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What is Your Sin?

Novel By: HiddenHikari
Gay and lesbian

What happens when you die? Do we all go straight to heaven or hell or whatever you believe in? What about ghosts? Does everyone automatically become one? No, only those who couldn't stand up for themselves become a ghost. Everyone becomes a creature during death that ironically matches their way of life. Different things keep different people behind, and there are things even a dead person needs to learn before moving on. An 'in between' school, if you will, where absolutely anything can happen. View table of contents...



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There is a world, just on the other side of this one, hat you must go through after death. Those with sin still tearing at their heart are reborn here. It is like a high school, lasting four years and changing you from your ways. You begin as a Freshman, clueless as to anything around you, missing your family and friends and merely wanting to go home. You cannot escape thinking like that. Sophomore, Junior, and then Senior year, you make the choice. Hold and cherish the sin or release it to move on to a better place.

Many types of people appear here in After Life Academy. Many types of sins walk these halls and sit in its classrooms. All are reborn into a certain creature for very specific reason, ranging from cutters to whores. Those who could not stand up for themselves in their lifetime, are giving a ghostly body that no one will take seriously. People who only thirsted for their own blood are given a real thirst for the blood of those around them. Ones who abused God's creatures are given the body of a werewolf, half animal themselves. Those who were stuck up take on a ghoulish form; the self-centered become a zombie of their former selves. People who were with every person they see are given a body that will forever be ugly and decaying. Ones who always hid the skeletons in their closets are reduced to nothing more than skin and bones.

Those who enjoyed inhabiting bodies that were note their own are given a spirit forced to occupy others bodies. Trouble makers are goblins, the selfish are mummies, those who drink way too much or take too many drugs are witches. People who can't control their anger are given a body doomed to always hurt others, a Minotaur. Those who took what wasn't theirs is given a headless body that can't see to take. People who took lives that weren't theirs resemble the Grim Reaper himself.

If you were to die, what would you come back as? What would be holding you back from passing on? What is your sin?


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