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Maya and Lucy share a special moment whne there friends have to leave the sleepover early View table of contents...



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I laughed happily, snuggled under the covers on the sofa, drinking a warm mug of hot coco with my two friends Abby and Maya. We were on a sleepover at Maya's and had just finished watching a few chick-flicks.

Suddenly Abby's phone began to blurt out a loud tune so she picked it up swiftly and answered it whilst slipping out the room silently. Me and Maya just sat there waiting awkwardly.

When Abby returned her facial expression showed disappointment. "Sorry guys" She sighed running a hand through her hair "I can't stay the night; I 'gotta go home"

"Awww seriously?" Maya asked however her voice lacked signs of disappointment.

"Yeah. My Mum just told me I had to get home as soon as possible" Abby scrambled around chucking her belongings that were scattered around the bedroom back into her bag. We followed her out onto the street so say goodbye, she briefly hugged us both before descending down the road quickly. Me and Maya trudged back up to her room wondering what we were going to do for the rest of the night without Abby there.

We both got changed into our pyjamas (tank tops and shorts as it was mid-summer) and flung ourselves down onto the sofa. I noticed Maya seemed to have sat down rather close to me. Our thighs were touching slightly. But I thought nothing of it. "So..." I said looking round the room. "What shall we do?"

I sensed Maya's eyes on mine. I turned my head to look at her. "well...I know something we could do..." Maya said in a deep voice whilst running a few fingers along my arm. A long tingle went shooting down my spine as her fingers tickled my skin. "a..and what might that be?" I stammered. I knew what was coming.

"well for starters " Maya looked at me with narrowed eyes "you won't need this" She tugged slightly at the rim of my tank top. "oh...oh really?" I asked nervously. However I didn't move an inch. I mean, I'm only 15 years old. I'm not at all ready for this am I? And, I'm straight. Aren't I? She licked her lips, gazing deep into my eyes. "Maya, I can't do this" I said shaking my head. She ignored my remark and instead chose to lift up my tank top. My arms were glued stiffly to my lap and I refused to lift them up. Maya somehow managed to squirm the straps of my top down my arms and dropped it to the floor. I looked at her angrily but she continued. She extended out her hand and pushed me back so that I was lying on the sofa. She climbed on top and lifted up my legs and wrapped them round her waist. "Maya, stop it" I said trying to push away her hands that were resting on the cups of my bra. But her strength beat mine so instead I resentfully let her hands caress the cups of my bra. I tried to remove my legs from round her waist but she persistently pulled them back round. Her body began to move up and down quickly. She was lying on me so that our vaginas were resting against each other (through all our clothes of course) so as her body bounced our vaginas rubbed together. Without meaning to I let out a small moan in pleasure. The feeling was incredible. I closed my eyes as she rode me up and down moaning ever so slightly. Her hands still caressing my cups. I quickly opened my eyes and stopped moaning when I realised what I was doing. I looked up at Maya she smiled down at me making me feel all fuzzy inside.

She moved her head down and ever so gently began to kiss my neck. Including the slight lick or nibble now and then. I pulled my neck back , closed my eyes and before I could stop myself began moving up and down just like Maya was doing. I couldn't stop myself her body, her lips , her touch was so enticing. I wanted her in my arms forever. My arms that were still stiffly at my side gave in and wrapped round her waist pulling her closer to me. Her hands moved slowly down my body and started to pull down my shorts. This time I let her and kicked them off my feet. Now that my body was partly exposed it was time for me to undress her. I eagerly pulled off her top. My eyes nearly fell out of their sockets beneath her bra lurked a large pair of juicy breasts that I was dying to see. Without thinking twice I unclipped her bra and chucked it to the other end of the room. They dangled above me looking desperately in need of a good suck. She giggled at me and we rolled over on the sofa so that I was on top of her. Without further hesitation i rolled my tongue over her rosy nipple whilst gently massaging the over with my hand. She wined gently proving how much she was enjoying my tongue. I sucked at it eagerly and nibbled at it softly. My lips moved up her body, along her neck before reaching her red lips. I closed my eyes and began to kiss her. It started off soft but gradually became harder and more passionate. Her tongue slipped inside my mouth. I pulled away for a very slight second. Her eyes were closed and her tongue was hanging out of her mouth I quickly wrapped my mouth around her tongue and began sucking it gently. I felt her fingers grip my knickers so I let her pull them down. Her lips left my mouth and descended down my body. Her lips reached my vagina. She kissed the folds gently. I closed my eyes and pushed a finger into my mouth. I was excited as to what was about to come. After what felt like a lifetime Maya pushed her tongue deep p inside me. My eyes burst open. I had not been expecting it to feel that amazing. Her tongue explored deeper into me before thrusting in and out. I began to scream and cry in pleasure not considering how loud I was being. "OOOHH OHHH MAYA" I screamed "UH UH UH UH " The feeling of ecstasy was overwhelming. I couldn't control my self. Her tongue roamed deeper and deeper , thrusting faster and faster. My screams grew louder.

That's when a figure appeared at the door. A look of horror and disgust upon her face. "M...M...Maya?!?" She stuttered almost colse to tears "what in hevans name are you doing?"

****************TO BE CONTINUED************ (hope you enjoyed it!)


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