine thanks," I replied politely, avoiding her gaze.

"Indeed you are!" she crooned, making me feel a little sick. "That's why I feel it's my duty to come over and keep you company. Beautiful creature like yourself shouldn't be alone…"

"I'm not, I'm waiting for someone" I interrupted, unconvincingly. She paused and smiled, undefeated, "Then I'll keep you company until she arrives." The panic must have been abundantly apparent on my face. Coming to hook up with a one night stand now seemed like the worst idea ever.

"Well She's arrived!" came the voice of salvation from behind me. The butch and I looked at her, both equally surprised. "Sorry I'm late babe!" she apologised, kissing me on the cheek. She was stunning, long dark hair, blue eyes. Her perfume was divine and lingered once she had kissed my cheek. "It's ok?" I said hesitantly, unable to tear my eyes from hers. She smiled and moved her eyes to the butch. "Thanks…but no thanks" she said firmly. The butch sniffed indignantly and disappeared into the crowd.

"Thankyou!" I whispered with a sigh.

"Anytime… for that you can buy me a drink!" she laughed. I smiled and nodded, nerves began to tingle in my stomach. We turned to the bar in order to catch the barman's attention. "So, are you actually here by yourself?" she teased, playfully leaning towards me. I closed my eyes, a little embarrassed and nodded. "Well that means one of two things…either you've been stood up or you've come here to get laid!" she laughed but as my face reddened she stopped.

"Are you alone?" I asked anxiously, she nodded slowly, "So which is it for you?"

She moved close to me, "Do I look like I get stood up?"

I shook my head, unable to speak as her lips were only inches from mine. She studied my face for a moment before a small smile formed on her lips. "Tell you what…forget the drink, you can pay for the taxi instead" she winked and slipped her fingers into mine. Before I had a chance to take in what was happening she had led me through the club and outside.

Hailing a taxi she jumped inside and left the door open. I stood on the pavement, petrified and frozen to the spot. Maybe women were not so difficult to pick up after all. She looked out at me and gave me the sexiest smile "Coming?" I took a deep breath and ploughed in after her. Barking an address at the cabby she moved in close, slipping her arm around me. "Timid as a mouse…I like that" she whispered before pressing her lips to mine.

As we approached her flat I still felt nervous, but the excitement and lust I felt for her shadowed it completely. She opened her door and I followed her in, kicking off shoes as we went, narrowly missing tripping over a large suitcase. She led me into the bedroom and pulled me close to her, she really was beautiful. Her eyes sparkled in the dim light. Our lips met again and moved slowly, her tongue found mine. Her hands tugged at my clothes and we began to desperately undress each other. Falling onto the bed naked we kissed frantically. Her fingertips moved lightly over my skin causing me to tingle, my hands slid over her silky smooth skin. Her mouth moved to my ear, nibbling down to my neck. I groaned and entwined my fingers into her hair. Our bodies writhed perfectly together, skin soft and hot. She paused at my nipples, sucking gently and licking before trailing her tongue down my stomach.

This was the first time I had thought of my Fiancé all evening, he was the only one I had ever let put their mouth down there. I bit my lip, fighting the guilt and betrayal I felt. As she buried her mouth into my wetness he was forgotten. Her tongue felt incredible, she knew exactly where it felt good and how much pressure to apply. I realised with disappointment that Dan was no expert at giving me oral sex. It was clumsy compared to what was happening between my legs right now. As if moving by my instruction she moved her mouth at the right time to the right place causing intense pleasure to pulse through me. Her fingers found me and began to move inside, in time with her tongue. I arched my back and gripped the sheets, my body sweating and shaking. An uncontrollable orgasm exploded through me as I unsuccessfully tried to stay quiet. I collapsed back on the damp sheets, trying to catch my breath through my smile.

I felt her move up behind me, stroking my skin and kissing the back of my neck. I turned to kiss her forehead, a silent thank you. I knew that she was expecting me to return the favour, this made me nervous. How would I know I was doing it right? My phone beeped, rudely interrupting the moment. I rolled over to fish it out of my jeans and check the text. My heart sunk, it was from Dan. 'Hope you are having a good night. Miss you xx'

I felt her hands gently encouraging me back towards my selfish encounter. But I felt so sick, filled with guilt. What had I done? I needed to get away from her, right now. Forget it had ever happened. I got up abruptly and began pulling on my clothes. I felt like I needed a shower, to wash it away. "Where do you think you're going?" she asked, reaching out to grab an arm.

"I have to go" I said coldly "I made a mistake" I couldn't look at her.

"I don't understand?" she said gently, obviously hurt.

"I have a boyfriend, I just wanted to try….I'm sorry" I trailed off, ashamed at myself.

"I knew you looked too straight," she laughed "Well?..."

"Well what?" I asked confused, doing up my jeans.

"Well…How was it?" she smiled and raised her eyebrows.

"Oh.." I felt my cheeks redden for the second time that night. "It was…nice" I was surprised she wasn't angry.

"Nice? I'm insulted, that was some of my finest work there!" she pouted.

"Alright! It was fucking incredible if you must know" I laughed.

"Good..But you know you've only experienced a little of what I have to offer and you're gonna go now? Leave me hanging?" she patted the sheet next to her invitingly. I was so tempted but I had to leave, or else I might not leave at all. "I'm sorry!" I said. She got up from the bed and walked to me, kissing me on the cheek. "Don't be" she nudged my nose with hers "but you owe me!" The thought of 'repaying' her made me tingle. For a moment he was forgotten again as I considered that I may have opened a door I would struggle to close again.

Days later and I had almost managed to convince myself that my one night stand was a figment of my imagination. I hadn't been able to look at Dan the next day. He innocently asked if I'd had a good girls night. I had nearly choked on my coffee, forgetting that was my excuse for going out that night. I was edgy for days, paranoid that he would find out or see straight through me. When I snapped at him or pulled away from a kiss he asked me what was wrong. I blamed my behaviour on the stresses of organising our engagement party. If I found myself thinking of that night I thought about the details of the upcoming celebration instead. As a result, it would be one hell of a party.

Dan had made several moves on me ending with me suffering a 'headache' but I knew I couldn't keep it up. So the night before the day of the party I allowed his hands to wander. His breathing became heavy as he realised that I wasn't off limits for the first time in a while. His skin felt rough against mine, his hands heavy and erratic. His fingers found me, dry and unwelcoming. Trying to penetrate me, causing me to wince. I'd steered his head down my body in the hope his mouth could make me wet. I closed my eyes as his tongue stabbed and roamed all the wrong places. I was disgusted by every second, I had ruined it. I knew I had to fix it.

My hand moved down and I slid my fingers onto myself. He lifted his head and I heard him sigh as my actions created the desired effect. Dan whispered words of encouragement as I touched myself. Even his voice put me off. I closed my eyes and conjured up the memories that I had spent weeks stuffing into the corners of my mind wardrobe. It took a moment for me to block out Dan's voice and his skin on my legs before I began to tingle and ache. I saw her glinting eyes and sexy smile. Imagined her sweet mouth buried into my softness, her fingers gently teasing. I soon became lost in the memories, feeling what I had felt that night. As Dan entered me her fingers were inside me, moving desperately to get me there. Edging closer until I shuddered with pleasure, he collapsed on top of me. "That was fucking incredible!" he panted. I smiled although slightly uncomfortable with his familiar choice of words, maybe that night would come in useful after all.

The next day I didn't have time to think about it, I was so busy getting everything ready for the party. People began arriving, my Mum swanned in and took over the hosting which gave me a chance to relax. Dan entertained his friends and I stayed by his side, the perfect couple. He excused us when word reached us that his parents had arrived. We headed through the house to find them, I prepared my best daughter in law face.

"Here's the happy couple at last!" she announced as we came through the door. "Daniel, we've left your present out in the hall. Be a dear and fetch it for me" she said shrugging her coat off into his waiting hands. Dan obediently moved towards the hall and the uncomfortable silence between his Mother and I was broken by his excited shouting. I was intrigued and rushed through to see him bouncing around in the hall. It was only when I heard her that I realised he was wrapped around a girl. "Dan?" I said quietly, I felt like I was intruding.

"Kelly! There is someone I would like you to meet...This is my Sister" he laughed, turning to introduce us.

For a moment everything was frozen in a blind panic, I couldn't breathe. I was standing face to face with my blue eyed affair. She looked shocked for a split second but recovered instantly. She moved towards me and wrapped her arms around me. She was wearing the same perfume, memories came flooding back. She kissed me softly on the cheek and hugged me. "It's so nice to finally meet you" she said. For a moment she even had me convinced that we had never met.

"Don't get me wrong Faith, it's great to see you…but what are you doing here? I thought you were travelling for another 7 months" spluttered Dan, oblivious to my discomfort. "Well, Mum and Dad offered to pay for a flight over and back. Plus I'm not going to miss what may be my last chance to check out my future sister in law!" she laughed punching him in the arm. He put his arm round her, "So…does she get your approval?". They both turned to look at me, Dan beaming proudly. Faith bit her lip as she looked me up and down, my face became a familiar flush, "I'm sure we're going to get along just fine!"




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